July Event Guide: Lomas’s Vacation

Lomas Vacation July events Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

The July events in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is now available and lots of rewards await!

This month’s event is called Lomas’s Vacation and the main idea is to help Lomas finish all his tasks. This is available on both Global and SEA servers.

Here’s everything you need to know about the July events Lomas Vacation in Ragnarok Mobile.



July 1 – 15: Talk to Bayley in Prontera square
July 24 – 31: Talk to Karey in Prontera Fountain for quiz mission


July 4 – 18: Free Kafra Teleport and Stash
July 24 – 31: Kill Water and Undead monsters for Water Power Crystal
July 24 – Aug 31: Cool Summer Card can be crafted


July 4 – 18: Mission Board Double rewards + Cooling Ice Crystal
July 11 – 18: Time Rift = Cooling Ice Crystal reward
July 22 – 29: Oracle Dungeon Double Rewards


July 24 – Aug 31: Water Power Crystal can be traded on exchange


July 18 – Aug 1: Starlight Rosa Costume


July 8 – 15: Summer Growth Giftpack
July 8 – 15: Holiday Study Giftpack
July 22 – 29: Refreshing Summer Giftpack

Event 1: Lomas Vacation — Check-in Mission

Go to Prontera Square and talk with the Arch Wizard Bayley where you can accept the Lomas Vacation mission.

After every quest you get the Hot Summer Supply Bag, and the Cool Heart comes after the fifth quest.

You will need that to create the Cool Summer Card.

You can only use one character per account for this and the character has to be level 12.

Event 2: Cool Summer — Monster Loot

Kill Water and Undead element monsters to get the RO Concert Album Box and Water Power Crystal.

Once you have enough materials you can craft the Cool Summer Card at the NPC King Poring.

Refreshing Summer Day Card Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

Crafting the Cool Summer Card requires:

  • 200 x Water Power Crystal
  • 1 x Cool heart

Event 3: Karey’s appreciation — Daily Quiz

This daily quiz requires you to go to the Prontera Fountain to look for Karei.

There are 3 questions per day, each one has 2 answer options.

Get them all right and you will get the RO Concert Album Box, Big Cat Voucher and Cool Summer Card.

Event 4: Vacation Present — Oracle Dungeon Double rewards

The first character that finishes the Oracle Dungeon will get double the rewards.

Oracle Dungeon raid

Check out our complete guide to Oracle Dungeon here.

Event 5: Vacation Present — Mission Board Double Rewards + Extra Rewards

Mission Board NPC

As this events unfolds, the first character that will finish the Mission Board Quest will have not only the double rewards, but also a Cooling Ice Crystal too.

Event 6: Vacation Present — Free Kafra Teleport and Stash

During this event you will have free Stash and Teleport Services at the Kafra Employees.

Event 7: Vacation Present — Time Rift extra rewards

If you finish the Time Rift you will get the Cooling Ice Crystal as a bonus reward.

Since it’s limited to one character per account, make sure to choose which character you’re going with.

Event 8: Summer Growth Giftpack

The Summer Growth Giftpack is available on the B Coin Store at 20 Big Cat Coins, and up to 30 packs per account. The packs include Mora Coins and a chance to get the Magic Extractor.

Event 9: Holiday Study Giftpack

Holiday Study Giftpack also costs 20 Big Cat Coins up to 30 purchases per account, but here you get the Oracle Crystal or Oracle Dust, and 10% chance to acquire the Magic Extractor just like above.

Event 10: Refreshing Summer Giftpack

This particular giftpack costs only 10 Big Cat Coins, limited to 30 per account and you can receive rare materials, MVP materials and Guild Contributions.

Event 11: Starlight Rosa Costume

The Starlight Rosa Costume series will be available at the Fantasy Generator Feast. You have 10 times more chances to draw the Starlight Rosa Costume in the gacha machine.


As you can see, the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love July Events are very exciting and in full-swing right now.

Which events and rewards are you looking forward to? Comment them down below!

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