[EP1-4] How to Catch a Pet with 100% Success Rate in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

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Pets are very essential in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love to level up fast , earn lots of zeny , or farm materials. This guide will teach you how to catch a pet with 100% success rate.

You should get a few pets as soon as you can as they will help you fight in battle, go on a Pet Adventure to get rare loots , or work at a Pet Labor workplace and give you free EXP potions !


  1. Get several Taming items. Each pet requires a certain number to get 100% success rate
  2. Find a good uncrowded spot
  3. Disable your auto-attack
  4. Target the monster and use the Taming item. Feed it several times (based on #1) until Yellow Hearts appear
  5. Catch it!

1. Buy taming items

First, you need to get taming items for the pet you want to catch. You can check the taming items for each pet in your Adventure Handbook. Click the pet you want and click “Buy Captured Items” and you’ll see an option to buy the taming item on the Exchange.

catch lunatic pet adventure handbook ragnarok mobile

You can also buy from the Pet NPC near the music player in South Prontera using “Colorful Shells”—a rare item which you can obtain as rewards from Pet Adventure. But it’s better to just buy the taming items from Exchange.

How to catch at 100% Success Rate

To catch a pet at 100% success rate, you need to feed it a certain number of times. This number varies per pet. If you catch a pet with just one taming item, there is a chance to fail. The more taming items you give = higher success rate. These are the required number of taming items per pet to get 100% catch rate:

Pet Taming Item How many to feed for 100% catch rate Location
poring Poring green apple Green Apple 3 Prontera South Field
Prontera North Field
lunatic Lunatic rainbow carrot Rainbow Carrot 3 Prontera South Field
yoyo Yoyo tropical banana Tropical Banana 4 Prontera West Field
baby desert wolf Baby Desert Wolf well-dried bone Well-Dried Bone 4 Morocc
savage babe Savage Babe sweet milk Sweet Milk 3 Payon
mandragon seed Mandragon Seed nutrition potion Nutrition Potion 5 Lost Forest
petite Petite shining stone Shining Stone 6 Glast Heim Outskirt
isis Isis armlet of obedience Armlet of Obedience 6 Pyramid  1F
deviruchi Deviruchi contract in shadow Contract in Shadow 6 Geffen Dungeon
Underground Geffen 2F
Glast Heim Chivalry
sohee Sohee silver knife of chastity Silver Knife of Chastity 7 Payon Cave 2F-3F
baphomet jr Baphomet Jr. book of the devil Book of the Devil 7 Glast Heim Hall
Glast Heim Wing
Black Witch monster pet Little Witch Worn Out Gorgeous Clip taming item for Little Witch Worn Out Gorgeous Clip 7 Clock Tower 1F
Cruiser monster pet Cruiser Toy Gun taming item for Cruiser Toy Gun 6 Toy Factory 1F
Teddy Bear monster pet 1 Teddy Bear Gift Box taming item for Teddy Bear Gift Box 6 Toy Factory 1F

So make sure to carry the specified amount before you go and attempt the catch if you want to catch it successfully right away.

2. Find the pet you want to catch

Go to the location of the pet you want to catch and find a spot, preferably where there are few people.

3. Disable Auto-Attack

Turn off (uncheck) Auto Attack skill in the Adventure Skills tab to prevent killing the pet you want to catch.

catch pet auto attack ragnarok mobile eternal love

4. Add the taming item to your item hotkey

Open your bag and click the “<” arrow in the bottom right then drag the taming item to any slot.

catch pet lunatic rainbow carrot item hotkey ragnarok mobile

5. Feed the pet with the taming items

Target the pet by clicking on it. You should see the monster’s icon in the upper left area.

Use the taming item in your item hotkey. This will consume 1 piece of the taming item. A pink light streak will show between you and the pet. The “ Catch / Present ” popup in the bottom right will show.

catch pet ragnarok mobile present rainbow carrot lunatic

Click Present will feed the pet another piece of the taming item, and the catch success rate will improve indicated by the appearance of hearts:

  • Red hearts — low chance
  • Red hearts and yellow circles — medium chance
  • Yellow hearts, no red hearts — 100% chance!

Feed it again and again until all red hearts disappear and yellow hearts show up. Refer to the correct number of taming items to feed in #1 above.

Once all hearts turn yellow, this indicates that you will catch the pet successfully. Press Catch . The slot machine will play and you’ll get your new pet!

6. Name your pet!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully caught a new pet. Name your pet and give him a pat by pressing its icon in the upper left and clicking on “Pet.” Now you just need to level it up and increase its Intimacy levels.

catch pet lunatic name ragnarok mobile eternal love


Pets are one of the best investments you can make early in the game. You will soon be able to recover the zeny you used to buy the taming items, or level up very fast with EXP potions!

It’s now time to send your Pets to work. Check out the following guides to learn more:

Happy grinding!

48 thoughts on “ [EP1-4] How to Catch a Pet with 100% Success Rate in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

  1. Hey there! Earlier, I tried catching an Earth Petite, and I was only able to use 5 Shining Stones to catch it. When I tried using my 6th stone, there’s a dialog that wouldn’t let me, saying something like it will confuse the monster. You only need 5 stones to tame the dragon.

    1. The list here is the maximum number of pet material needed to get 100%. I think when you are lucky you won’t need the maximum number of materials, it just means that the percentage you rolled when giving the material was high enough that you do not need 6, just 5.

      1. No. What I meant was the maximum number of Shining Stones that may be used to the Petite is 5. I had 6 stones in my bag and I tried feeding them all to the monster, but it only accepted 5 pieces.

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  3. So I captured this Poring, but he’s saying that I don’t care about him and that he’s gonna run away because he is starving. How do I feed him? I didn’t find any option or tool to do so. Do I need another green apple for that?

    1. Hey mate, you could feed them either by buying the taming item you have used to capture the pet (in this case, you’ve used a green apple for poring) or by feeding them things you have cooked. If you have not unlocked cooking yet, i highly suggest you do as this will help you a lot. Do not worry though, even if you dont feed them, they wont leave you. The reason we need to feed and pet them is to raise their intimacy. This gives benefit such as you can make them work (pet labor – intimacy must be level 5) or some pet adventures that require a specific intimacy level. Bonus: If you’ve reached intimacy level 10 with a pet, you can change its appearance.

    2. Don’t worry, pets can’t run away in this game. You can get green apples from the pet merchant, or from the exchange. But in this game, pets don’t run away like in the classic RO.

    1. They give out different bonuses. e.g. if you want to be a crit type, you could opt for Baphomet Jr or Mandragon seed/ Attack speed bonus is from the pet Yoyo, etc. Also, for pet adventure, there are locations that give more chests when you fulfill the required criteria.

    1. The number in the table is the total amount of pet items you’ll need to capture with 100% chance. In Petite’s case, 5 to give as present then 1 more to capture.

  4. so please, tell me a thing, till now this site worked for me, 4 for yoyo and desert, but savaga is really 3? as they’re in the same tier? and its normal savage that turns into a baby when caught? didn’ see a savage baby :O

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    1. it’s in morroc town or right outside left or middle left but only spawns once every 20 min and dies in one hit i think. you can keep changing channels til u find one but it’s not that rare but auto attack people usually kill it almost instantly

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  7. Here are the number of taming items I used in catching monsters for pets:

    Poring: 1 Green Apple (since this is the first pet that can be caught upon reaching base level 30)
    Lunatic: 3 Rainbow Carrots (2 for present + 1 for catch)
    Yoyo: 4 Tropical Bananas (3 for present + 1 for catch)
    Desert Wolf Baby: 4 Well-Dried Bones (3 for present + 1 for catch)
    Savage Babe: 4 Sweet Milk (3 for present + 1 for catch)
    Mandragora Seed: 4 Nutrition Potions (3 for present + 1 for catch)
    Green Petite: 4 Shining Stones (3 for present + 1 for catch)
    Isis: 4 Armlets of Obedience (3 for present + 1 for catch)
    Deviruchi: 4 Contracts in Shadow (3 for present + 1 for catch)
    Sohee: 4 Silver Knives of Chastity (3 for present + 1 for catch)
    Baphomet Jr.: 6 Books of the Devil (5 for present + 1 for catch)

    I have done this twice, and somehow had a perfect catch rate. You can try this to see for yourself.

    1. so there’s a chance it could fail. i use only 1 taming item in every pet i have. sohee, orc warrior, osiris. i never fail

    2. what I’m doing just attack the monster until it get less than 10% of his life then capture it with 1 taming item then wooolllaaa it’s captured

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