Endless Tower Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Endless Tower guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

The Endless Tower is a game mode in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love where you can farm rare items and equips from Mini and MVP Bosses and earn lots of zeny . It’s a weekly event where you fight waves of monsters and bosses and clear as many levels in the tower as you can.

This guide will teach you how to unlock and enter the Endless Tower. Then we’ll talk about tips and strategies on how to clear the ET efficiently.

Here are the updated lists of MVPs and Mini Bosses for this week’s Endless Tower:

What is Endless Tower?

In Endless Tower, you will battle waves of monsters in each floor starting on Floor 1 all the way up to 100, or until you and your team dies.

You will get a random set of loots in each floor. MVPs will appear on every 10th floor, while Mini Bosses will frequently spawn on any floor. It’s great for farming rare materials like Raccoon Leaf from Smokies, Fabrics from Ghostrings, as well as rare equipment items for your character.

endless tower guide ragnarok mobile eternal love

You won’t get EXP from monsters but EXP penalties still apply when you die. Also, Stamina won’t be consumed and doesn’t affect drop rates.

The same set of bosses will appear on the same floors per channel, so you can share to other players what MVPs/Minis will appear on which floors on your channel. ROGuard also has a page for this!

Weekly Reset

Endless Tower is a weekly event and will reset during Monday’s reset (5:00 AM GMT+7 on SEA Server).

After your first ET run for the week, you can still enter the ET anytime but you won’t get any rewards on floors you already cleared until the weekly reset. You can re-enter and try to reach higher floors and you’ll get loots on the new floors you haven’t cleared before.

You can help friends and guildmates and get Friendship Tokens too.

Every week, the list of MVPs and Mini Bosses that will spawn is the same for all channels with the same last digit. For example Channels PH1, ID11, EN21, PH31 and PH41 will all spawn the same bosses per floor.

We highly recommend referring to our weekly Mini/MVP List so you can plan out which channels to do the Endless Tower:

Maintenance Reset

Take note also that aside from the weekly reset, the MVP/Mini Boss List will also be reset during maintenance. Make sure that the lists you check are updated after the maintenance.

How to Unlock Endless Tower

At Level 52, you can unlock the Endless Tower by talking to the Port Captain NPC in Izlude (same NPC to go to Sunken/Ghost Ship and Byalan). Select the last choice and he will teleport you to Endless Island.

How to go to Endless Island via Captain NPC in Izlude

Walk north of the map and click on the “Stele with Year” structure NPC. Finish all the conversations and you will unlock the Endless Tower.

How to unlock Endless Tower through Stele with Year in Endless Island

How to enter the Endless Tower

Once you’ve unlocked it, you’ll now be able to enter the Endless Tower! Just go to Endless Island again via the Izlude Port NPC, then talk to the Stele with Year statue NPC. Make sure to form your party beforehand!

Tips and Strategies

Party Composition

Obviously you’ll want to go with a party to maximize the weekly ET instance. An ideal party composition would consist of a tanker, damage dealer, crowd controller, and a support.

Don’t forget to eat your Cooked Foods and stat dishes too!

endless tower strategy party composition


Job classes: Knight, Paladin

  • Use Provoke to absorb all damage and protect party members
  • Use MVP/Mini Boss Transformation Scrolls to have lots of HP
  • Use Honey to heal

DPS/Damage Dealers

Job classes: Assassin, Hunter, Monk

  • Their role is pretty straightforward: just deal as much damage as possible and take down mobs fast.
  • Make sure to target mobs that are attacking your tanks. You don’t want mobs to attack you and your squishy damage dealers!
  • Don’t forget your converters and brush up on your knowledge on elements too!

Crowd Control

Jobs: Wizard

  • Just spam Storm Gust! Leave it at Lv. 1 for faster cast
  • Storm Gust is useful on MVPs to freeze their minions so everyone can focus on the Boss
  • Stone Curse is a useful skill too
  • Always stay behind the team/tanks. Great Wizards know how to position well

Full Support

Jobs: Priest

  • Auto-Resu, Auto-Heal, Auto-Kyrie
  • Focus Safety Wall and Heal on your tank

Solo with Slave Priest

If you prefer going solo you can definitely finish up to around Level 20-30 alone. Hunters/Snipers are great for soloing the Endless Tower.

Some players also claim to reach Level 70-80 with just a Slave Priest! Just set the priest to Auto Heal, Resurrect and Kyrie your main.

MVP Strategies

At every 10th floor (10, 20, 30, etc), an MVP will spawn in the floor along with the regular mobs.

endless tower MVP strategy

An important tip is to clear all normal mobs first, making sure not to target the MVP or hit it with AoE skills accidentally. Make sure your Pets have their Battle mode turned “Off” also. You might want to circle around the platform and stay on the sides/corners while doing this strategy.

Once all the mobs are cleared, it’s time to take down the MVP Boss! Wizards should start spamming Storm Gust to freeze the MVP’s minions, so everyone can focus on killing the Boss as fast as possible and without distractions.

“Stay Alert” Strategy

This strategy sometimes called the Stay Alert strategy is one of the most common strategies to take down MVPs easily.

Hunters, Wizards and Priests will use “Stay Alert” downstairs in the top left corner of the platform, while the Tanks and Melees go up to Provoke/lure the Boss to the lower-right corner of the upper platform. This way, the long-range guys down below will be close enough to attack and the Priests can heal, buff and resurrect the Melees.

More Endless Tower facts, tips and mechanics

endless tower guide ragnarok m eternal love

  • Bring Yggdrassil leaves for emergency—you can’t rely on your Full Support all the time!
  • Don’t forget to eat your Dishes and Cooked Foods.
  • You can use Fly Wings as a last resort to escape.
  • Stamina isn’t consumed and doesn’t affect drop rates in Endless Tower.
  • Lightning Chain doesn’t affect drop rate (and EXP since you don’t gain EXP in Endless Tower).
  • You can repeat Endless Tower anytime but you won’t get loots after your first run.
  • Drops are distributed individually, so all members get an equal chance of getting the same loots regardless if you’re solo or in a 5-man party.
  • Don’t forget your Camera! This is a good time to take photos of mobs you haven’t encountered before, especially MVPs and Minis.
  • When doing ET runs with friends, you’ll get Friendship Tokens even if you’ve already cleared the floors.
  • Cat Mercenary will not work in ET.
  • You can use pets but it’s better to put them to Egg mode (Rest) or turn off Battle mode to prevent unwanted luring of mobs.
  • Reaching ET Floor 70 is a requirement to get to Adventurer Rank C.
  • You can party up with someone who already reached higher floors so you can skip to those floors (and still get loots!)
  • You can use an item called Ancient Tower Golden ejector to instantly skip floors. You can purchase it through Adventure Meatballs in the Meatballs Shop (Related: Guide on Adventure Meatballs )


The Endless Tower is not only a great way to farm zeny and rare materials—it’s a fun, exciting game mode to play with your friends or when you’re just bored at grinding. Your character’s builds, equips and teamwork with your party will all be put to the test!

endless tower party composition ragnarok mobile

What’s the highest floor you’ve reached in the Endless Tower? What are your best strategies to clear floors? Comment them down below!

Happy grinding!

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  1. Does it affect the level gap of the characters when it comes to drops or loots? Example your level is 105 and you have a partymate level 76, will the level 76 gets the best drop? Thank you.

    1. Nope! Drop rates in ET are a standalone deal. You can be level 105 with 900/300 red stamina, but the drops will have the same rate.

    1. I am playing solo as a paladin, I catch the attention of someone enemies and take it to a corner, then kill, and if I die, my pet resurrects me.

  2. tha fck whats the point in doing solo if u can’t enter .. I’m more of a solo player rather than to join/create party’s

      1. This is just too complicated and unnecessary. You can create a fake party with the mercenary cat, enter the tower and play solo.

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