How to Get Honor Proofs and Why You Should

How to get more Honor Proofs and how to use them

Do you have a some Honor Proofs in your inventory but you’re not sure how to use them?

Or, have you already been consuming them and wish you could get more Honor Proofs for those sweet, sweet Guild Blessing?

We’re here to help! In this guide we’ll teach you all the methods on how to obtain Honor Proofs in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, and how to use them.

What is Honor Proof used for?

First off, what’s the purpose of Honor Proofs and why should you collect them?

Honor Proofs (a.k.a. Proof of Glory) are a special currency used to buy items from your Guild’s Vending Machine.

You can buy Praying Card Packs at 400 Honor Proof each in your Guilds Vending Machine

One of the best items to purchase using Honor Proofs are the Praying Card Packages for 400 Honor Proof each.

These packs contain Prayer Cards which can be used on your Guild’s Valkyrie Blessing to gain permanent bonus stats. (Related: How to Use Praying Card Packs and How to Get Them)

You can also buy other items from the Vending Machine such as headgears and enhancing essence.

How to obtain more Honor Proofs

There are multiple ways to obtain Honor Proofs. Here are four easy methods on how to get Honor Proofs:

1. War of Emperium Rewards

Full Guide: List of War of Emperium Rewards

Probably the best (and most fun!) method to obtain Honor Proofs is by joining the War of Emperium.

You can gain more Honor Proofs from killing players or from kill assists during War of emperium

Just by participating in the GvG Battle (attacker/defender), you’ll already get 100 Honor Proof.

If you successfully occupy a castle, you’ll get 1,200 pcs Honor Proof

You also get more by killing enemies:

  • Killing an enemy player will give you 20 Honor Proof
  • Kill assists will give you 10 Honor Proof
  • Maximum of 1,200 Honor Proof can be obtained

Premium users will get 10% more Honor Proofs. These rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

2. Friday MVP Battle

MVP Battle every Friday will give you Honor Proof

MVP Battle happens every Friday at 8:00–11:00 PM GMT+7. Just talk to Altos NPC in Prontera Square to join.

During the MVP Battle event, you’ll get a decent amount of Honor Proofs depending on the bosses you kill.

3. Bizarre Cat Litter Box (Guild Facility)

The Cat Litter Box is a Guild Facility where you can gamble 400 Shining Glass Beads on the Litter Box to get one of four random rewards: Zeny, Guild Contributions, Eden Coins, and—you guessed it—Honor Proofs!

Obtain lots of Honor Proofs by trying your luck at the Bizarre Cat Litter Box

To get more Shining Glass Beads, you and your guildmates need to clear several Guild Challenges. Always join a Guild with lots of active members! Also, the higher the Cat Litter Box level, the more rewards you’ll get.

4. Guild Pet Labor Workplace

Finally, you can get Honor Proofs from the Guild Pet Labor Workplace.

The Guild workplace gives you Guild Contributions and Honor Proofs randomly every 45 minutes. A Sohee Pet is highly recommended for more efficiency. (Related: Pet Skills List)

Get more Honor Proofs from Guild Pet Labor workplace

This workplace is unlocked at Adventurer Rank C. (Related: Adventurer Leveling Guide: How to Rank Up Fast)


Good luck and happy grinding!

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  1. can you tell us the max HP we can do in a week?
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    20×400= 8kHP

    m guild do not have a Bizarre Cat Litter Box lev 10 , so I am holding the Shining Glass Beads

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