Guide to Daily Login Reward System (Big Cat Sign-in)

Daily login rewards system map Big Cat Signin

Here’s another reason to login into Ragnarok Mobile at least once a day!

Get ready for lots of rewards starting tomorrow—free items, Gold Medals, costumes and even a free 15-Day premium card! The best part is, all you have to do is just to login to the game!

This coming March 13, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love will start implementing a Daily Login Reward System a.k.a. the Big Cat Sign-in system.

Here’s a guide on how to redeem daily login rewards and what items you can receive daily!

How to Redeem Daily Login Rewards

After the March 13 patch, the Big Cat Sign-in system will start. All you have to do is just to login into the game and you’ll see this cat icon appearing on your screen.

Big Cat icon appears when you login to the game to receive your daily login rewards

This will open the daily login system window. Here’s how it looks like:

Daily login rewards system map

For each day you login to the game, you’ll get rewards for that current day. You don’t have to do anything, just claim the prizes daily!

Only one character per account can redeem your daily rewards. Rewards are account-bound.

Once you complete all 30 days, the Big Cat icon won’t appear anymore once you login, unless they’ll have another month of rewards.

The question now is, what items can we get from the daily rewards? Is it really worth it to keep logging in to the game?

The answer is—yes!

List of Daily Login Rewards

Daily login rewards include useful consumable items such as Lightning Chains, Zeny, Hot Meals, Guild Contributions, Gold Medals, Meatballs, and more.

But the more important rewards you’ll be looking forward to are the special items and costumes!

Here are some of the notable rewards you’ll get throughout the 30-day daily login rewards system. These are based from SEA server rewards.

Day 5 — Makudo Squirrel Pet

Makudo Squirrel Pet

Day 10 & 28 — Tylin’s Kindness

Tal Yllin Headress headgear rewards

Day 12 — Warm Winter Headgear

Warm Winter Headress daily login rewards

Day 15 — Melody Winder

Melody Winder item Day 15 daily login rewards

Day 18 — Ancient Dragon’s Plate

Ancient Dragon's Plate daily login rewards day 18

Day 20 — Holy Spirit Weapon Skin

Holy Spirit Weapon skin

Day 25 — Adventure Premium (Half-Month Premium Card)

Adventure Premium Day 25 rewards daily login reward

Day 30 — Sakura Moon Costume

Sakura Moon Costume

Here’s the list of all the reward items you can get from just simply logging in to Ragnarok Mobile.

Note: This is based from China server the rewards for SEA and Global servers are slightly different in amount and Day number.

Daily Login Rewards Big Cat Sign in System list of reward items



As if daily quests like Message Boards, Time Rifts, and Guild Donations weren’t enough, the devs give us another reason to keep logging in everyday to Ragnarok! Good thing is the daily login rewards are really great and are basically for free.

What rewards are you looking forward to? Comment them down below!


Credits: Mckaz, Bearbnard, Vergel520

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  1. In the Day 17 screenshot, how do you get the costume worn by the character? It’s called spring sun, if i’m not mistaken, thanks.

  2. Think I’m fkd… I accidentally claimed the rewards using my pet adv char. Does that mean tomorrow my main can’t claim it?

    1. I think its per account, so any of your characters can claim it. And im sure the items are shareable, exept for the zeny of course.

  3. These are great rewards! The only thing now is everybodys goin to look the same with that costume. I wish there would be a costume specific for each class in the future. Or like an avatar. 🙂

  4. Please answer this. I forgot to login yesterday and my other guildmates logged in yesterday. Basically I missed a day from logging in. Is there a chance I wont complete the 30 day login? Does it have a duration exactly for 30 days only? I am worried that I wont get the costume because I missed out a day for logging in.

  5. Recompensas bem balanceadas né, além do cash ser extremamente alto as recompensas são extremamente baixas 🙁

  6. can somebody please tell me if it sure that you can get the costume related to your gender.

  7. There are roadblocks, are the questions on these roadblocks the same or random? I’d be great if you could also post the answers to these questions.

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