How to Change Channel in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

channel teleporter npc in izlude lets you change channel

You might be wondering why you cannot meet up and play with your friends in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. The reason is because you have to be on the same channel. Although players are on the same server (e.g. SEA server), players are divided into different channels to prevent overloading the server.

Here’s how to change your channel server in the game via an NPC in Izlude.

1. Go to Izlude town

prontera south gate map to go to izlude

First, teleport to Izlude through Kafra Teleport Service. If you just started out and don’t know where Izlude is, just walk one South, one East from Prontera.

2. Talk to the Change Channel NPC (Channel Teleporter)

Once you’re in Izlude, talk to the Channel Teleporter NPC in the upper part of town.

change channel npc in izlude

3. Enter your desired channel number

Click the Enter Line # button and type in the number of the Channel you want to switch to.

change channel window

Changing channels will cost you 99 Zeny each time. But the Channel Teleporter NPC will let you change channels for free on your first change.

You can check your current Channel in the top right corner of the screen. For example I’m currently in PH54 or Channel 54 of the Philippines region.

your current channel number in the top right corner

Unfortunately there is no easier way to switch channels and you have to do this everytime you want to change channels to meet your friends.

MVP/Mini Boss Penalty

An important thing to note when switching channels is that you get a 2 hour penalty on MVPs and Mini Bosses: you can’t deal damage to them for 2 hours after you change a channel.

So keep this in mind especially when you’re hunting on MVPs and Mini Bosses!


After changing channels the game will load a bit and your channel number will update on the top-right. You can now party up with your friends and start grinding!

Listening to the music player in South Prontera to replenish on Stamina

Here’s another tip: If you want to replenish on Stamina quickly, switch to Channel 1 as it has the most number of players listening to music. The music player will usually have more than 20 tracks in the queue!

Happy grinding!

7 thoughts on “ How to Change Channel in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

  1. I’ve been assigned to EU server but wanna go to NA server as I am from north america.
    Anyone know how to change from one to the other?

  2. I am playing from Philippines and I want to change my Server to NA to play with my siblings but when I go to the channel Teleporter there is no Option for NA server.. Can anyone help me how to change Server from PH to Na.. Thank you in advance..

    1. Michael Josef, there are actually different apps. The one you downloaded is most likely the South East Asia (SEA) version, you gotta get the Global one. Most likely you have to download from the app store of a different country.

  3. Is there any level limit to change channel? What will happen with my guild if I do change channels for farming?

    I’m level 61, all usual mobs are always crowded as hell, and I’d like to switch channels just for farming and then come back with my mates.


    1. No level limit, nothing happens to your guild, your still part of the guild. The guild channel won’t change and stays wherever channel it was created.

  4. I’m a newbie here and have no idea about my server is (OC6). Is there a way to transfer to PH server? I can only see “NA, BR,LA, OC,IN” on the option button.
    Many thanks!

  5. What means ROM ERTERNAL LOVE..the server i play now is erternal love…but my friend is ROM erternal love….and i cant change the channel from EN to BR…is mean we are no same?

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