How to Summon the Greedy Shop in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

greedy shop npc location toy factory 1f ragnarok mobile

What if I told you that you can turn your 20,000 Zeny into 250k, 500k, or even 1 million? Yes you can, thanks to the Greedy Shop!

The Greedy Shop is an NPC in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that sells valuable items for a very cheap price. You can sell these rare items on the Exchange to make lots of zeny, use them for quests, crafting or Guild Donations.

Here’s the catch: you have to summon him first and find him as he spawns in a random location! This guide will teach you how to summon and find the Greedy Shop NPC in Toy Factory 1F and how to purchase his items.

What is the Greedy Shop?

Here’s a quick overveiw on the Greedy Shop NPC:

  • The Greedy Shop is an NPC that sells rare items (ex. Biotite, Rose Quartz, Parts)
  • You can buy these items for a very cheap price: a few thousand Zennies only and few pcs. of Edelweiss
  • You can spawn the Greedy Shop by killing 10 Myst Cases
  • Once spawned, he will appear in a random spot in Toy Factory 1F for 2 hours
  • After 2 hours he will disappear and you can spawn him again by killing another 10 Myst Cases
  • Other players in the same channel can see and buy from the Greedy Shop

What items does Greedy Shop NPC sell?

Why bother to summon and find the Greedy Shop? Well, here are some of the valuable items that Greedy Shop randomly sells. Each of these items costs 50 Edelweiss and 20,000 Zeny in the Greedy Shop.

Item Exchange Price (as of Nov 2018)
Biotite 1,200,000 Zeny
Key of Clock Tower 500,000 Zeny
Rose Quartz 450,000 Zeny
Crystal Mirror 300,000 Zeny
Bell 350,000 Zeny
Ice Powder 250,000 Zeny
Dragon Scale 250,000 Zeny
Fang of Haiti 250,000 Zeny
Star Crumb 250,000 Zeny

As you can see, you can purchase rare, expensive items from the Greedy Shop NPC for a very low price and a few Edelweiss (more on that later).

The Greedy Shop will sell three (3) random items which reset everyday. You can only buy a limited quantity of an item per day depending on how much they cost:

  • 50 Edelweiss — 1x per day
  • 10 Edelweiss — 5x per day
  • 2 Edelweiss — 20x per day


How to Summon the Greedy Shop

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to summon the Greedy Shop.

1. Go to Toy Factory 1F

First, go to Aldebaran (top portal of North Prontera). Talk to Santa Claus in the upper left corner in town. He will warp you to Gingerbread City, a.k.a. Lutie in the old Ragnarok games, the Christmas-themed town.

santa claus npc in aldebaran teleports you to gingerbread city

Once in Gingerbread City/Lutie go to the topmost warp portal to enter the Toy Factory 1F map. Make sure to talk to Ariel to save a warp location in Toy Factory 1F.

how to go to toy factory 1f ragnarok mobile

2. Kill “Dark” Myst Cases in the lower left corner

myst case in bottom left area of toy factory 1f to summon greedy shop

Once in Toy Factory, go to the lower left corner of the map and kill 10 small Myst Cases with a dark aura. They will look different from the normal Myst Cases. If others have already killed some of them, just kill the remaining ones. Once all 10 Dark Myst Cases are killed, a message will popup on the left saying “Greedy Toy Dealer showed up somewhere…”.

If you can’t find any Dark Myst Cases at all, someone might have already killed them all and the Greedy Shop is now spawned somewhere in the map.

3. Find the Greedy Shop NPC

Once the Greedy Shop NPC is summoned, he will appear in a random location in Toy Factory 1F and will disappear after 2 hours. It’s now time to find him!

Obviously a lot of Fly Wings and movespeed buffs will speed up your hunting. Here he is next to an angry, fuzzy Zipper Bear.

greedy shop npc in toy factory 1f

Alternatively you can look up on online communities like FB Groups or Discord. Some players are kind enough to share Greedy Shop locations and on which Channel. Just try searching for “Greedy Shop location” or something.

Talk to the Greedy Shop NPC to see what he’s selling. His items will cost only around a few thousand zennies and several pieces of Edelweiss.

greedy shop npc sells rare items using edelweiss and zeny

The remaining question now is: where to obtain Edelweiss?


How to obtain Edelweiss

You will need a lot of Edelweiss to purchase items from the Greedy Shop and there are two ways to obtain them.

Toy Factory Monster Drops

edelweiss snowflake item are used to purchase from greedy shop

You can get Edelweiss as monster drops from mobs in Toy Factory 1F. According to ROGuard, these monsters in Toy Factory drop Edelweiss:

  • Toy Factory 1F
    • Cookie
    • Myst Case
    • Cruiser
    • Zipper Bear
  • Toy Factory 2F
    • Christmas Cookie

Premium Card

You’ll also obtain 1000 pieces of Edelweiss when you purchase the Ep 3.0 Premium Card.

get free edelweiss reward from ep 3 premium card



The Greedy Shop is similar to the Lucky Shop where you can buy rare, valuable items for a very cheap price. You can then sell these items in the Exchange to make a lot of money, or use them for quests, crafting materials or for Guild Donations.

Have you tried summoning or shopping from the Greedy Shop NPC? Comment down below what items you got!

14 thoughts on “How to Summon the Greedy Shop in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

  1. You didnt include the adviseable level to search the shop. I tried. Im lvl 67 and field to buy 1. All monsters there area lvl 100. I dnt have proper armor yet but i dont think someone can buy their without getting killed buy the monster.

  2. You didnt include the advisable level to search the shop. I tried. Im lvl 67 and failed to buy 1. All monsters there area lvl 100 abov3e. I dnt have proper armor yet but i dont think someone can buy their without getting killed buy the monster with the same item i have.

    1. Don’t be too greedy.. wait until you are level 80s, then farm the edelweiss yourself. They are lvl 100, but they are not that strong.. If you are scared, you can just hunt them near Ariel the healer.

      so in conclusion, git gud hahahaha

  3. Mentions groups that share greedy shop location. Doesn’t provide any actual groups we can join. Bravo!

    1. Lol xD I don’t think it’s too difficult to type “Greedy Shop location” on the Facebook search bar. 😅

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