FAQs for Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting

In this page we try to answer all questions about upgrading, enhancing, refining and enchanting as much as we can. We recommend that you read the basics first in our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting

What’s the difference between enhance, refine, enchant and upgrade?

  1. Enhancing – from your bag using zeny, enhance up to your current level, transferrable to other items
  2. Refining – via Hollergrehnn, requires Ori/Elu, adds “+” to the item, gives “Refine” stats like Refine Atk or Refine MAtk
  3. Enchanting – via Cat NPC in Geffen, requires zeny or Mora Coins, gives random set of bonuses. Full Guide here .
  4. Upgrading – by clicking the red (sometimes blue) Up arrow in your item detail window, requires crafting materials, upgrades the item to higher Tiers (I, II, III, End tier)

Check out our full guide for more info .

Should I enhance, refine, enchant, or upgrade first?

(1) Enhance/Enchant anytime —> (2) Upgrade to End tier —> (3) Refine and Add Slot

When Upgrading to End tier, refine level will be reduced by -2 and the extra card slot is removed (if you added it manually). Enchantments will stay. So, Enhance and Enchant as much as you want, but do not refine and add the extra card slot before Upgrading to End tier if you cannot afford to lose the -2 refine and the extra card slot.

However, some players actually prefer to have their equips at Tier 3 with good refine, enchants and cards while the End form materials are still impossible to obtain.I will leave that decision up to you.

UPDATE: Some players also suggest refining the item to +10 first before upgrading to End tier (i.e. End tier will start at +8) as it’s more expensive to refine and repair End tier items. We have yet to confirm this.

Will my item Refinements, Enhancements or Enchantments disappear when I upgrade it to End tier/Final form?

  • Refinements will decrease by -2 (e.g. from +10 to +8)
  • Enhancement — Not affected, will stay
  • Enchantments — Not affected, will stay

Will my item slot/socket disappear when I upgrade it to End tier/Final form?

Yes, the extra card slot that you added via Socketing NPC will be removed. If the removed slot has a card, the card will go back to your inventory.

Upgrade the item to Final tier first before socketing it.

Can I upgrade a Refined/Slotted item to End tier?

You can, but the Refinement will decrease by -2 and the extra slot will be removed if you manually added the slot. It’s recommended to Upgrade to final tier first before fully refining and adding slot.

Why did my item’s Enhancement level decrease after I inherit it from other item?

Short answer: Stronger equips cost more to enhance per level than weaker equips. You will get refunded with zeny (check System chat) if you inherit from a stronger weapon. You won’t lose any money.

Long answer: It’s complicated to explain so I’ll give an example:

  • Strong Item A (Enhance Lv. 40 = 100k total cost)
    • costs 80k total to enhance to Lv. 35
    • costs 20k total to enhance Lv. 35–40
  • Weak Item B (Enhance Lv. 50 = 100k total cost)
    • costs 80k total to enhance Lv. 35
    • costs 20k total to enhance Lv. 40-50

As you can see, with 100k you can enhance more levels for Weak Item B since it’s a weaker item and costs lesser to enhance per level.

Now, let’s say you have equipped a Strong Item A with Lv. 40 enhance (100k worth). You equip Weak Item B Lv. 0 and Inherit it. Strong Item A Lv. 40 enhance is now passed to Weak Item B. But remember, Weak Item B Lv. 40 only costs 80k right? So what happens is you will get a refund of 20k zeny! (You will see it in system message)

So now, you have equipped Weak Item B Lv. 40 (80k worth). Then, you equip Strong Item A Lv. 0 again and Inherit the Lv. 40 enhance. But! Strong Item A will be at Lv. 35 only, not Lv. 40. Why? Because Strong Item A at 80k worth is only Lv. 35! (see enhance cost above)

Can I deposit Enhanced/Refined/Enchanted/Upgraded items to Shared Storage?

Yes. But for Enhanced item you need to remove them first by passing it to another equip. Just equip the Enhanced item, then equip a different item of same type (e.g. weapon or armor), then click “Inherit.”

Can I sell Enhanced/Refined/Enchanted/Upgraded items to Exchange?

  • Upgraded — Yes, but you need to remove the upgrades first with a zeny refund
  • Enhanced — Yes but the enhancement will be removed with a zeny refund
  • Refined — Yes
  • Enchanted — Yes

What’s the safe refinement level?

+4. Beyond that and the refinement may fails.

What happens when the refine fails?

Unlike classic Ragnarok Online games, the item will not disappear when the refine fails.

When the refine fails, the item will either:

  1. Decrease -1 refine level (e.g. from +3 to +2)
  2. Decrease -1 refine level AND become broken

Can I still equip broken items?

You can still equip the broken item as if it was a regular item. The only effect to broken items is you can’t refine it, that’s all.

How can I repair broken items?

Get another copy of the broken item and talk to Hollergrehnn in Prontera to Repair. The copy doesn’t need to be same refine or Tier level. But it should be the exact same item (e.g. if the broken item is Final tier, you need a copy of the final tier too.)

Can I Enhance/Enchant/Upgrade broken items?

  • Enhance — Yes
  • Enchant — Yes
  • Upgrade Tiers I-III — Yes
  • Upgrade to End tier — Yes, it will still be broken

Can I remove Enchantments, Enhancements, Refine, Upgrades, or cards of an item?

Yes, just talk to the Stove NPC in Prontera next to Hollergrehnn.

Can I use broken items to repair broken items?


Can I use non-slotted item to repair slotted items?

Yes, it doesn’t have to have the same number of slots.

Do I need same Upgrade Tier to repair mid-Tier items?

As long as it’s the same item name . So, you can use a Tier 1–3 version of the item to repair. But you need End tier to repair an End tier item.

Can I use broken items to socket/add slot?

Yes. Update (Feb 3, 2019): This has been changed in the latest patch (SEA). You can no longer use broken items to socket.

102 thoughts on “ FAQs for Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting

  1. i have +6 non slotted armor.. if i want to have it slotted, will it reduce the +6 refine? or will it retain and become +6 slotted armor..

  2. Hi I have +8 Holy Dagger[1] III planning to slot . i need 10 +0 Holy Dagger[1] right?
    What will hapeen to my Dagger and the tier level ?

      1. Holy daggers and so does other rare/crafted weapons automatically has one slot. So if you are going to add a slot to a Holy Dagger [1], you will need 10 more Holy Dagger [1].

  3. Hi, regarding slotting and upgrading tier weapons, what about weapons from mvp drops? like gloves for example if i bought a 2 slotted giant gloves in the exchange and then upgrade it to to tier 2 and so on will the slot be removed? thanks.

    1. I think the original question is still not answered.
      He is not asking about slotting which we are no longer able to use broken items.
      He is asking about upgrading the tier, ie from II to III when it needs the same item. Can the item be broken?

  4. Hello, i try to safe refine my healing staff to +10. I know I need 10 healing staff no matter the refine level is and is it broken or not. So far I always try my luck to refine all the stock I use for safe refine (if I need 9 stock, then I’ll try to normal refine all of them as far as my luck allows). Now I have healing staff +9 and 12 other broken healing staff (ranging from +3 to +7). But when I want to safe refine the +9, holgrehen read that I only got 9 stock healing staff for safe refine. Is it because I have 3 stock of broken healing staff that >= +6?
    Does +6 above cant be used for safe refine stock?

  5. Why is the quick buy for weapon slotting keeps giving me the +5 weapon, costing 1.6M each, while the plain weapon is just 800k/pc, just because I have a +6? It also happened during the +4 and +5 phases of my weapon, keeps on suggesting I use +3 and +4 respectively.

    1. Probably, the system gives us all equipment that matches the rule or at the moment have no +0 equipment in the market especially craftable equipment.

  6. To make sure I got it right:
    If I have a non-slotted Robe of Cast I, I just need +10 Robe of Cast (not-upgraded) to add a slot to it, right?
    And the end result will be a Robe of Cast I [1]

  7. is broken item can be used as crafting material to upgrade the same item (not broken) ? for example orleans glove upgrading to tier 1 it need 1 more orleans glove to upgrade..is broken orleans glove can be use to upgrade the unbroken one? thanks in advance

  8. Guys there are still unclear to all these.

    I have +4 Malang Bow [1] Tier one. My goal is +10 Malang Bow [2] End tier Enchanted. What should I do to have lowest cost to achieve this?

    Is the below correct?
    1. Remove the Tier one.
    2. Buy 10 broken Malang Bow [1] to make it Malang Bow [2]
    3. Then make the Malang Bow [2] to +10 with safe upgrade from 6 broken Malang Bow [1] (+5 and onwards safe upgrade)
    4. Upgrade to End Tier
    5. Enchant

  9. I bought a Skull Hood and was about to refine it but it does not show when selecting equipment to refine. What could be the problem

  10. I have a Wizardry Staff +4 I want to have it Full what would be the Order?
    1- Refine +10
    2- slotting [2]
    3- Tier III upgrade

  11. hi i have +10 mitril armor and i want to upgrade it to final form,( legion plate armor) if i do that what will my legion armor refining level will be?

  12. fist weapon require other fist to upgrade…if i add socket…the requirement upgrade need fist [2]? or i can upgrade my fist [2] using fist [1]?

  13. does safe refining only limited to +10? because i have a +10 strength ring and now i can’t safe refine it.

  14. Enhance:
    Why some Equip gives you more stats than other?
    For examble:
    Rune Boots enhanced lvl 110 gives 110Def
    Greaves enhanced lvl 110 gives just 44Def

    I tryed out so many Equip but never find a rule why some of them get more stats.

  15. Hi, I noticed that the article says that we will lose the extra slot if we “manually” added the slot. I’m assuming that if I added the slot via the payon NPC, then it’s “manual”. But how about those [2] equip that I bought from exchange? If it is still manual, is there any way for me find out if it was manually added by the original owner?

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