September 2019 Gacha: Zodiac Divine

September Headgear Gacha Ragnarok Mobile

Hey adventurers! The headgear gachapon for September 2019 in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has arrived and it’s called Zodiac Divine.

Here’s a quick guide on what headgear equips you can obtain this month and what effects and bonuses they give to your characters.

September 2019 Gacha

Here’s the list of gears that you can obtain from the gacha for the month of September.

This infographic is made by Ecrunale, JessaJoy, Ninja Patches of XD and Bacon. Credits to these awesome guys!

September Headgear Gachapon equips items Ragnarok Mobile

Stray Star Path

  • Slot: Back
  • Effect: Magic Pen +5%, Ignore MDEF +5%, If Refine Lvl+6, VCT -10%
  • Deposit: ATK +1%, MATK +1%
  • Gacha Rate: 5%

Time Opal

  • Slot: Head
  • Effect: Max SP +350, SP Recovery +20%
  • Deposit: Max HP+120
  • Gacha Rate: 6%

Moonlight Prophecy

  • Slot: Head
  • Effect: Auto Attack +5%, ASPD +5%, If Refine Lvl +6, CRIT +10
  • Deposit: ATK +6%, MATK +16
  • Gacha Rate: 7%

Time Seal Inscription

  • Slot: Face
  • Effect: All Stat +1, Demi Human Reduction +3%
  • Deposit: Max HP+60, MDEF+4
  • Gacha Rate: 23%

Soul Tarot

  • Slot: Mouth
  • Effect: LUK+3, Crit Dmg +3%
  • Deposit: ATK+4, MATK+4
  • Gacha Rate: 28%

Dream Astrologer

  • Slot: Tail
  • Effect: Max HP+200, Holy Damage Received -3%
  • Deposit: Max HP +60, DEF+4
  • Gacha Rate: 31%



What do you think about this September’s gacha? Which one are you hoping to get?

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