Where to Get Cooking Ingredients for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Rare Ingredients and Primary Ingredients Shop NPCs in Cooking Center Hall Cuisine Association

(For a list of all cooking recipes, check out this guide: Complete Cooking Recipes List )

Cooking and eating gourmet foods in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has lots of benefits. It’s one of the best ways to boost your damage and other stats, not to mention it’s very cheap and efficient.

Here’s a guide on how to obtain cooking ingredients needed for cooking.

List of all Cooking Ingredients and Where to Get Them

Ingredient Monsters and Location (using Chef’s Eagle Eye) NPC
Poring Apple Poring (North Gate, South Gate)
Pierce (Ant Hell)
Primary Ingredients
Smokie Grape Chon Chon (West Gate, Labyrinth Forest)
Horong (Payon Forest, Payon Cave 2F)
Primary Ingredients
Lunatic Meat Lunatic (South Gate, Labyrinth Forest)
Magnolia (Morroc, Desert)
Primary Ingredients
Rocker Leg Meat Munak (Payon Cave 1F)
Rocker (West Gate, Labyrinth Forest)
Primary Ingredients
Vadon Meat Vadon (Underwater Cave)
Munak (Payon Cave 1F)
Primary Ingredients
Hydra Meat Bongun (Payon Cave 1F, Payon Cave 2F)
Hydra (Sunken Ship, Ghost Ship, Payon Cave 1F)
Primary Ingredients
West Gate Tomato Mandragora (Mjolnir, Labyrinth Forest)
Sohee (Payon Cave 2F, Payon Cave 3F)
Primary Ingredients
South Gate Carrot Willow (West Gate, Labyrinth Forest) Primary Ingredients
Yoyo Banana Yoyo (West Gate, Labyrinth Forest)
Hunter Fly (Orc Dungeon)
Rare Ingredients
Goblin Strawberry Kobold (Hammer) (Kordt Forest, Kordt Forest West) Rare Ingredients
Moai Melon Golem (Morroc)
Raydric (Glast Heim Chivalry)
Rare Ingredients
Bigfoot Pineapple Bigfoot (Payon Forest, Payon Forest South)
Succubus (Glast Heim)
Rare Ingredients
Desert Wolf Meat Desert Wolf (Morroc)
Nine Tail (Payon Cave 2F, 3F)
Rare Ingredients
Eggshell Chick Peco Peco (Morroc, Desert)
Orc Warrior (Orc Village)
Rare Ingredients
Savage Meat Savage (Payon Forest)
Kobold Archer (Kordt Forest, Kordt Forest West)
Rare Ingredients
Muka Meat Muka (Morroc, Desert)
Green Petite (Glass Heim Outskirt)
Gargoyle (Glast Heim Churchyard, Glast Heim Churchyard 2)
Rare Ingredients
Marina Meat Marina (Underwater Temple, Underwater Cave)
Orc Archer (Orc Village South, Orc Village)
Rare Ingredients
Marc Meat Marc (Underwater Temple)
Nightmare (Underground Geffen, Underground Geffen 2F)
Rare Ingredients
Inkfish Tentacle Roda Frog (Sunken Ship)
Thara Frog (Underwater Cave)
Deviruchi (Underground Geffen, Underground Geffen 2F)
Rare Ingredients
Mutated Fish Phen (Underwater Temple)
Marionette Doll (Underground Geffen, Underground Geffen 2F)
Rare Ingredients
Mountain Celery Flora (Mjolnir)
Orc  Zombie (Orc Dungeon)
Rare Ingredients
Magic Spore Menblatt (Mjolnir)
Ferus (Glast Heim Outskirt)
Rare Ingredients
Bamboo Eggplant Greatest General (Payon Forest, Payon Forest South)
Incubus (Glast Heim)
Rare Ingredients
Gold Pumpkin Elder Willow (Payon Forest South, South of Payon) Rare Ingredients
Salt Thief Bug (Sewer 1F, 2F)
Eggyra (Payon Cave 1F)
Material Shop
Flour Tarou (Sewer 1F)
Dobeki (Payon Cave 2F, 3F)
Material Shop
Sugar Wolf (Labyrinth Forest)
High Orc (Orc Village, Orc Village South)
Material Shop
Milk Obeaune (Underwater Temple)
Deviruchi (Underground Geffen, 2F)
Material Shop
Chili Orc Skeleton (Orc Dungeon) Material Shop
Vanilla Drainliar (Ant Hell)
Wild Rose (Kordt Forest, Kordt Forest West)
Material Shop
Apple Vinegar Magnolia (Morroc, Desert)
Kobold (Buckler) (Kordt Forest, Kordt Forest West)
Material Shop
Cream Hornet (Mjolnir, Labyrinth Forest)
Injustice (Glast Heim Culvert)
Material Shop
Sauce Mummy (Pyramid 1F)
Wrait (Glast Heim Churchyard, Glast Heim Churchyard 2)
Sting (Glast Heim Culvert)
Material Shop
Cheese Matyr (Pyramid 1F, Ant Hell)
Evil Druid (Glast Heim Churchyard, Glast Heim Churchyard 2)
Material Shop
Miso Powder Marduk (Pyramid 3F, Pyramid 2F)
Wind Ghost (Glast Heim Chivalry)
Material Shop
Rainbow Powder Succubus (Glast Heim)
Isis (Pyramid 1F)
Material Shop

How to Obtain Cooking Ingredients

There are three ways to obtain cooking ingredients:

1. Use Chef’s Eagle Eye and kill certain monsters

You can consume an item called Chef’s Eagle Eye which you can purchase from the Material Shop.

Refer to the list above to see which monsters drop which ingredients. Then just use the Chef’s Eagle Eye and start killing those monsters and you’ll get a chance to obtain cooking ingredients.

2. Buying from the Cooking Ingredients NPC

Rare Ingredients and Primary Ingredients Shop NPCs in Cooking Center Hall Cuisine Association

Just go to the Cooking Hall Center at the top of Prontera. There are three ingredients shop NPCs there: Primary Ingredients, Material Shop and Rare Ingredients. You can only buy a limited amount daily per ingredient in the Rare shop, so make sure to buy them all everyday .

3. Completing the Daily Cooking Quest

Dwight Cuisine Association Daily Cooking Quest NPC

Talk to Dwight NPC in Cuisine Association to take the daily cooking quest. He will ask you to cook a certain recipe, sometimes it’s a recipe you already cooked, sometimes he will teach you a new one.

After cooking that recipe, give it to him and he will reward you with several cooking ingredients. In addition, you’ll also get Cooking EXP to help you level up your Cooking Level .


Cooking gourmet food is very essential to be able to grind efficiently in Ragnarok Mobile, whether you’re leveling up or farming for Zeny. It costs almost nothing and provides lots of benefits, including permanent stat bonuses!

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