How to Get Big Cat Voucher 1 (Blue Vouchers for Headgear Capsule)

blue big cat voucher 1 and fantasy generator 1 headgear capsule

These blue vouchers called Big Cat Voucher 1 are used to claim a random Gacha (Gashapon) headgear from Fantasy Generator I (Headwear Capsule) in Prontera. You will need 30 of these blue tickets in order to roll the Gacha slot machine and receive a random headgear.

Here’s how you can easily get one Big Cat Voucher I every day.


First off, get an Assistant if you still haven’t. (Full Guide: Guide to Assistants )

To get one Big Cat Voucher I daily, just reach 100 Intimacy Points on your Assistant everyday. This can be achieved by doing daily quests like Message Boards or Time Rifts as well as other tasks like listening to music or eating cooked foods.

Read on for more details and tips!

Assistant Intimacy Rewards

Doing Daily Quests will give you Assistant Intimacy Points (hearts) and at 100 Intimacy Points your Assistant will reward you with one Big Cat Voucher I!

list of assistant rewards ragnarok mobile

Just open your Assistant tab and you’ll see the list of activities you can do to increase your Assistant Intimacy points.

assistant daily tasks ragnarok mobile eternal love

How to get 100 Assistant Intimacy Points

Here’s a list of the daily quests and how much Assistant Intimacy points you get:

Daily Quest / Task Intimacy Points Points breakdown
Message Board quests 25 points 5 pts per 2 Board quests
Monster Resistance quests 10 points 5 pts per Monster Resistance quest
Consume Stamina 15 points 5 pts per 100 Stamina
Clear Time Rifts 15 points 5 pts at 1, 3, 5 Rifts cleared
Pet Labor 5 points Claim 1 reward
Pet Adventure 15 points
Listen to music (at least 1 min) 5 points
Training Ground 10 points
Guild Donations 10 points
Eat cooked food 10 points
1 Kill in Arena Duel 15 points

Instantly Finish Daily Quests using Adventure Meatballs

Now here’s the trick!

You can instantly finish some of the daily quests with the help of Adventure Meatballs !

ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball shop holy grail

In the Adventure Meatball shop, you can purchase items that can instantly clear dailies:

  • Purification Holy Grails — instantly clear Time Rifts
  • Mercenary’s Mission II — instantly clear Message Board quests
  • Training Ground Monster Report — instantly clear Training Ground

Check out this guide on how to obtain a lot of Adventure Meatballs and how to purchase those items.

Claim rewards from your Assistant

Once you’ve reached 100 Intimacy Points you may now claim your Blue Big Cat Voucher reward.

claim blue big cat voucher reward from assistant

Note that you have to manually claim the rewards! A lot of players don’t know about this and wonder why they don’t get any Assistant rewards in their inventory.

Just open your Assistant window and click the rewards on the side of your Assistant’s avatar.

Claim your Gacha headgear!

Once you’ve collected 30 Blue Big Cat Vouchers, it’s time to try your luck at the Fantasy Generator I Capsule! It’s located near the south portal in Prontera.

fantasy generator headwear capsule gacha location in prontera

You’ll see three Gacha capsules. Open the Yellow one, pray to RNGesus and click “Invest.” Good luck!

big cat voucher sky fairy gacha capsule machine in prontera


It’s very easy to collect a lot of Big Cat Vouchers and claim a Gacha headgear from the capsule. You just have to keep doing the daily quests and take advantage of Adventure Meatballs!

Have you rolled the Gachapon headgear slot machine? Comment down below what items you received!

Happy grinding!

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  1. Thank you for the guides you make. I have one request though, can you please make a levelling guide? Like, what mobs to kill from a specific level range? I have seen some guides, but some comments say that they are not good enough, you know, stuff like that. And also if possible, for each class, especially for the ‘Farming Wizard’ you made here /wizard-farming-build/ . Thank you so much!

    1. Hi, thanks for the great suggestion! We are currently working on a leveling guide and we’ll have a section on that for sure. Stay tuned! 🙂

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