Ultimate Guide to Cooking Gourmet Food in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Pizza NPC in Cuisine Association Cooking Center to unlock Cooking

Cooking and eating Gourmet foods in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love will give you huge stat bonuses and buffs for a period of time.

It’s a cheap and easy way to improve your farming & leveling efficiency and I highly recommend that you unlock it and start cooking as soon as you can .

In this guide we’ll talk about the benefits of cooking and eating gourmet foods in Ragnarok M, how to level up your cooking & taste levels and how they all work.

It can get a little intimidating and complicated at first but we’re here to help you become a professional chef in no time!


Here’s a quick summary on the mechanics of cooking and eating gourmet foods:

  • Eating cooked foods gives you additional stats and HP/SP discharge for a very cheap price
  • Cooking increases your character’s Cook Level
    • Higher Cook Level = better Cooking success rates
  • Eating increases your character’s Taste Level
    • Higher Taste Level = higher food stack limit (e.g. can stack 6 foods at a time)
  • Cooking a recipe increases that recipe’s Cook Mastery
  • Eating a recipe increases that recipe’s Taste Mastery
  • Reaching Cook & Taste Mastery Lv. 10 for a certain dish gives permanent bonus stats
  • You can unlock cooking by talking to Pizza in Cuisine Association and finishing the quest
  • You can buy ingredients from the Material Shop and Primary & Rare Ingredients Shop
    • There’s a daily limit to Rare Ingredients so always buy ALL his ingredients even if you’re not using them yet!

Use this Recipe list as a guide for cooking!

Benefits of Cooking and Eating Gourmet Foods

1. Bonus Stats and Buffs

Eating cooked foods (a.k.a. Gourmet foods) gives you great bonus stats for several minutes/hours, such as additional Atk, max HP, bonus damage to Bosses, ignore defense buffs, or increased damage against Players.

Here’s an actual example of stats & buffs given by Prontera Royal Salad, a 4.5 star dish:

  • Max HP +500, Max SP +50
  • MDef +38
  • Cast Delay -2.25%
  • Won’t die when receiving a death blow. 1 HP will be kept. Be invincible in the next 2 seconds. The effect CD is 15 seconds, and can be triggered up to twice.

Pretty cool, huh! Also, you can even eat multiple foods at a time and their effects will stack. You can increase the stack limit by leveling up your Taste level (more on this later).

msg bbq gourmet food cuisine bonuses

2. HP/SP Discharge

Foods also give HP/SP discharge, which automatically replenishes your HP/SP whenever it reaches a certain percentage. The higher the stars of a dish, the more HP/SP discharge it gives.

3. Permanent Stat Bonuses

Maxing a recipe’s Cook and Taste Mastery unlocks permanent stat bonuses as seen in the Adventure Handbook. (More on this below.) These bonuses apply to all characters in your account—soon your Novice alt can solo-kill Smokies!

Maxing a recipe Cook and Taste Mastery unlocks permanent stat bonuses in Adventure Handbook

4. Adventure EXP

You’ll also get Adventure EXP points when cooking and unlocking new recipes. Since there’s dozens of different recipes to unlock, cooking is a great method to increase your Adventure Levels.

Cooking Level (a.k.a. Cookbook Level)

Cooking certification level in Adventure Handbook

Cooking foods will gain you Cooking Level experience points.

You can check your Cook Level in the Cooking section (Chef Hat icon) of your Adventure Handbook. It’s also the same level as your Cookbook Lv.

Leveling up your Cooking level has two benefits:

  1. Increases your cooking success rates
  2. Get more recipes and bag slots

You can check these bonuses in the bottom of Cooking Cert section.

Cooking certification level unlock in Adventure Handbook

How to Upgrade Cooking Level

To upgrade your Cookbook Level, just cook lots of different recipes! A great way is to refer to a cooking recipe list and cook all dishes one by one. We made a full list of all cooking recipes and their required ingredients and cooking stations here !

When trying to increase your cooking level,  you can also repeatedly cook recipes that are not yet at Cook Mastery Lv 10, so that you also level the Cook Mastery of those recipes at the same time, hitting two birds with one stone. (More on Cook Mastery below.)

Cooking recipes with more stars will give more Cook Level experience, but they are more difficult due to low success rates.

Once you max out your Cook Level experience, talk to Tag Hulett NPC in Cooking Center hall to level up your Cook Level. It will cost a few thousand zeny.

Level up your Cook level through Tag Hulett NPC in Cooking Hall Cuisine Association

Make sure to always upgrade your Cook Level as soon as you max it out so you don’t waste Cook Level EXP!

Taste Level (a.k.a. Gourmet Level)

Eating cooked foods will gain you Taste Level experience points. You can check your Taste Level in the Handbook.

Taste gourmet certification level in Adventure Handbook

Leveling up your Taste level will increase your Food Buff stack limit.

You can stack up to a maximum of 6 Foods at max Taste Level.

How to Upgrade Taste Level

Eating cuisines with more stars will give more Taste level experience.

Once you max out your Taste Level experience, talk to Aiya Nord NPC in the Cooking hall to level up your Cook Level.

Level up your Taste Gourmet level through Aiya Nord NPC in Cooking Hall Cuisine Association

Make sure to always upgrade your Taste Level as soon as you max it out so you don’t waste Taste Level EXP!

Cooking and Taste Mastery (per Recipe)

Not to be confused with the general Cooking & Taste Levels, each single food/recipe will have a Cooking & Taste Mastery Level .

  • Cook/Taste Level = per character
  • Cook/Taste Mastery = per recipe/cuisine

You can check the Cook & Taste Mastery Levels of each recipe by clicking on the recipe in your Handbook.

Recipe Cook and Taste Mastery Levels in Adventure Handbook

Benefits of Food Cook & Taste Mastery

Once you reach Level 10 Mastery for a certain recipe, that cuisine will give permanent buffs to your all characters in your account , similar to card/headgear deposits in the Handbook. It will give a huge advantage for your low-leveled alternate characters. Try to max your the Cook and Taste Mastery for as many recipes as you can.

You can check the bonus buffs in the [Unlock Mastery] section of the recipe in your Handbook. Cook Mastery Lv 10 and Taste Mastery Lv 10 both give separate bonuses.

Recipe Cook and Taste Mastery Unlock stats in Adventure Handbook

How to Level up Food Cook & Taste Mastery Level

Cooking a recipe will gain you Cook Mastery points for that cuisine, while eating foods will gain you Taste Mastery points for that recipe.

Both Mastery Levels will level up as soon as they reach 100 points.

How to Unlock Cooking

Talk to Pizza to start the quest to unlock cooking

Once you’re in Adventurer Rank F, you can unlock Cooking by talking to Pizza in the Cuisine Association (Cooking Center Hall). The quest is really short, and you’ll receive a Cookbook once you finish the quest. This item is used to start cooking.

Check out the full guide here: How to Unlock Cooking

How to Gather Ingredients

Before you can start to cook, obviously you’ll need ingredients!

As taught in the cooking unlock quest, you can consume Chef’s Eagle Eyes while killing monsters for a chance to get monster ingredients. You can buy Chef’s Eagle Eyes from the Material Shop NPC in the Cooking Hall.

The other easier method is by purchasing from the Material Shop, Primary Ingredients, and Rare Ingredients Shop NPCs, all located in the Cooking Hall for your convenience.

Rare Ingredients and Primary Ingredients Shop NPCs in Cooking Center Hall Cuisine Association

You can buy ingredients from the Material Shop and Primary Ingredients as many as you want, anytime.

For the Rare Ingredients Shop however, you can only buy a certain amount of ingredients per day. Also, he sells a different random set of ingredients per day, similar to the Lucky Shop.

Rare Ingredients Shop NPC Cooking Center purchase limit

Important Tip: Always buy ALL the ingredients in the Rare Ingredients Shop everyday , even when you’re not yet planning on using them. They won’t cost much and it will greatly help you have sufficient cooking materials in the future.

How to Cook

To start cooking, open your Cookbook from your inventory.

Here’s how the Cooking interface looks like. You’ll see two buttons on the left for manual cooking and for auto-cooking recipes you already unlocked.

Cookbook cooking tabs, ingredients tab and recipes tab

Manual Cooking

The first cooking interface is for manual cooking by selecting which cooking station/cookware and ingredients to use. This is useful for cooking new recipes you haven’t unlocked yet.

First, select a cooking station by clicking the basket (?) icon. It’ll show four choices, from left to right:

  1. Luxury Worktop — for cooking fried meat, steak, salad and kebabs
  2. BBQ Grill — for cooking kebabs and barbecue recipes
  3. Pressure Cooker (Steaming/Boiling Pot) — for cooking soup and broth recipes
  4. Beverage Stall/Dessert Station — used to make desserts, sashimi and beverages

Select cooking station and ingredients

After you’ve selected the cooking station, add ingredients by clicking on the icons at the bottom. The resulting recipes and their corresponding success rates will show on the right side. You’ll get all the recipes listed here after cooking. If a recipe fails, you’ll get a Dark Cuisine.

A “?????” recipe means you it’s a new recipe and you’ll unlock it after cooking.

Click the ingredients below to cook

Instantly Cook Unlocked Recipes

The second interface is for cooking recipes you already know.

It will show you the list of recipes you’ve already unlocked. Select a recipe and enter the amount you want to cook, and you’ll instantly cook that recipe. Just make sure you have the right ingredients in your inventory.

Select existing recipes to cook

Cooking Recipes

There are dozens upon dozens of recipes to cook and unlock in this game.

Each recipe requires a different combination of ingredients and cookware, and each gives a different set of bonus stats.

For the complete list of recipes and ingredients, you can refer to the following links:

(Credits to whoever made those spreadsheets! /no1)


Cooking is a very easy and relaxing activity to do in Ragnarok Mobile. It’s also a great pastime for when you already ran out of Stamina, or just want to take a break from battling monsters and chill for a bit. Whichever it is, just make sure to invest time on cooking as soon as you can, as it will give you a huge boost in your grinding efficiency.

What are your favorite recipes to cook and what are your strategies to level up your Cooking and Taste levels quickly? Comment them down below!

Happy grinding and cooking!

4 thoughts on “ Ultimate Guide to Cooking Gourmet Food in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

  1. Awesome guide, wish i saw it sooner, will definitely be cooking lots after this…
    I have a question though. In your topic on how to upgrade cooking level, you mentioned it is better to cook stuff that are not at matey level 10 so as not to waste cooking mastery points… I don’t understand that part

  2. Hi. Thank you for this. My cookbook has several items missing and this would be helpful. However, finding the missing recipes is a pain given that the translation on your spreadsheet are quite off? I’m from SEA server and the name of dishes are different.

  3. When leveling cooking recipes the amount of levels you gain depend on your current level. If you start at lvl 0 of, say Rookie Meat Steak, you’ll need to cook exactly 50 (in a single batch) of them to get to level 10.

    However, if you’ve cooked one of them before and therefore have Rookie Meat Steak’s recipe at level 1, then you’ll need to cook more than 50 of them to reach level 10.. I dunno exactly how many more, though.. haven’t experimented with it that much.

    1. you need to cook 10 of them to gain 1 level of cooking of that recipe.
      same as taste level of that recipe.

      in short, need to cook 100 Rookie Meat Steak then eat 100 of them, to max the cooking lvl10 and taste lvl10 for Rookie Meat Steak.

      Q. in Ep5, eagle eye is disabled. Where can we get the ingredients besides from Pet Adventure and buying at Cooking Academy?

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