Episode 5.0 Guide – How to Prepare For New Jobs, Pet Fusion, Weapon Synthesis

Ragnarok Mobile Episode 5 EP5.0 Midnight Party SEA Server

Episode 5.0 is coming soon to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love for SEA/Global servers!

Want to know what job classes, items, maps, and pets are coming?

How should we prepare for the upcoming patch? What items should we start collecting?

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about EP 5.0: Black Party, read on to know more!

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are based off China server’s EP 5 and may vary for SEA/Global servers.

Release Date for Ragnarok Mobile Episode 5.0

Ragnarok M just announced on their FB page that Episode 5.0 “Midnight Party” will be released on July 24, 2019. This major patch will introduce lots of new content and features to the game.

In another announcement, a new ROM server will also be available on the same date and it includes Episode 5.0 features.

Check out our article about the upcoming new server called “Midnight Party” here for more details.

In China server, EP 5.0 came out just four months after the release of EP 4.0.

New Job Class — Sage and Bard/Dancer

The most anticipated content in EP 5.0 is probably the two new job classes: Sage and Bard/Dancer.


Sages are magical users similar to their counterpart Mage class. But they focus more on support, crowd-control and debuff spells instead of dealing raw magic damage.

New Sage Professor Sorcerer class in Ragnarok M Eternal Love ROM EP 5.0

Sage classes are able to wield Book and Staff type weapons.

The Sage class can advance to their Professor (2nd job) and transcend into a Sorcerer (3rd job).

Bard and Dancer

Full Guide: Bard Builds / Dancer Builds

Bards and Dancers are the alternate class to Archers. They can wield bows, but they are known for their musical instruments which allows them to play songs that buff their allies or debuff their enemies.

New Bard Dancer Minstrel Wanderer Clown class in Ragnarok M Eternal Love ROM EP 5.0

They are mainly used as support classes in PvP and War of Emperium. They can advance into the Clown/Gypsy (2nd job) class, and into Minstrel/Wanderer (3rd job).

These two new job class trees (Sage and Bards/Dancers) will finally complete all the main class trees in Ragnarok Mobile.

Complete list of all job class trees in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Episode 5

We can expect the alternate “for fun” job classes such as Ninjas, Gunslingers and Taekwons in the next major update (EP 6.0).

Niflheim Town, New Maps & Monsters

Niflheim, a.k.a. the Land of the Dead, will be accessible in Episode 5.0.

It is home to many undead monsters such as Loli Ruli, Bloody Murderer and the new MVP Lord of Death.

New Nifflheim town map in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Episode 5

Along with the town map also comes a new Main Quest storyline that starts at Base Level 105.

The following maps will also be available:

  • Umbala
  • Skellington
  • Hamelin
  • Hvergelmir
  • The Hazy Maze Forest

New 6v6 PvP Mode

In EP 5.0, players of at least Level 90 may compete in a 6v6 team PvP mode!

New 6v6 team PvP in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Ep 5

You can join and practice in the Relaxed Mode at any time of the day.

Or if you’re more competitive you can go for the Ranked Mode every Saturday at 2PM – 12AM.

Rewards are still not finalized, we’ll update this guide as soon as we get more info!

Weapon Synthesis

Full Guide: Guide to Weapon Synthesis for EP 5.0

Weapon Synthesis will be added to the game when EP 5.0 starts.

It’s a new method to turn your weapon into a more powerful one, similar to upgrading and enchanting.

Weapon synthesis in Aldebaran in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

To synthesize a weapon, you’ll need copies of other weapons along with some materials.

Check out the Synthesis section of this spreadsheet for the complete list of materials so you know which ones you can start collecting.

New Spear weapon obtained from Weapon Synthesis in Ragnarok M ROM Ep 5

The new synthesized version of the weapon will have improved stats based on the original weapon, as well as some effects taken from the other weapons used as materials.

What happens to refine, enchants and slots when Synthesizing weapons?

  • Enchantments, Slots and Refinement of the base weapon is retained.
  • Enchantments, Slots and Refinement of extra weapon/s are not retained.
  • Broken, Enhanced, and weapons with cards cannot be used as extra weapons.

New Pets and Pet Fusion

Full Guide: How to Catch New Pets in EP 5.0 / Guide to Pet Fusion

Episode 5.0 will also come with several new pets.

In total, there will be 15 Pets that you can catch using taming items.

Pet fusion and cosmetics fashion for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Ep 5

In addition, 10 other Pets will also be obtainable with a new feature called Pet Fusion.

As the name suggests, Pet Fusion will let you combine two or three pets into one more powerful Pet.

For example, a Poring and a Lunatic can be fused into an Obeaune, while Baphomet Jr. + Harpy can be combined into an Alice.

New Pets obtained from Pet Fusion in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love EP 5.0

Check out the Pets section of this spreadsheet to see the complete list of recipes for Pet fusion.

These Pets are divided into 3 categories based on their stars: 3-Star Pets are more powerful than 2-Star and 1-Star.

Other Updates

Here are some other updates and changes that came to EP 5.0.

Again this is based from China server and might vary for SEA/Global server:

  • New Character Level cap: Lv 120
  • New Mentor Requirement Level: Lv 90
  • New GVG castles that gives Sage and Bard/Dancer Artifacts and shards
  • Pet Cosmetics
  • New 3rd Job Class Skills

Episode 5.0 Spreadsheet

For more details on the new contents for the upcoming episode, check out this ultimate spreadsheet created a bunch of awesome ROM veterans and contributors.

Link to Episode 5.0 Spreadsheet

This sheet contains the list of new items, upgrades, weapon synthesis recipes, raw materials, pets, cards, and headgears for Episode 5.0.

Use this spreadsheet as your reference so you know how to prepare ahead of time!


Which upcoming EP 5.0 content are you looking forward to?

Are you going to create a Sage or a Bard/Dancer?

Which new Pet are you going to get first?

Comment your thoughts down below!

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  1. Yes, need end tier for us to synthesis the item 🙂 So pahirapan sa pag craft pag synth and pag repair HAHAH.

  2. What happen when u refine sintesis weapon and it broke.
    How do u repair it?
    Does it need base weapon or need sintesis weapon to repair

  3. Strictly support lang ba talaga ang Sage? And medyo looking forward ako sa Ninjas, Gunslingers and Taekwons na job for EP 6.

    1. Not 100% sure. Pero may mga CN vids po na Sage na sino-solo ang ET. So I guess, PvE wise pwede siyang offensive class but for PvP and WoE, mas helpful siya as supp.

  4. Synthesized item of Holy Avenger + Muramasa doesn’t state stun effects on the spreadsheet.

  5. How about the 4th Homunculus for Genetic called “Flir” Evolved to “Eleanor”? What Episode it will Release? As CN server Before they Release it On Episode 5??

  6. Roguemasters bow have 2 new upgrades, today is only a IV. In Systesys requires a VI.
    What’s are those and who knows how many items for them :/

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