Which Job Class Should You Choose?

The first decision you probably have to make when you start playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is: which 1st job class should I choose?

Here are the different job classes in Ragnarok Mobile and their differences.

1. Swordsman

Swordsmen are tough, physical attackers with tons of defense and HP. They are usually the front liners in a PvM (player vs. monster) party or in WoE (war of emperium) since they can tank damage to protect their party members using skills like Provoke and Endure. Then, they knock down their enemies in just a few blows with skills like Bash and Magnum Break.

Primary stats: STR, VIT, AGI, DEX

Advances to: Knight (2-1) or Paladin (2-2)

2. Thief

Thieves are similar to Swordsmen in that they are also front liners and deal melee physical damage, but instead of high defense and HP, they prefer to avoid taking damage like ninjas with their high flee, or using skills such as Hiding. Don’t take them lightly though, as they have very fast attack speed which allows them to take down any foe quickly!

Primary stats: AGI, STR

Advances to: Assassin (2-1) or Rogue (2-2)

3. Merchant

Although they are also good at melee battle, Merchants are neither tanky or fast, but they have one advantage that Swordsmen and Thieves don’t have: money! They have lots and lots of it. They have skills like Discount and Overcharge so they can buy cheaper items from NPCs or sell items for higher prices. Then they take advantage of their hard-earned zeny in combat with skills such as Mammonite where they deal more damage by using a certain amount of zeny.

Primary stats: STR, AGI, DEX

Advances to: Blacksmith (2-1) or Alchemist (2-2)

4. Acolyte

Acolytes don’t specialize in combat but in supporting their party members with skills such as Heal and buffs like Blessing and Increase Agility that gives bonus stats to allies. If you prefer helping other people than whacking monsters to death, then this job is for you and advance to a Priest. If you prefer the former though, then you can advance as a Monk as your 2nd job.

Primary stats: INT, DEX

Advances to: Priest (2-1) or Monk (2-2)

5. Archer

Archers are excellent at doing one task: dealing lots of damage! They are bow-wielding physical attackers that can take down enemies from a safe distance with their long range and very high damage output using skills such as Double Strafe for single targets or Arrow Shower for multiple mobs.

Primary stats: DEX, AGI

Advances to: Hunter (2-1) or Bard/Dancer (2-2)

6. Mage

Mages, like Archers are also nukers with very high damage. They use magic spells like Bolts and Soul Strike to deal different types of elemental damage. Their advantage to Archers though is their crowd-control and AoE (area of effect) skills like Frost Driver which can freeze enemies, or Ring of Fire (a.k.a. Fire Wall) which creates a protective circle of fire to prevent melee enemies from attacking him.

Primary stats: INT, DEX

Advances to: Wizard (2-1) or Sage (2-2)


In conclusion, all job classes have their own pros and cons, and which one to finally choose is solely up to your personal preference or play style—whether you want to be a front liner and tank damage, be filthy rich, support your allies with heal and buffs, or deal lots of damage from a distance.

So, which job class do you think is the right fit for you? Comment down your answers below!

9 thoughts on “Which Job Class Should You Choose?

  1. Does it matter the job you choose (and the hat) when creating a new character?? Couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

      1. No it doesn’t really matter, you have to be a novice for the first 10-15 lv, then you get a quest to chose the acctual job

  2. Is there any advantage of choosing to be Advanced Novice? I thought that it is pretty cool, but leveling up as a Novice so far is really really really really hard.

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