How to Win Ultraman Rift: Earth Crevice (120+ Kills) for Ragnarok M x Ultraman Event

How to Win Ultraman Earth Crevice Rift event

On March 27, 2019, a new rift will be available called the Earth Crevice Rift! The Earth Rift is part of the Ultraman Event in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

The rift is similar to other event rift instances and rewards you with Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath, used to redeem items in Galaxy Store such as cards and Gold Medals.

This guide will teach you how to win Ultraman Rift, how to achieve 120 kills in the Rift, and how to get all Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath rewards.


How to Play Ultraman Rift: Earth Crevice

The Ultraman Rift: Earth Crevice is very simple! Just form a party of 5 members and enter the dungeon by talking to Ultraman Zero NPC in Prontera Square.

Talk to Ultraman Zero NPC in Prontera square to start the Earth Rift

The objective of the Earth Rift is to kill as many monsters as you can during the 5 minute duration. That’s it!

You’ll get more rewards the more you get kills in the Earth Rift. (See below)


How to Kill 120+ Monsters in Ultraman Earth Rift and get all Rewards

The goal is to kill 120 monsters in the Ultraman Earth Rift in order to get all the chest rewards. But how?

First, just set auto-attack to all monsters. All players will deal 111,111 damage to any monster, but after some time, you’ll obtain an active buff skill in your skill hotkey:

Ultraman Earth Rift skill buff in skill bar

Use it immediately and note the skill name or icon, for example “Gomora’s Demise.” This will double your damage to 222,222 to that monster (e.g. Gomora). Now change your auto-attack target to that monster in your skill.

The buff lasts for 60 seconds, so watch out for the next buff you get and change targets accordingly.

Rinse and repeat these steps and you’ll get 120+ kills for your team if everyone will cooperate and follow this strategy.


List of Ultraman Rift Monsters and Buffs

Monster Buff Icon
Baltan Ultraman Rift monster
Baltan Ultraman Rift buff
Baltan Buff
Bemstar Ultraman Rift monster
Bemstar Ultraman Rift buff
Bemstar Buff
eleking Ultraman Rift monster
eleking Ultraman Rift buff
Eleking Buff
Golza Ultraman Rift monster
golza Ultraman Rift buff
Golza Buff
Gomora Ultraman Rift monster
gomora Ultraman Rift buff
Gomora Buff
King Joe Ultraman Rift monster
King Joe
king joe Ultraman Rift buff
King Joe Buff


List of Ultraman Earth Rift Rewards

Nebula M78 Gift

Clearing the Earth Crevice Rift for the first time daily will give you 5 Nebula M78 Gifts which contains a random amount of Ultraman’s Cosmic Breaths (average of about 50+ Breaths per 5 Gifts)

Garrison Supply Packs

Ultraman Earth Rift rewards Nebula M78 Gifts supply packs

You can earn up to 4 titles based on the number of monsters you kill in the dungeon. These supply packs are one-time rewards only. You won’t get these rewards once you get them for the first time.

Title # of Monsters to Kill Reward
Planetary Patroller 30–59 monsters 1x Garrison Candidate
50 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath
Stellar Inspector 60–89 monsters 2x Garrison Candidate
100 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath
Alien Observer 90–199 monsters 2x Active Garrison
200 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath+ Unlock Cosmic Garrison Title (MaxHP + 12)
Nebula Commander 120+ monsters 3x Active Garrison
300 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath
TOTAL 650 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath

Unlock Ultraman Costume and Headgear

In addition, you can gain more Nebula M78 gifts by unlocking Ultraman Costume and headgears:

Unlock headgears Reward
Unlock 1 Headwear 1x Nebula M78 Gift
Unlock 3 Headwear 1x Nebula M78 Gift
Unlock 5 Headwear 1x Nebula M78 Gift
Unlock 7 Headwear 1x Nebula M78 Gift
Unlock 10 Headwear 1x Nebula M78 Gift


How to redeem all Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath rewards from the Galaxy Store

Ultraman Cosmic Breath event shop

You’ll need a total of 2,540 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath to redeem all the items in the Galaxy Store.

For more info, check out this guide: How to Get All Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath Rewards

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