[EP5.0] How to Catch New Pets (Pet Fusion & Taming Items)

How to Catch Episode 5 New Pets using Taming Items and Pet Fusion

Episode 5.0 will introduce a new set of Pets in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that can be obtained through two different methods. Here’s a quick guide on how to catch them.

How to Obtain New Pets in Episode 5.0

In Ragnarok Mobile EP5.0, there are a total of 25 new Pets you can obtain through:

  • Taming Items (15 Pets)
  • Pet Fusion (10 Pets)

The second method to obtain Pets is called “Pet Fusion” and is available on Episode 5.0. Check out our full guide here: Guide to Pet Fusion: How to Combine Pets

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List of New Pets and Taming Items for EP 5.0

(For old Pets EP1–4: Pet Taming Items and Location List)

There will be a total of 15 new Pets that you can capture with taming items in Episode 5.0:

  • 11 Pets have taming items available at the Pet NPC using Colorful Shells
  • 4 Pets have taming items obtained from MVP Drops

However, you can just purchase all of them from the Exchange. It’s easier but more expensive.

Pets with Taming Items obtained with Colorful Shells

Pet Taming Item How many to feed for 100% catch rate Location

Dew Laden Moss
3 Capital Sewer 1F
Capital Sewer 2F

Poison Spore

Deadly Noxious Herb
3 Sunken Ship
Ghost Ship


Singing Flower
3 Prontera West Gate
Labyrinth Forest

Fit Pipe
4 Ghost Ship
peco peco

Fat Chubby Earthworm
3 Morroc
Sograt Desert

Magic Letter
3 Payon Cave 1F

Magic Stone
3 Morroc
orc warrior
Orc Warrior

Orc Trophy
4 Orc Village
Orc Village South

Old Broom
3 Payon Cave 2F
Payon Cave 3F

Goblin Hammer

Hammer Goblin Ring
4 Goblin Forest

Piece of Black Cloth
5 Nifflheim

Pets with Taming Items obtained from Endless Tower MVPs

Pet Taming Item Drops from How many to feed for 100% catch rate Location

soft apron
Soft Apron
Dark Lord,
Bloody Knight,
Orc Lord,
Kobold Leader
5 Glast Heim

girls naivety
Girl’s Naivety
5 Glast Heim
monsters goggles
Monster’s Goggles
5 Einbroch Field
armor piece of dullahan
Armor Piece of Dullahan
Lord of the Dead 6 Nifflheim

List of New Pets Obtained from Pet Fusion

(Full Guide: Guide to Pet Fusion: How to Combine Pets)

Pet Fusion is the newest method where you combine two or three Pets and get a more powerful one.

Here’s the list of new Pets you can obtain through Pet Fusion and their required Pets to combine. Note that the required Pets should be at Level 10 Intimacy.

Pet Required Pets
obeaune Obeanue poring Poring + lunatic Lunatic
bongun Bongun yoyo Yoyo + munak Munak
christmas goblin Christmas Goblin poring Poring + goblin hammer Goblin Hammer
marionette Marionette lunatic Lunatic + whisper Whisper
evil nymph Evil Nymph sohee Sohee + succubus Succubus
zealotus Zealotus succubus Succubus + incubus Incubus
alice Alice baphomet jr Baphomet Jr + harpy Harpy
miyabi Miyabi Ningyo isis Isis + marionette Marionette
harpy Harpy spore Spore + baby desert wolf Baby Desert Wolf + mandragora seed Mandragora Seed
smokie Smokie savage babe Savage Babe + peco peco Peco Peco + martin Martin


These new Pets are a must have! They will provide you with bonus stat effects and help you in grinding and farming for Zeny and gears.

Hopefully this guide helped you on how to catch these new Pets in EP 5.0!

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