How to Get Gold Medals & Guild Contributions in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

How to get Gold Medals and Guild Contributions Valkyries Gift Guild's Gift

Gold Medals and Guild Contributions are essential items in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. They are used to activate Runes in your Aesir Monument which gives you bonus stats, bonus skill effects, or even unlock new powerful skills.

However, it will take a long time to collect and amass a huge amount of Gold Medals and Contributions—completing your Aesir Monument Rune path is a long term process.

Here are all the methods on how to obtain Gold Medals and Guild Contributions.


These are the methods on how to get Gold Medals:

  1. Guild Donation (Rare items)
  2. Buy from Adventurer Coin shop
  3. Join Poring Fight weekly
  4. Rewards from events
  5. Growth Rewards from Mentorship
  6. Valkyrie’s Guidance Chest (BCC item)

These are the methods on how to get Guild Contributions:

  1. Guild Donation
  2. Guild Dojo
  3. Guild Facility Construction/Upgrades
  4. Valkyrie’s Gift & Guild’s Gift
  5. Guild Quests

How to Get Gold Medals

1. Guild Donation

Full Guide: Guide to Guild Donation

The most common method to obtain Gold Medals is through Guild Donations. Donating rare Mini/MVP Boss drops such as Fabrics or Raccoon Leafs will reward you with Gold Medals.

The donation list will reset every few hours. You should make Guild Donation a habit and add it to your daily routine.

You can buy the requirements directly from the Guild Donation NPC if you don’t have it on your inventory. Just click on “Donate” and it will open the “Buy from Exchange” window.

Donate rare items to get Gold Medal as rewards

A good range is around 80–200k zeny. Rare items that cost beyond ~300k is probably not worth it, just wait for the next round.

Here are some tips on how to obtain these rare loots easily:

  • Endless Tower — Mini Bosses will randomly appear on some floors, MVPs on every 10 floors
  • Valhalla Ruins — hunt MVPs in an arena exclusive for your Guild
  • Pet Adventure — chests have a chance to drop rare materials. Make an alt character too to save up on Stamina on your main

Also, take advantage of Double Reward events. During this event, you’ll get double the Gold Medal and Contribution rewards from donating.

Watch out though as prices for materials will usually skyrocket during the event, so try to hoard as many materials as you can before the event actually starts!

2. Adventurer Coin Shop

Adventure Coins are those green Poring coins that devs will giveaway as compensation during maintenance downtimes or when there are server issues.

Buy Gold Medal in Adventurer Coin shop

You can buy 1 Gold Medal for 5 Adventure Coins. Just use the Adventure Coin item to open the shop.

3. Poring Fight

Poring Fight is a mini-game that happens weekly every Wednesday night (8:00 PM GMT+7). Winning a Poring Fight match will reward you with Poring’s Favors. The higher your ranking in the match, the more you’ll get.

Poring Treasure shop to buy Poring Fight rewards Gold Medals

You can buy 1 Gold Medal for 600 Poring’s Favors. Just use the Poring’s Favor item in your inventory to open the shop.

4. Rewards from Events

Another method to obtain Gold Medals is through events.

During events, there’s usually a daily quest or a daily reward giveaway that gives you special Chests or Gift boxes. These Chests have a chance of dropping Gold Medals when opened.

Receive Gold Medals from event gift boxes

For example, during the Christmas and Thanksgiving events, players were able to receive Gift Boxes which has a chance of containing 1 Gold Medal. The recent Big Cat Celebration event also gave out Gift boxes that contained Gold Medals, in addition to Big Cat Vouchers that allow you to buy Gold Medals.

turkey feast gift box

In short, events = lots of free Gold Medals!

5. Growth Rewards from Mentorship

Full Guide: Guide to Mentor & Student System

Before reaching level 85, make sure to find a Mentor to enroll you as a Student.

As a Student, you get Growth Rewards once you reach certain levels, similar to Growth Packs.

Student growth rewards when reaching Base levels 50 60 70 four Gold Medals in total

You’ll get one Gold Medal at Levels 40, 50, 60 and 70—a total of four Gold Medals absolutely for free!

6. Valkyire’s Guidance Chest

Finally, there’s always the pay-to-win method!

Valkyrie's Guidance Chest from Big Cat Coin Store costs 6 BCC, gives 5 Guild's Gift and 1 Gold Medal

At the cost of 6 BCC (Big Cat Coins), you can purchase the Valkyrie’s Guidance Chest which contains 5x Guild’s Gift (gives 25 Contributions) and 1x Gold Medal.

How to Get Guild Contributions

1. Guild Donation

Full Guide: Guide to Guild Donation

Again, the most common and obvious method is through Guild Donation. The cost of a normal donation usually ranges from 5,000-100,000z per set, depending on the required item.

Also, take advantage of Double Reward events. During this event, you’ll get double the Gold Medal and Contribution rewards from donating.

Guild Donation double Contribution and Gold Medal rewards

Watch out though as prices for materials will usually skyrocket during Double Reward events, so try to hoard as many materials as you can before the event actually starts!

2. Guild Dojo

Guild Dojo is another instance-based mini-game similar to Valhalla Ruins where you fight a bunch of monsters and a boss at the end.

Guild Dojo entrance Kafra NPC in Guild Hall

Finishing a Guild Dojo arena for the first time nets you 150 Guild Contribution Points.

Challenge Dojo select MVP floor

Repeating Dojo floors that you already cleared won’t give you anything. But if you go with other guild members, repeating floors will give you 5 Guild Contributions and some Friendship Proofs.

3. Donating to Guild Facility Construction & Upgrade

Once your guild has unlocked the Facility Hall, you can start constructing the following Guild Facilities:

  • Incredible Vending Machine
  • Black Cat Cafe
  • Cat Litter Box
  • Magic Sewing Machine

Constructing and upgrading them will require you to donate a variety of items, depending on the facility. Doing so will reward you with Guild Contributions (while increasing the progress of the construction/upgrade).

Donating materials to Guild Facility construction or upgrade Vending Machine will give you Contributions

In the screenshot above, upgrading our Incredible Vending Machine to Lv. 3 requires donating Rough Oridecons and Rough Eluniums, giving 110 Contributions per set in return.

4. Valkyrie’s Gift & Guild’s Gift

Another source of Guild Contributions are from opening these two Gift boxes:

  • Valkyrie's Gift Valkyrie’s Gift — 500 Guild Contributions
  • Guild's Gift item gives 25 Contribution points when opened Guild’s Gift — 25 Guild Contributions

These Gift boxes are obtained from event giveaways and quests. For example, Big Cat Celebration Vouchers from the Big Cat event can purchase 1 Valkyrie’s Gift for 4 Vouchers.

You can also purchase Guild’s Gifts from the Mentor Shop, but for 45 Mentor Medals. It’s probably more practical to spend Mentor Medals on Mora Coins.

You’ll also get 5x Guild’s Gift (125 Contributions) from Valkyire’s Guidance Chest, an item purchased from the Big Cat Shop for 6 BCC each.

5. Guild Quests

Finally, there’s Guild Quests—those green quest NPCs that appear randomly in your Guild Hall.

Guild Quests green NPCs in Guild Hall

These quests require you to interact with your guildmates, such as using the I-like-you or Laser Gun items on them, or taking a selfie with them. Completing these quests will reward you with some Contribution points. The higher your Guild’s level, the more of these quest NPCs will appear.

You should also add this to your daily routine if you want to maximize acquiring Guild Contributions. It would help to join a guild with lots of active members so it’s easier to finish the quests.


Collecting Gold Medals or Guild Contributions and completing your Aesir Monument Rune path is a long-term process. That’s why it’s important to join a Guild and starting obtaining them as much as possible.

What’s your favorite method of acquiring lots of Gold Medals and Contributions? Got any questions or tips? Comment them down below!

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