Ultimate Guide to War of Emperium (WoE) in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

War of Emperium guide to Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

War of Emperium (WoE) is finally coming to Ragnarok Mobile!

This Guild vs. Guild (GvG) game mode wher Guilds battle against each other and conquer castles is one of the most anticipated features in the game. It’s the most fun aspect of the game and what most players consider to be the end-game of any Ragnarok game.

It’s time to start preparing for battle! Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about the upcoming War of Emperium in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love—how it works, rules, and tips and strategies.

What is War of Emperium?

War of Emperium (WoE) is a game mode in Ragnarok games where Guilds battle against each other in a massive PvP setting to conquer and defend castles a.k.a. “Agits.”

Attacker Guilds race to attack and destroy a castle’s “emperium” in order to conquer it. Once you have taken a castle, you become the Defenders and you have to defend it from other Guilds attempting to steal it.

You need to be in a Guild (obviously) to join the WoE.

War of Emperium Schedule

SEA Server

The War of Emperium is scheduled on Thursdays and Sundays at 9:00 to 10:00 PM GMT+7.

The first ever GvG war will start on March 28, 2019.

Global Server

There is no schedule for War of Emperium on Global server as of now.

Objective of WoE

The objective is simple—just conquer a castle and defend it as much as you can!

Check out this page for a list of all castle locations: War of Emperium Castle (Agit) Locations

Attacker Guild

War of Emperium attacking the castle

If you do not own any castle at the moment, you are an Attacker Guild. You can challenge a Guild’s castle and attempt to take it over by destroying their Emperium. Once you do, all other players except your Guild will be teleported away from the castle. You will now become the Defender.

Defender Guild

Once you successfully destroy an Emperium and conquer a castle, you become the Defender Guild and your goal now is to defend your castle as much as you can from Attackers who try to steal your agit by destroying the Emperium.

War of Emperium Guild members defending the castle

If you can defend the Emperium for 15 minutes without it taking a single point of damage, you’ll get the Perfect Defense achievement and you’ll automatically win.

Otherwise, you’ll have to defend it until the 1 hour duration ends.

Note: Guilds can only hold one castle at a time.

Rewards for joining WoE

1. Honor Proofs

You’ll get 100 Honor Proof for participating in the war (attacking/defending). Premium users get 110 Honor Proof.

You’ll also get 20 Honor Proof everytime you kill an enemy player, and 10 Honor Proofs for kill assists.

If your guild successfully defends a castle, you’ll get 1,200 Honor Proofs .

Honor Proofs are used as currency to buy items from your Guild’s Vending Machine. Here are more methods on how to obtain Honor Proofs .

2. Prayer Chip Packages (Praying Cards)

All participants also get 2 Random Chip Packages , with a bonus of 2 Random Chip Packages if your guild wins.

These chip packs contain Prayer Cards which are used to gain permanent bonus stats from Valkyrie, similar to the normal Guild Prayers.

Prayer Cards from Random Chip Packages from Woe rewards

There are three types of Prayer cards which you can get randomly:

  • Attack/Offensive (Red)
  • Defensive (Blue)
  • Element (Yellow)

Check out our full guide here: How to Get Praying Card Packs and How to Use Them

3. Artifact Shards and Materials used to craft God Weapons

Guilds who successfully defend an Agit until the end will receive special chest rewards that contain Artifact Shards and Artifact Materials used to craft Godly weapons. These chests can only be opened by Guild Leaders and Vice Leaders.

Hymn of Jotunheim crafting god weapon artifacts

The Artifacts received will depend on the location of the agit, for example Prontera 1 gives Sword type materials, while Geffen 1 gives Staff type materials, etc.

For a complete list of what materials each castle gives, check out this guide !

4. A Castle + Bragging Rights!

Finally, the best part is the bragging rights! If your Guild successfully defends an agit, you’ll have a castle to yourselves, plus your Guild name and emblem will be engraved on the castle.

Differences from classic Ragnarok War of Emperium

If you are familiar with War of Emperium mechanics from the classic Ragnarok game, here are some key differences:

  1. In classic, if you die, you automatically respawn in your save point. But in ROM, you can be resurrected by Priests or via Yggdrassil Leaf
  2. However, other enemies can “expel” you out of the map by clicking on your dead body
  3. There are no Guild Skills (ex. Emergency Call) and Guardians
  4. There is a safe zone near the entrance portals where no one can deal damage to you
  5. Killing other players and assists will give you Honor Proofs

Rules and Mechanics in WoE

To keep things balanced, there are a few rules while participating in the War of Emperium:

  1. Fly Wings and Transformation Scrolls are not allowed
  2. Eating cooked foods is not allowed
  3. Warp/teleport skills cannot be used
  4. Play Dead cannot be used
  5. Marriage skills (ex. I Miss You) cannot be used

There are also a few different mechanics that apply during WoE:

  1. Knockbacks do not work
  2. All players will have +400% HP
  3. You can click on dead players to expel them from the map. They will respawn in their save point.
  4. There is a cooldown before someone can resurrect you
  5. % Recovery items can be used but the recovery rates are the same as your normal HP outside GvG

More War of Emperium Guides

Now that you know the basics of War of Emperium it’s time to learn more advanced strategies about how to win!

Here are some in-depth guides related to War of Emperium:

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