How to Get Kafra Emblems and Obtain All Rewards

How to get Kafra Emblems ad obtain all rewards from May event Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

Throughout the Kafra Co. Labor’s Day event for the month of May, a new currency called Kafra Emblems will be rewarded through daily quests and events in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

These Kafra Emblems are used to redeem items from the Kafra Emblem shop.

This guide will teach you how to obtain Kafra Emblems and how many emblems you need so you can redeem all the rewards for this month.

How Many Kafra Emblems you need to obtain all rewards

Here’s the list of items we can redeem from the Kafra Emblem shop, their cost and daily limit:

Item Kafra Emblem Cost Limit Total
Gold Medal 20 10 200
Adventure Meatball 2 99 ~200
Eden Coin 1 99 ~100
Seed of Mastela 25 3 75
Oracle Dust 10 12 120
Oracle Crystal 15 12 180
Food Voucher 15 10 150
Kafra Teleport Ticket 1 99 ~100
Total 1,125

TOTAL: 1,125 Kafra Emblems are needed to redeem all rewards from the shop.


How to Obtain Kafra Emblems

There are several methods to obtain Kafra Emblems throughout the events for this May. (Full Guide: Kafra Co Labor Day Guide [May Event])

1. Receive 3x Kafra Blessing Giftbox (One-time reward)

All players will receive a one-time reward of 3x Kafra Giftboxes in their in-game mail (once per account.)

These Giftboxes contain Kafra Emblems along with other rewards.

2. Time Rift extra rewards

time rift purification holy grail ragnarok eternal love

On May 2–9, clearing Time Rifts will give you 1x Kafra Giftbox which contains Kafra Emblems and other rewards.

3. Kafra Co 5-Day Quest

Starting on May 2, talk to Ophelia in Prontera square everyday and clear the daily quest to get 1 Kafra Blessing Giftbox.

Ophelia NPC Kafra Lady in Prontera Square for daily quest Kafra Co Labor Day May events

4. Kafra Stealing Incident – Dungeon Instance

Talk to Clarice in Prontera Square to enter the “Kafra Farm” instance.

Defeat all non-employee invaders to get a Kafra Blessing Giftbox every day.

5. Kafra Co.’s Enemy

On May 16-23, every 12–1 PM and 6–7 PM (GMT+7), kill invader monsters in Prontera North.

They will drop Kafra Emblems. You can loot a maximum 400 Kafra Emblems per day.

This is more than enough to farm all 1,125 Kafra emblems needed.



All 1,125 Kafra emblems needed should be easy to obtain as there are many methods on how to farm them.

Don’t forget to do all the daily quests and claim your Giftboxes as they contain other rewards too such as Mora Coins, etc.

You can also check out our full guide to the Kafra Co. Labor’s Day events for the month of May.

Good luck!

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  1. Join the north prontera invader quest. Easily 400 emblem per day.
    Stamina is required.

    Great guide as usual. Keep up the good work

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