How to Get All Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath Rewards — Free Cards and Gold Medals!

How to obtain all Ultramans Cosmic Breath rewards Ragnarok Mobile event

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Throughout the Ragnarok M X Ultraman event, a new currency called Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath will be rewarded through daily quests and events.

These Ultraman Cosmic Breaths are used to redeem items from the Galaxy Store Shop. Here’s a guide on how to obtain all the rewards—Gold Medals, lots of cards and more! We also show you how many Cosmic Breaths you need in total to get all rewards.

Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath Shop (a.k.a. Galaxy Store)

Ultraman's Cosmic Breath shop

Here’s the list of items we can redeem using Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath. Just use the item to open the shop.

Item Price Limit Total
Ultraman Card 300 1 300
Monster Card 300 1 300
Monster Golza Backpack 300 1 300
Ultraman Tiga Backpack 300 1 300
Monster Photos 6x 30 6 (1 each) 180
Mora Coin 15 10 150
Gold Medal 15 10 150
Lv 5 Talent Fruit 10 10 100
Lightning Chain 10 10 100
Mercenary’s Mission 10 30 300
Ecclesia Purification Cup 10 30 300
Training Ground Monster Report 30 2 60
Total 2,540

TOTAL: 2,540 Ultraman Cosmic Breath needed to redeem all items in the Galaxy Store.

You can also buy an unlimited amount of Ultraman Summon scrolls. These will be used in an upcoming Rift event.

If you don’t really care about the avatars, you’ll only need 2,360 Ultraman Cosmic Breaths.


How to Obtain Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath

Here are the three ways to obtain Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath.

1.) 5-Day Quest at Ultraman Orb

Event Period: March 13–April 13

Ultraman Orb NPC daily quest event in Prontera square

Talk to the Ultraman NPCs (look for green “Quest!” icon) in Prontera Square everyday and finish the quest. You’ll get 50 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath per day.

= 250 Ultraman Cosmic Breath total


2.) Ultraman Rift: Earth Crevice Dungeon

Full Guide: Guide to Earth Crevice Dungeon Rift for Ragnarok M x Ultraman Event

Event Period: March 27–April 10

Ultraman Earth Crevice Rift event

On March 27, there will be a new dungeon rift instance similar to EVA’s Tokyo-3 where you have to kill monsters in a limited time. This is where you’ll get majority of your Ultraman Orbs.

You can get a one-time reward (per character) of 650 Ultraman Cosmic Breaths if you can kill 120 monsters.

You’ll also get 50-60+ Cosmic Breaths by participating in the rift for the first time each day. You don’t even need to kill monsters, just stand still for 5 minutes and you’ll get the rewards after it ends.

You can do this on your alts as well, so you can actually get around 150–200 Cosmic Breaths per day.

= 650 Ultraman Cosmic Breaths one-time reward per character

= 2100+ Ultraman Cosmic Breaths (do the Rift for all three characters daily for 14 days)


3.) Big Cat Coin Shop

Event Period: March 15–April 15

You can purchase Monster’s Wish from the B Coin Store for 18 Big Cat Coin.

Monster’s Wish contains the following:

  • M78 Nebula Costume Voucher which contains 50 Ultraman Cosmic Breaths
  • 2 Cosmic Soup
  • 50 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath
  • Lv.5 Talent Fruit


Cards and Backpack rewards effects

Here are the stat effects of the cards and backpacks:

Ultraman Card

Ultraman Card effects

Monster Card

Monster Card Ultraman event

Ultraman Tiga Backpack

Ultraman Tiga Backpack effects Ultraman Cosmic Breath rewards

Monster Golza Backpack

Monster Golza Backpack Ultraman Cosmic Breath event rewards

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