How to Get Big Cat Voucher Feasts (Orange Voucher)

How to get Orange Voucher Feast for Fantasy Generator EVA Evangelion Gachapon

During costume events such as the Beach Party Costume (Nov. 15–29), a Gacha slot machine called the Fantasy Generator will appear in Prontera Square. You can claim a random costume item by spending 30 Big Cat Voucher Feast. Hopefully you’ll get lucky because these orange vouchers are rare but easy to obtain! Follow these simple steps on how to get 30 Big Cat Voucher Feasts and get your first Gacha costume.

Note: For Big Cat Voucher I (blue tickets) used for Headgear Gacha Capsule, check out this other guide: How to Get Big Cat Voucher 1 (Blue Vouchers for Headgear Capsule)

Hire an Assistant

Full Guide: Guide to Assistants in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

First things first, get an Assistant. At Level 20, you will be able to hire Assistants for free. Go to Prontera and click the “Assistant” button in the top to walk towards Prontera Palace. Once you get your Assistant you can now complete their one-time quests to get rewards. This is what we want:

ragnarok mobile eternal love big cat voucher feast ticket assistant

1. Haircut Change Quest (10 Vouchers)

This is the easiest to do. Just go to the Barber Shop in town and change your hairstyle for 10,000 zeny.

ragnarok mobile eternal love barber shop npc big cat voucher feast

ragnarok mobile eternal love haircut npc barber shop

2. Smile Assistant Quest (10 Vouchers)

Second easiest to do but it might cost you zeny or lots of time if you want to farm materials manually. You just need to craft five (5) headgears and that’s it! Free 10 Big Cat Feast vouchers.

ragnarok mobile eternal love headgear npc craft big cat voucher

3. Reach 60 Assistant Intimacy everyday (1 Voucher per day)

Finally, just reach 60 Intimacy per day to get 1 voucher. It’s also very simple to do but will take 10 more days to complete your 30 Big Cat Feast vouchers and claim your Gacha item.

You should be able to get 60 Intimacy easily every day. Just do daily tasks like Mission Boards, Monster Resistance, Time Rift, listening to music, Pet Adventure, eating food, donating to Guild, etc.

assitant ragnarok rewards

4. Event Giveaways

Another source of Big Cat Voucher Feasts are from giveaways during events!

For example, during the Big Cat Celebration event in January, you can get a total of 60 Voucher Feasts.

Big Cat Celebration Voucher shop event


So that’s how to get 30 Big Cat Feast Vouchers in no time!

So in general, just keep doing the Assistant intimacy daily quest to get 1 orange Voucher per day. That’s a guaranteed 1 Gachapon roll every month!

Important Tip: If you don’t like the costumes for the current event, you can just save it up for the next one! I’ve hoarded a lot of Voucher Feasts since I didn’t really like the previous ones, now I have more Gacha tries for the EVA costumes !

fantasy generator costume gacha ragnarok eternal love

Hopefully you get lucky with your Gacha costume—comment down below what item you received! And don’t worry if you got a trash item, there’ll be more costume events in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love soon, so just keep collecting those orange vouchers.

Happy grinding!

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