Bard, Clown, Minstrel Guide (Farming & WoE Support Builds)

Bard Clown Minstrel Builds Guide Ragnarok Mobile

Bards and Dancers are powerful classes in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, known for performing songs to buff allies or debuff enemies.

They can also deal lots of damage with skills like Arrow Vulcan and Severe Rainstorm.

This guide will teach you how to build your Bard’s stats, skills and equips for the two main builds: farming (offensive) and support (defensive) type.


Bards are the alternate 2nd job class of the Archer class. This class is gender based and only male characters can become a Bard. Their female counterpart is the Dancer class.

Bards can job change into a Clown (2-2 Transcendent) then advance into a Minstrel (3rd job class, a.k.a. Maestro).

Bards wield musical instrument weapons like Guitars to perform songs that give buffs to allies or debuffs to enemies.

These skills can be played alone (solo) or as an “Ensemble” with a nearby Dancer. These skills make them perfect for support roles in PvP and War of Emperium. Bards also have a few offensive skills for solo farming or hunting.

There are two (2) main builds for Bards that we’ll talk about in this guide:

  1. Offensive Battle Build — used for Solo Farming and PvP
  2. Defensive Support Build — used for War of Emperium and support roles

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Battle Build (Solo Farming, PvP)

Bard Clown Minstrel class in Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

The battle build focuses more on dealing damage. Use this build if you’re solo grinding—whether you’re leveling up, farming or hunting bosses.

Stats Build

  • DEX 99+
  • INT 99+

Bards are ranged classes, so the obvious stat attribute to pump is DEX for the increased damage.

INT on the other hand not only gives you increased max SP and mana regeneration to spam your skills. It will also increase your damage output thanks to two runes:

  1. Rune that gives you Arrow Vulcan damage for each 10 SP
  2. Rune that increases damage for every INT

Skills Build

As an Archer, max out Arrow Shower, Elemental Arrow, Owl’s Eye, and Vulture’s Eye. You don’t really need Double Strafe.

Battle build Bards mainly use these skills for farming:

  • Bard — Musical Strike
  • Clown — Arrow Vulcan
  • Minstrel — Severe Rainstorm

Severe Rainstorm is a powerful AoE skill similar to a Wizard’s Meteor Storm. You’ll want to use it most of the time for grinding when you reach 3rd job class.

When grinding, I also highly recommend using Bragi’s Poem on your auto-skill slots.

This solo support skill will improve your SP regen and reduce casting time. This lets you have unlimited SP for AFK farming.

Equips and Cards

  Items Cards
Weapon Bass Guitar (drops from Wolf Grandma MVP in Niflheim) Rain of Arrow Card (Craftable, works for Arrow Shower and Rainstorm only)
Elemental/Race/Size modifier cards (for Arrow Vulcan, depends on target monsters)
Off-Hand Nile’s Bracelet
Rosa Bracelet
Marc Card
Headgear Ice Apple / Cat Ear Beret
Dragon Scale Stripe / Nut on Head
Blow Gun
Devil Wing / Quiver / Adventurer’s Bag
Beast’s Tail / Marchosias’ Tail
Andre Star Card
Marduk Card
Giearth Card
Armor Elegant Dress (Craft in Niflheim NPC)
Stardust Robe
Archer Skeleton Star Card
Munak Star Card
Garment Ancient Cape Raydric Card
Harpy Card
Shoes Rune Shoes —> Rune Boots
Ferus Card
Sohee Card for SP
Accessory Dogtooth Gloves
Matyr’s Leash for MVP hunting
Luna Brooch for SP
Ultraman Card
Zipper Bear Star Card
Orc Archer Card
Magnolia Card


For your enchantments, aim for ATK and ranged damage increasing stats.

Arch will be the best 4th enchantment for battle Bards. Morale is also good for more ignore def bonuses.


Full Support Build (WoE, PvP, Farming)

Ragnarok Mobile Bard Clown Minstrel using Frost Joker song skill

The main strength of Bards and Dancers come from their solo songs and ensembles. These support skills can either give your allies bonus buffs or debuff your enemies with status effects.

Use the full support build for War of Emperium, PvP teamfights or buffing your party and guildmates while grinding.

This build focuses on skills, gears and cards that will increase your survivability. The longer you can stay alive in battle, the more you can perform your songs and buff your allies.

Stats Build

  • VIT and INT
  • DEX (optional for hybrid builds)

For support Bards, you’ll mostly need VIT for tankiness and survivability.

Pump INT as well so you won’t run out of mana while you keep spamming your support spells.

You won’t really need DEX that much since support builds won’t be dealing damage.

However, you can go for a hybrid build with priority on DEX and INT to increase your damage in farming. Then have some VIT for survivability.

Skills Build

Here are important support skills (solo) that can help you and your allies in farming, PvP or War of Emperium:

  • Poem of Bragi for reduced cast time and SP regen.
  • Idun’s Apple for increased max HP and HP recovery
  • Frost Joker to freeze enemies
  • Circle of Nature’s Sound for HP recovery
  • Valley of Death to resurrect allies

Check out this guide for the list of Ensembles that you can perform with a Dancer.


  Items Cards
Weapon Oriental Lute (Craft from Morocc NPC) Meta Ant Egg Card
Sting Star Card
Off-Hand Static Shield Marc Card
Headgear Feather Beret / Poo Poo Hat
Goblin Leader Mask
Angry Snarl
Midgard Bag
MDef Fairy / Gacha tails
Eggyra Star Card
Marduk Card
Giearth Card
Armor Stage Costume (drops from Lord of the Death MVP in Niflheim)
Staunch Clothes
Thara Frog Card
Agriope Card
Pasana Card
Garment Bard’s Cape (drops from Piper Mini Boss in Niflheim)
Staunch Mana Manteau
Raydric Card
Whisper Card
Shoes Dance Shoes (drops from Loli Ruli Mini Boss in Niflheim) Ferus Card
Verit Card
Accessory Matyr’s Leash for MVP hunting
Luna Brooch for SP
Ultraman Card
Horong Card
Joker Card


Aim for the following enchantments for your gears:

  • Tenacity (Physical Damage Reduction)
  • Divine Blessing (Magic Damage Reduction)
  • Status Resistance effects
  • Damage reduction effects



Which build are you going to make? Got any questions, suggestions or tips for the Bard class? Share them on the comments below!

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  1. Hi may i ask. If do you need to party with bard to get his buffs or you just need to stand at his AOE skill like in RO1

  2. I need Lute (I, II, III, IV, dst) list material for upgrade so i could prepare in advanced and do buy a litlle bit by bit in Exchange!

    Because Bass Guitar are for Ministrel job!

  3. much better if you put some leveling guide for bard class.. what monsters to hit or what maps is good for leveling this job..

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