How to Get Stamina Fast in Ragnarok X: Next Generation

How to Get More Stamina in Ragnarok X Next Generation Life Skills

In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, your character needs to consume a resource called Stamina to perform certain activities in the game.

Luckily, unlike other Ragnarok games, Stamina is not used for hunting monsters and leveling up. However, you’ll still need a lot of Stamina to do “life skills.”

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to easily gain Stamina in Ragnarok X!

Why do you need Stamina?

As mentioned, Stamina is only consumed to perform life skills, not when grinding mobs.Some of these activities include fishing, gardening, mining ores, cooking foods for buffs, crafting items, catching pets, smelting materials, or upgrading your equipment.

As you may already see, these life skills which require Stamina are equally as important as grinding mobs!

But how can you actually earn Stamina?


How to get more Stamina in Ragnarok X

Here are three tips to gain Stamina in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

1. Use Odin’s Blessing

Odin’s Blessing is a special buff that gives you 5x the Zeny, Experience, and drop rates from grinding. Odin’s Blessing points are consumed when killing monsters.

Whenever you turn on your Odin’s Blessing, you will earn 1 Stamina point for each point of Odin’s Blessing consumed.

Keep in mind that although they are very similar, Odin’s Blessing and Stamina points are different: Odin’s Blessing is only consumed when hunting monsters, while Stamina is for life skills.

Also, make sure to only hunt monsters that are within 6 levels below or above your current level, otherwise Odin’s Blessing will not work and you will gain lesser EXP.

2. Hunt Medium or Large Monsters

Another tip to earn Stamina faster is by hunting Medium or Large sized monsters.

Why? Because hunting Medium and Large monsters will consume more Odin’s Blessing points, which means it will also give you more Stamina!

  • Small monsters — 1 Odin’s Blessing = 1 Stamina
  • Medium monsters — 2 Odin’s Blessing = 3 Stamina
  • Large monsters — 3 Odin’s Blessing = 3 Stamina

3. Join the Tavern Minigame

The second method to get Stamina in Ragnarok X is by doing the Tavern arm-wrestling Minigame in the Carnival.

Get Stamina in the Tavern Minigame Ragnarok X Next Generation

If you win a match, you will be rewarded with 1 Stamina Potion, which gives you 60 Stamina if you consume it.

You can get up to 2 Stamina Potions every day, but VIP players can get up to 3.

4. Consume Stamina first before using Odin’s Blessing

For our last tip, make sure to always consume your Stamina first before auto-battling while using Odin’s Blessing.

If your Stamina bar is full and you go monaster grinding with Odin’s Blessing, the Stamina you would have gained will just go to waste!



What’s unique about Ragnarok X: Next Generation is that you don’t really need Stamina to keep hunting mobs—in fact you can do it 24/7!

However, you will still need a lot of these Stamina points in order to do essential activities that will benefit your character in the long run!

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