How to Get Orange Vouchers Using Zeny — and is it worth it?

Convert your event headgears to orange Gacha vouchers by selling them for 6 tickets each

We already have a guide on how to obtain Big Cat Voucher Feasts, those orange vouchers used to roll the Fantasy Generator Gachapon in Prontera, but did you know that you can also obtain them using Zeny?

You heard it right! There’s a secret trick spreading around the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love community right now on how to convert your Zeny into orange vouchers. But the question is—is it worth it?

This guide will teach you how to do this trick. We’ll also see if it’s worth investing Zeny on, so read til the end to find out!

How to Convert your Zeny to Big Cat Voucher Feast (Orange Voucher)

All you need is just a bunch of Event Headgears! For example, Cute Reindeer Horn and Turkey Grr which can be bought from the exchange. You can also buy their blueprints and craft them.

Once you have them, just open the Fantasy Generator machine and click on the “Sell” button on the lower right.

Convert event headgears to orange gacha vouchers by selling them on the Fantasy Generator

You will see a list of items that you can sell and convert into orange gacha vouchers. These event headgears can be sold for 6 orange tickets.

This can also be increased up to 8 or more tickets if you refine it to +4 and above. To refine headgears, you need Mithril Stones and the Sewing Machine facility in your Guild’s Hall.

Is it worth it to convert event headgears into Gacha Vouchers?

Cute Reindeer Horn prices in the exchange

It is indeed a cool technique that has been around since the beginning of the game, and players are only noticing it now. Now the ultimate question is, is it worth it? Let’s do the math!

Let’s use the Cute Reindeer Horn headgear as an example. Currently, it costs around 500,000 zeny in the exchange.

  • 5 Cute Reindeer Horn x 6 Vouchers = 30 Vouchers
  • 500,000z x 6 = 3,000,000 Zeny

So, you need about 3 million Zeny in order to do one roll on the Fantasy Generator slot machine. And remember that the chance to get a costume on the machine is very, very small.

Fantasy Generator gacha costume drop rates

Do you remember how many times you rolled the Gacha and got a costume? Probably one or two? And do you remember how many times you got Food Vouchers, Haircut Vouchers, Dead Branches and other pieces of junk? Exactly!

Are you willing to gamble millions of Zeny?

So, is it worth it? The answer is, it’s up to you! Are you willing to gamble millions of Zeny for a very low chance to get a rare costume with overpowered deposit and unlock stats, but also a huge chance that your Zeny will turn into dust?

Maybe if you’re a whale with hundreds of millions of Zeny which, in that case you probably can afford a lot of Big Cat Coins.

But for most of us players who only have a decent amount of Zeny, it’s probably not worth it. Just use those 3 million Zeny to buy gears and enhance/refine/upgrade them, or use those to donate to your Guild and get lots of Gold Medals and Guild Contributions for your Runes. Better yet, just deposit those headgears to your Adventure Handbook for permanent buffs.

To put things into perspective, here are some examples of what 3,000,000 Zeny can do:

  • Obtain +30 Gold Medals (assuming rare Guild Donations cost around 50-100k each)
  • Upgrade your weapon once or twice
  • Buy enough Shining Stone and Armlet of Obedience to catch a Petite and Isis for Pet Adventure
  • Save up 1/4 of a Minorous Card cost (current price: 12 million)
  • 150 attempts on Advanced Enchantment (20,000 each)
  • ~1,000 pcs of an elemental converter (current price: 3-4k)

Would you gamble these for a chance to get a rare costume or a piece of junk?

So, what are other methods to obtain Orange Vouchers?

Fortunately, there are other methods to farm those Orange Big Cat vouchers:

  1. Complete the Haircut Change quest (one time Assistant quest) — 10 Orange Vouchers
  2. Complete the Smile Assistant quest (one time Assistant Quest) — 10 Orange Vouchers
  3. Reach 60 Assistant Intimacy — 1 Orange Voucher per day
  4. Event Giveaways

For more details, check out our full guide: How to Get Big Cat Voucher Feasts (Orange Voucher)

Good luck and happy grinding!

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