How to Get Stats and Skill Reset Guide

How to get free reset stats and skills in Ragnarok Mobile

This guide will teach you how to get free Stat Reset (Eternal Rock) and Skill Reset Rod items in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love so you can reset your stats and skills.

You might want to try a different build or made a mistake allocating stats and skill points. Fortunately, unlike the classic PC Ragnarok games, you can get free stat and skill reset items several times throughout the game. Here’s how.


You can use Eternal Rock to reset your stat attribute points, and Skill Reset Rod to reset your skill points.

You can get up to three Stat Reset (Eternal Rock) and Skill Resets for FREE throughout the game:

Eternal Rock stat reset item Stat Reset Growth Pack Lv. 30 Level 30
skill reset rod Skill Reset Growth Pack Lv. 40 Level 40
Eternal Rock stat reset item skill reset rod Stat & Skill Reset Pyramid 1F Quest Level 55
Eternal Rock stat reset item Stat Reset Payon Quest Level 57
skill reset rod Skill Reset Glast Heim Outskirts Quest Level 76

You can also purchase them for 500,000 zeny each at Event NPC near Miu at Prontera.

Bonus tip: You can abuse the Shared Storage to get more Stat/Skill Resets for free!

1. Growth Pack

Ragnarok Growth Pack

Early in the game you will receive a Growth Pack from Miu, the NPC in Prontera. You can open this item every 10 levels (lv. 10, 20, 30, etc) to receive valuable items.

Miu NPC in Prontera

Growth Pack Lv. 30 will give you a free Eternal Rock (Stat Reset)

Eternal Rock stat reset item

Growth Pack Lv. 40 will give you a free Skill Reset Rod

skill reset rod

2. Event NPC in Prontera

You can buy both the Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod from the Event NPC in Prontera for 500,000 zeny each. He’s right below Miu. It may sound expensive at first but once your character becomes a farming machine earning millions per day, it should be easy to obtain!

Where to buy Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod in Prontera through event NPC

Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod from Event NPC in Prontera

3. Free Stat & Skill Reset from a Lv. 55 Quest

When you reach Level 55 you can finish a quest from the NPC named Ayrui in Morocc Pyramid 1F. Choose the quest titled Abnormality on 2F .

ayrui skill stat reset location

ayrui skill stat reset npc

It’s a long quest which involves killing lots of mobs and collecting 150 Immortal Hearts (hunt down Magnolias in Morroc/Sograt Dessert). After you finish the quest you will receive both the Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod items.

4. Free Stat Reset from a Lv. 57 Quest

gadar stat reset npc pa

Another quest to get a free Stat Reset is from a quest in Payon when you get to Level 57. Talk to the novice named Gadar in Payon town. The quest is about helping Gadar job change into an Archer so it’s a pretty long quest.

gadar stat reset npc payon location

In the middle of the long quest you will need to get 30 Evil Horns, which you can purchase easily from the Exchange if you don’t want to farm it. You’ll have to go to a lot of different locations and talk to NPCs. There’s also a question and answer portion and here are the correct answers in order: Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No, No, Yes.

After witnessing Gadar walk down the Adventure Hall to become an Archer, you will receive the Eternal Rock from the Hunter job changer NPC.

5. Get a free Skill Reset from a Lv. 76 Quest

Finally there’s another quest at Level 76 in the outskirts of Glast Heim. Just talk to these NPCs. They will require 30 Hand of God. You can get them from Sky Petite in the same map, or just purchase them from the Exchange.

Free skill reset quest NPC in Glast Heim Outskirt Level 76

How to use Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod

To reset your skills, you can simply double-click the Skill Reset Rod item and it will reset your skill points.

For Eternal Rock, you need to go to the NPC named Raynojose in Adventure Hall (it’s where you changed your job) in Prontera. Just tell her you want to reset your attributes and it will consume your Eternal Rock.

stat reset npc raynojose

Bonus tip

Did you know that you can abuse the Shared Storage feature to get an more Skill/Stat resets? Just create new characters in the same account and level it up to 40 (can be done in 2 days by doing quests) . By then you should have 1 of each reset item from the Growth Packs. At Lv. 40 you’ll also be able to use the Shared Storage to pass it to your main account. Easy free resets!

Note: For your first character deletion you have to wait for 5 hours, and for 2nd delete 7 days.


In total, you’ll get three Eternal Rocks and three Skill Reset Rods for free in the game. That gives you more room to try and experiment builds, or give you a chance to rebuild the proper stats and skill builds in case you made mistakes—luckily Ragnarok Mobile doesn’t punish you too much for it!

Happy grinding!

Special thanks to Anonymous commenter for pointing out some errors. 😀

7 thoughts on “ How to Get Stats and Skill Reset Guide

  1. Growth Pack Level 30 : 1 Enternal Rock
    Growth Pack Level 40 : 1 Skill Reset Rod
    Level 55 Quest Pyramid: 1 Eternal Rock & 1 Skill Reset Rod
    Level 57 Quest (Gadar): 1 Eternal Rock
    Level 76 Quest GH: 1 Skill Reset Rod

    Total : 3 Eternal Rock & 3 Skill Reset Rod (Free)

  2. for the Pyramid 1F Quest you don’t need to get all the quest just the 3rd one “Abnormality on 2f” that one has the reset stone and skill

  3. With Ymir’s book, you can have unlimited resets now (stats, skills, and aesir reset). Shared on all accounts (2nd job), Class C adventurer.

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