Ragnarok X Hunter Build: Stats, Skills & Equipment Guide

Hunter Build Stats Skill Equips Guide Ragnarok X Next Generation

If you’re looking to build the best Hunter/Sniper build in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, this is the perfect guide for you.

We will teach you which stats build to use, which skills to level up, and which equipment and cards are best for the Hunter job class.

Why build a Hunter class?

The Archer/Hunter job is one of the most powerful classes in Ragnarok X: Next Generation in terms of raw damage. In fact, this applies to almost all Ragnarok games too!

Hunters are known for one of the highest DPS outputs in the game, thanks to supportive skills that buff their DEX and AGI, as well as the ability to use different types of arrow elements.

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The Hunter class is perfect for new beginners who want to farm mobs quickly, do MVP hunting, or even do a bit of PvP.


Hunter Stats Build

Hunters mainly care about three stats:

  • DEX — increases ranged damage, Hit % and Haste (reduces skill cooldown)
  • AGI — increases attack speed
  • LUK — increases chance to deal Critical damage and proc your beast to attack

However, the recommended stat allocation for a pure DPS build is:

  • Max DEX
  • 1 AGI
  • 1 LUK

Why? Because the attack speed (ASPD) bonus from AGI and the crit rate benefits of LUK both rely on your base damage, which is mainly based off your DEX.

A faster attack speed and more crit procs are useless if the base damage they build upon is too low.

In Ragnarok X, the ASPD bonuses from AGI and the crit bonuses from LUK are just not worth it—Hunters are better off maxing their DEX and then rely on gears and cards to enhance their ASPD and Crit rates.


Hunter Skill Build

For the DPS Hunter skill build, we recommend prioritizing the following skills:


  • Double Strafe 10
  • Owl’s Eye 10
  • Vulture Eye 5
  • Elemental Arrow 10


  • Improve Concentration 10
  • Beast Bane 10
  • Focused Shot 10
  • Falconry Mastery 1


  • Windwalker 10
  • Falcon Eyes 10
  • Multi Firing 5
  • Sharp Shooting 5

Great for PVP

  • Arrow Repel
  • Blitz Beat
  • Intimidation

As a general rule of thumb, you should almost always max your passive skills such as Owl’s Eye and Vulture’s Eye, as well as active buffs like Improve Concentration.

These skills are what make Hunters DPS powerhouses compared to other job classes.

Double Strafe will be your bread and butter farming skill in the early game when your ASPD is still low. You can get a few levels of Arrow Shower if you need an AoE skill to clear out mobs quickly.

Later in the mid/late game, these will be overpowered by the Sniper’s offensive skills. Note that in Ragnarok X, you can reset your skill points and use your Archer/Hunter skill points on just Sniper skills only.

Finally, the rest of your skills will depend on your playstyle. Hunters usually have a pretty straightforward skill tree, but feel free to experiment around other builds that suit your playstyles!


Best Equipment & Cards for Hunters

As mentioned above, your gears will be your main source of ASPD and Crit.

F2P and new players can go with White gears at the start, but aim to craft Blue weapon and armor sets whenever possible to get more value out of refinement bonuses. Eventually, you should transition into Purple and Gold sets at the later stages of the game.

Recommended Hunter Weapons

For weapons, we recommend using Longbows since they provide Final ASPD bonuses, as opposed to Shortbows which only provide Haste (CD reduction) bonuses.

Make sure to always tier up your weapons to as max level as you can, and use the Equipment Stat Transfer when needed to pass on the item’s stats to a new one.

Lastly, Hunters have a huge advantage of being able to switch arrow elements easily. Make sure to check our Elemental Weakness Guide and bring along the correct arrow quivers with you!

Recommended Hunter Armors and Accessories

Again, white sets should be enough in the early stages until you’re ready to invest on Purple or Gold sets, making sure to tier up your gears whenever possible.

For accessories, use the following for added attack speed:

  • Ancient Flower Ring
  • Elegant Incense

Recommended Cards for Hunters

As usual, get cards that give Final ASPD % and Final Crit % bonuses. You can use White cards temporarily in the early game, but Blue cards should be your endgame.

Here’s a quick list of viable cards that are perfect for a DPS Hunter build:

Weapon cards that give Crit:

  • Magnolia Card — Final Crit +6%
  • Anubis Card — Final Crit +8%
  • Raydric Archer — Final Crit +12%
  • Mistress Card [Night] — Final Crit +12%
  • Dracula Card [Void] — Final Crit +15%

Weapon cards that give Final ASPD:

  • Scorpion Card — Final Aspd +30%
  • Wolf card — Final Aspd +40%
  • Sting Card — Final ASPD +50%
  • Ghostring Card [Night] — Final Aspd +60%
  • Strouf Card [Void] — Final Aspd +75%

Accessory cards:

  • Golem Card — Final Aspd +30%
  • Golden Thief Bug Card [Void] — Final Aspd +60%



Hopefully this guide has helped you build your Hunter character to its maximum potential!

Do you have any other preferred stat builds, skill builds, and recommended gears? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Ragnarok X Hunter Build: Stats, Skills & Equipment Guide

  1. what’s hard is card hunting
    i always do AFK Hunting for more than a week now(I’m a new player) but still no luck.

    1. This is my suggestion… Always farm only in the range of ur odin blessing.. 6 level up and 6 level down only.. I usually use this step..

      1. Collect 4k odin..
      2.use all 4k odin at night time means when u sleep.. I dont farm with odin at day time.. I dont know why but i got all
      3.better choose where to farm monster that had card u use..
      4.optional choice for monster farm.. Card and job exp.. Priotize both of this..
      5.there will be time when u farm job exp at the monster that had the card u dont need.. For example, assasin didnt need obeaune but at that time for some level obeaune is the largest land mine for job exp.. So if u get that card, u could sell it or just put it in the awakening section.. If u sell it then u can buy another card u want..

      #I got all slot full with card i need now with this step.. I even make 2 more accesories and 1 accesories for pvp with 3x obeaune.. Im a high wizard base level 62.. Im a f2p player from sapir..

      – requiem fire 10%
      – side winder final haste 3%
      – minorous m.attck 6%

      *armor set
      – sasquatch max hp 12%
      – matyr max hp 12%
      – hode max hp 12%

      *accesories set
      – 3x obeaune stun resist 30%
      MVP / farming
      – 3x phen m.pen 6%

      *headgear set
      -3x benimaru m.dmg bonus 8%

      This is only early game card..
      Theres still so much improvement for the mid game game card im planning later on such as all 3x card max hp 12% will be changing to 3x card max hp 20%… And all 3 card at the weapon will be m.attack 6%… While in the end game, i think u can imagine it ur self with orc hero card immune to stun cost would be.. End game need all slot gold card of course.. Equipment set also all gold.. End game all gold set will be cheap as hell..

      Good luck..

  2. Hi question about the card sets. since we are focusing on crit build. is marduk card (Final P DMG) can boost as well our crit dmg?

  3. Why I cannot add points on my dex? my dex is already on 148 then cannot add anymore… But, I can see on other player, their dex is 200+.. T.T

  4. Snipers were too generic in all class if you build crit type. Much better to build int type since falcons’ damage is ignore target defense and remember, higher p.atk doesn’t mean your damage output will also be good in pvp (players have armors unlike monsters).

    Good in farming, MVP’s and mini’s.

    (in PVP)
    Too weak in defense. Can be killed easily even when it’s p2w.

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