Adventurer Leveling Guide: How to Rank Up Fast

How to earn Adventurer Levels fast and rank up Adventurer Handbook easily

This guide will teach you simple, efficient methods on how to level up your Adventurer Level and rank up your Adventurer Class as fast as possible.

Leveling up your Adventurer Handbook level and Rank lets you unlock a lot of useful Adventurer Skills essential for leveling and farming especially at higher base levels.


(Full Guide on Adventurer Level and Rank: Adventurer Rank Guide )

You need to reach certain Adventurer Levels to rank up your Adventurer Class. To level up your Adventurer Level, you need to gain Adventurer EXP. Lots of it.

In general, doing pretty much any activity in the game will earn you Adventurer EXP. However, in this guide we’ll focus on how to efficiently earn Adventurer EXP efficiently so you can rank up as fast as possible.

Here’s how to level up your Adventurer Level and rank up fast.

1. Meet & Talk to New NPCs

Meeting and talking to new NPCs will earn you around 25–40 Adventurer EXP. This is one of the easiest methods for gaining Adventurer EXP as it only involves walking around town and talking to NPCs.

Unlock NPCs in Adventurer Handbook by talking to them

Just refer to the NPCs tab in your Adventurer Handbook to check which NPCs you haven’t talked to yet and which map they are located.

Additional benefits: As a bonus, you’ll also get a few Eden Coins per NPC!

2. Cooking new recipes

Cooking new recipes is one of the easiest and fastest source of Adventurer EXP. You’ll only need zeny to buy ingredients and a recipe list guide .

Using the recipe list guide, try to cook all recipes you haven’t unlocked yet one by one, starting from the lower-starred recipes to the higher-starred ones.

Cooking recipes unlocked in Adventure Handbook

Failed attempts especially on high-star foods will still unlock the recipe and therefore give you Adventure EXP. The goal is just to cook and unlock every single recipe in your Adventurer Handbook.

The only limitation will be the rare ingredients. As mentioned in our Ultimate Cooking Guide, since you can only buy a limited amount of rare ingredients and Chef’s Eagle Eyes per day, you should always buy ALL ingredients from the Rare Ingredients Shop and all available Chef’s Eagle Eyes every single day, even when you’re not planning on using them yet.

Rare Ingredients Shop NPC Cooking Center purchase limit

If you’ve followed this tip from our guides and stockpiled a lot of Rare Ingredients for the rainy day—well, this is the perfect time to use them!

Additional benefits: Cooking will also increase your Cookbook Level and Cook Mastery.

Important Tip: Watch out for your Cooking Level EXP! Once you max your Cook Level EXP, you won’t gain any Cooking EXP until you level up with the Cooking Level NPC in the Cooking Center.

Efficiency Tip: While you’re at it, you can also cook 90 pieces for each recipe. This will let you reach Level 10 Cook Mastery for the recipe, which gives you permanent stat bonuses. (More info about this on our Ultimate Cooking Guide !)

3. Take photos of sceneries and hidden locations

Adventurer Level Up by taking photos of scenery in Adventurer Handbook 2

Taking photos of sceneries will probably give you most of the Adventurer Levels you need to rank up, as each location photo will give hundreds of Adventurer EXP.

Take a walk on all maps and towns and check for camera icons with an exclamation mark on the map. This indicates a photo scenery, which you can take a photo of to earn Adventurer EXP.

Camera icon with exclamation marks in map indicates photo scenery

Talk to “Photo” NPCs

Also, make sure to talk to NPCs with the green “Photo” icon on their head. They will help you unlock more camera spots and add a new camera mark on the map.

Talk to NPC with Photo icon they will unlock new photo scenery

Talk to Photo NPCs to discover new spots and sceneries

Hidden Locations

In addition, there are Hidden Scenery Locations too which are not marked on the map and cannot be unlocked by the Photo NPCs. You just have to manually walk to these secret spots and use your camera. You’ll still see the green camera icon once you try to aim the camera at it. I recommend this Hidden Scenery Guide for reference.

Here’s an example of a hidden scenery in Labyrinth Forest. You won’t see the camera icon with “!” on the map, but you’ll see the green camera icon once aiming the camera at the stone.

Take photos of hidden sceneries green camera icon for Adventurer exp and levels

Important Tip: You should make it a habit to take a photo of new sceneries each time you enter a new map. It might be a tedious task to do, but you will thank yourself in the future!

4. Kill and take photos of new monsters

Another easy method to gain Adventurer EXP is by killing and taking selfies of new monsters. You’ll get separate Adventure EXP for killing once and taking a photo once, so make sure to do both for each new monster.

Unlock monsters kill and take photo of new mobs in Adventurer Handbook

You can refer to your Adventure Handbook to check which monsters you haven’t unlocked yet, as well as their locations.

Start with the easy, low-leveled monsters first and try to unlock every single one in your Handbook. Higher level mobs will give more Adventurer EXP. You can zoom out your camera to fit multiple monsters in the frame.

Take selfies of new monsters to earn lots of Adventurer exp and levels

Going on the Endless Tower is also a great way to kill and take photos of new mobs and bosses. (Related: Endless Tower Guide )

Important Tip: Similar to taking photos of sceneries, you should always try to kill and take a photo each time you encounter a new monster.

Additional benefits: Taking photos of monsters will let you check the more details of that monster in your Handbook such as its stats and loot drops.

Other methods

Talking to NPCs, cooking food, and taking photos are the best methods to level up your Adventurer Level and rank up fast without consuming too much time and zeny.

Here are the other methods that are either relatively more difficult, takes a lot of time, or costs a lot of zeny:

  • Crafting new headgears
  • Catch new Pets
  • Obtain new cards
  • Reaching milestones such as:
    • Reaching Level N
    • Playing music N times
    • Killing an MVP
    • Joining a Guild
    • Catching N Pets
    • Entering new towns and maps
    • many more…

As usual, everything is in the Adventurer Handbook! Pretty much anything you unlock in the Handbook will give you Adventurer EXP. Just take your time to explore all tabs and sections in the Handbook.

Adventurer Handbook Personal Resume game achievements and milestones

There’s a LOT of content to unlock in this game and even more are coming in future episodes!

Good luck!

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