November Events Guide – Ragnarok M Jojo’s Adventure

Im NOT Poring Jojo Adventure Ragnarok Mobile November Events

Here’s another event for the month of November in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love!

In addition to the on-going SEA Anniversary and Lisa BlackPink events this month, Ragnarok Mobile also announced Jojo’s Adventure event.

Here’s a quick guide on all the events and rewards you can get for this November’s month-long event.



Nov 1–14: 5-Day Quest (Jojo NPC in Prontera)
Nov 7–14: Talk to “That Guy NPC” in Prontera


Nov 11–18: Event Merchant 50% off
Nov 11–18: Fantasy Generator 1 Headwear 30% off
Nov 11–18: Regular Refine 50% off
Nov 11–18: Safe Refine 20% off on materials and Zeny
Nov 11–18: Wedding Cost 50% off
Nov 11–18: Teleport & Storage no cost
Nov 14–21: Talk to Cupid Phil in Prontera


Nov 21–28: Jewelry Exchange is available


Nov 14–28: Immortal Souls in Gachapon Feast


Oct 31–Nov 14: Halloween Weapon Transmog
Oct 31–Nov 11: Love & Care Starter Giftbox
Nov 7–14: Blanche’s Mysterious Chest
Nov 21–28: Happiness Lucky Bag

Ragnarok Mobile November Events

Aside from the Jojo’s Adventure event, check out these two other guides for the November events in Ragnarok Mobile:

  1. Ragnarok M SEA Anniversary Event
  2. Lisa BlackPink x Ragnarok M Event

Event 1: I’m NOT Poring!

Mission Accept Date: Nov 1st – Nov 7th

Mission Finish Date: Nov 1st – Nov 14th

During the event, Adventurers who have reached Base Lv. 12 can go to Prontera Square,

Talk to Jojo NPC to accept the “I’m NOT Poring” mission.


After clearing each daily quest, you will receive:

  • Event Coin
  • Big Cat Voucher Feast
  • Food Voucher

After finishing the fifth quest, you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive Back Headwear “I’m NOT BUG”
  • Singles Card

Event 2: Designer and Operator Battle (Event Merchant 50% Off)

Event Date: Nov 11 – Nov 18

1. Items in Event Merchant will all be 50% off

  • The items without purchase limits, you can only buy 200 of them with the discount price within your whole account.
  • Peak Shards are not included.

2. All of the Fantasy Generator 1 Headwear will be 30% off

3. Refines will have the following discounts:

  • Regular Refine — Zeny 50% off
  • Safe Refine — materials, Zeny, Equipments 20% off

4. Wedding Cost 50% off

5. Teleport, Storage will have no cost

Event 3: Lovers’ Event

Event Date: Nov 7 – Nov 14

Talk to “That Guy” NPC in Prontera Square to accept mission “Lovers’ Event”.


  • Lovers Giftbox

Each account can only do this mission once per day.

Follow the instruction to take a vehicle with your partner.

Event 4: Cupid’s test

Event Date: Nov 14 – Nov 21

Talk to Cupid “Phil” to take the “Cupid’s test” mission. You will get “Cupid Giftbox” as the rewards.

This event is limited to one character.

Event 5: Appreciation “Jewelry Submission”

Event Date: Nov 21 – Nov 28

Jewelry Exchange will be Available

Event 6: Halloween Weapon Transmog

Event Date: Oct 31 – Nov 14

Halloween Weapon Transmog will be available on Big Cat Store with the price of 68 Big Cat Coins

Event 7: “Love & Care Starter Giftbox”

Event time: Oct 31 – Nov 11

“Love & Care Starter Giftbox” will be available on Recharge with a price of 0.99 USD and a maximum of 1 purchase.

The Love & Care Starter Giftbox contains the following:

  • Mora Coin
  • Oracle Dust
  • Oracle Crystal
  • Gorgeous Card Album

Event 8: Blanche’s mysterious chest

Event Date: Nov 7 – Nov 14

During the Event, Blanche’s Mysterious Chest will be on Big Cat Store with the price of 12 Big Cat Coins, with a maximum limit of 30 purchases per account.

The Blanche’s Mysterious Chest contains the following:

  • random boss Materials x2
  • Gold Medal x1
  • random rare materials x2
  • Valkyries Gift x1
  • chance to receive a Cute Bear x1

Event 9: Happiness Lucky Bag

Event Date: Nov 21 – Nov 28

Happiness Lucky Bag will be on Big Cat Store with the price of 30 Big Cat Coins, a maximum of 30 purchases per account.

The Happiness Lucky Bag Contains the following:

  • Faint Runestone 1x
  • Smooth Rune Stone 1x
  • Glittering Rune Stone 1x
  • old runes box 2x
  • magnifying glass 3x
  • 25% chance to receive an S class Rune for your current class (Related Guide: Guide to Advanced Rune System [EP6.0])

Event 10: Gachapon Feast

Event Date: Nov 14 – Nov 28

“Immortal Souls” Themed costumes will be available on Gachapon Feast.

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    Event Date: Nov 21 – Nov 28

    Jewelry Exchange will be Available

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