How to Get Praying Card Packs and Why You Should

How to use Prayer Card Packs to get bonus stats from Valkyrie via Blessing of Goddess

Praying Cards are used in Guild Blessings to give you permanent bonus stats and effects. It’s one of the best methods to making your character more powerful in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and a great incentive to joining the War of Emperium.

In this guide we’ll teach you all about Guild Blessings, where to get Praying Cards and how to use them.

Benefits of Praying Cards / Guild Blessing

Praying Cards are used to get Guild Blessings from Valkyrie. It is similar to Guild Prayers (also from Valkyrie) where you spend Zeny, Belief Tokens and Guild Contributions to get buffs.

There are three types of Prayer Cards and they can be used to get different stat bonuses and effects based on their colors:

  • Red — Attack/Offensive stat bonuses (ex. Damage to Demi-Human, Ignore Def)
  • Blue — Defensive stat bonuses (ex. Max HP, Neutral Dmg Reduction)
  • Yellow — Elemental bonus effects (ex. Increased Elemental Dmg or Elemental Dmg Reduction)

Prayer Cards from Random Chip Packages from Woe rewards

You can choose which permanent buffs you want to get depending on your job class, build and playstyle. You can check the summary of all your Guild Blessings in the third tab of your Guild settings window.

Check your Guild Blessing stats in your Guild window


How to use Praying Cards

To use them, just talk to Valkyrie in your Guild and choose “Blessing of Goddess.”

Talk to Valkyrie and choose Blessing of Goddess to get bonus stats using your Praying Card Packs

Choose your desired bonus stats or effects and click “Pray.” This will consume your Prayer Cards so make sure you have enough cards.

How to use Prayer Card Packs to get bonus stats from Valkyrie via Blessing of Goddess


How to Obtain Prayer Cards / Praying Card Packs

Prayer Cards are mostly obtained by opening Prayer Card Packs.

Here are three methods on how to obtain Prayer Cards and Praying Card Packs:

1. Buy Praying Card Packs from your Guild’s Incredible Vending Machine

You can buy Praying Card Packs from your Guild’s Vending Machine. It will contain a random Prayer Card (Attack/Defense/Element).

You can buy Praying Card Packs at 400 Honor Proof each in your Guilds Vending Machine

It costs 400 Honor Proof each with a maximum weekly purchase of 5 pcs. But you can increase this weekly limit up to 20 pcs per week: How to Increase Praying Card Pack Weekly Limit

Obviously you’re going to need a lot of Honor Proofs, so here’s a guide: How to Get Honor Proofs

2. Join the War of Emperium to Get Prayer Chip Packages (and Honor Proofs)

Full Guide: List of War of Emperium Rewards

Participating in the War of Emperium will give you 2 Random Prayer Chip Packages.

If your Guild wins the war and successfully defends a castle until the end, you get additional 2 Random Prayer Chip Packages.

War of Emperium attacking the castle

In addition, joining the GvG will also give you lots of Honor Proofs, which can be used to buy even more Praying Card Packs (see #1).

3. Event Rewards

During some events, you may be able to redeem Praying Card Packs from the current event’s shop.

For example, you can buy a total of 10 Praying Card Packs for 25 Ultraman Cosmic Breaths each during the Ultraman event in March 2019.

4. Buy Praying Card Packs from the Big Cat Coin Shop

Finally, of course there’s always the pay-to-win method for our Whales!

Buy Praying Card packs from the Big Cat Coin shop

You can buy Praying Card Packs at the B Coin Store (BCC Shop) for 10 Big Cat Coins each.

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