How to Get 100x Friendship Proofs Per Day (by doing Daily Quests)

How to get 100 Friendship Proof daily limit everyday by doing daily Mission Board quests Training Ground

Do you always run out of Mora Coins trying to get that sweet 4th Enchantment? Worry no more, this guide will teach how to get 100 Friendship Proofs per day—in just less than 5 minutes every day!

If you have been doing Mission Board Quests, Training Grounds and other daily quests without a party of in-game friends, I hate to break it to you but you’re doing it wrong! Here’s why.

Why do we need lots of Friendship Proof?

Friendship Proofs (FP) are used to buy Mora Coins at 10 FP = 1 Mora Coin.

Friendship Proofs are used to buy Mora Coins for 10 tokens per Mora Coin

Once you start enchanting your gears, you’ll quickly realize how much you’ll need Mora Coins (and FPs). One Advanced Enchantment attempt costs 4 Mora Coins (40 FP).

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How to Obtain Friendship Proofs

Friendship Proofs are obtained by doing daily quests and instances with in-game friends or Guildmates.

That’s why it’s very important to always add your partymates as Friends when doing daily quests/dungeons such as:

  • Endless Tower
  • Time Rift
  • Night of Destruction
  • etc.

Friendship Tokens have a daily limit of 100 and weekly limit of 500 obtainable FPs

There’s a daily limit of 100 pcs Friendship Tokens that you can obtain per day (10 Mora Coins), and a weekly limit of 500 Friendship Proofs. It’s very easy to reach this cap, here’s how.


The easiest method to get 100x Friendship Proofs daily

The fastest method to gain 100 Friendship Tokens per day is to clear Board Quests, Training Grounds and Time Rift with a party.

1. Create/join a party of 5 members

Form a party and add your teammates to your friend list

Spam “LFP BQ/TG/TR” on World chat, or join anyone who’s looking for members.

  • BQ = Board Quest
  • TG = Training Grounds
  • TR = Time Rift

2. Add party members as Friends

After forming a party and adding each other to your friends lists, usually you will all meet up at the Mission Board NPC in Izlude town.

Add your party mates to your friend list and go to Izlude Mission Board NPC

3. Clear the “hunting” Mission Board Quests (BQ)

Using your Mercenary Mission scrolls from the Adventure Meatball shop, instantly clear the Mission Board quests.

You can clear all board quests if you want, but take note that only hunting quests will give you Friendship Proofs i.e. “Kill X monsters” or “Get X items from Y”.

The amount of FPs you get will depend on how many hunting quests you and your partymates get.

Obtain Friendship Proofs when your friends and party mates finish their daily Mission Board Quests

All members should cooperate and clear all their quests too so that everyone gets their fair share of FPs. Hopefully you don’t get teamed up with scammers who will only leech off of your FPs.

4. Clear the Training Ground (TG)

Next, just insta-clear the Training Grounds using the pink TG scroll from the Adventure Meatball shop.

5. Clear five Time Rift instances

Finally, if you still haven’t reached your cap for the day, you can do the instant Time Rift instances.

time rift purification holy grail ragnarok eternal love

Again, just use your Purification Grails from the Adventure Meatball shop.



The other more common way of obtaining FPs is by giving free Endless Tower runs. Again just form a party of 5 and add them as friends before clearing the levels. This is great if you’re high-leveled and well-equipped and can blitz through the ET floors fast. Or if you just want to do charity work and give back and help fellow players, in which case, thank you!

But since you probably are going to clear your daily quests everyday anyway, then might as well do it with a party and get free Friendship Tokens without extra effort!

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