5+ Tips & Tricks to Get More Cards and Loots on Pet Adventure

How to earn more cards and loots on Pet Adventure

Pet Adventures are one of the best source of Zeny in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

You can earn a passive income of millions of Zeny if you know how to increase your Pet Adventure efficiency, increase your card drop rates and maximize your Chest acquisition to get more rare loots and materials.

Are you ready to become rich with Zeny by almost doing nothing? This guide will teach you how to earn more loots and cards from Pet Adventure. Read on!


If you still don’t know the basics on how Pet Adventure works and how to unlock it, check out our beginner Guide to Pet Adventure here .

Here’s a summary on how to obtain more loots and card drops for Pet Adventures:

  1. Follow the Recommended Pet Ability requirements
  2. Select a target with the best card drops
  3. Increase your Pet Adventure efficiency
  4. Max your Pet’s Pet Adventure Skills
  5. Send a Sohee Pet to increase Card drop rates
  6. Use alternate characters for additional Stamina

Follow the Recommended Pet Ability

The first thing you should do is to check the “Recommended Pet Ability” icons on the lower right of the Pet Adventure.

Try to match all the requirements using few Pets only so you can get lots of Rare chests using few Meatballs.

On Pet Adventure, send recommended pets that can obtain multiple chests

In some Pet Adventure locations, you can actually match all three requirements with just 1 Pet.

For example, sending an Intimacy Lv. 7 Green Petite to Lv. 78 Glast Heim Pet Adventure will let you get 3 Rare chests per run!

Select a target monster with the most expensive Card

If you didn’t know, you can actually set a target monster so that your Pets will focus only on that monster for the Pet Adventure.

On Pet Adventure, click the target monster icon to select a target and increase chances to get a card

Just tap the “monster icon” to choose your targets. Make sure to select the monster that drops the most expensive card so that if you get lucky and do get a card drop, you’ll make sure that it’s the most valuable one among the different monsters in the area!

You can also target the mobs that drop more expensive loots if you’re not aiming for the card. Lots of players like to target the Minorous card at Lv. 61 Morocc Adventure. The Ferus card on Lv. 78 Glast Heim map is also great.

Increase your Pet Adventure efficiency

After choosing your pets, you can see the Pet Adventure efficiency by clicking the % icon on the top right corner of the window. The efficiency affects the drop rates of the loots that your Pets can get.

pet adventure efficiency ragnarok mobile eternal love

It can be below 100% which means you’ll get lesser loots than normal, or it can go above 100% which increases your loots gained.

The formula for your Pet’s efficiency is:

(Pet Level % + Intimacy %) * Map Adaptation %

Each pet will add to the total efficiency using this formula, so sending two or three Pets will increase your drop rates significantly at the cost of 5 more Adventure Meatballs per pet. (Tip: How to Get Lots of Adventure Meatballs )

Here are some tips on how to maximize your Pet Adventure efficiency.

1. Increase your Pet’s intimacy

One of the base factors for increased Pet Adventure efficiency is your Pet’s intimacy.

The best way to max your Pet’s intimacy is by feeding it its taming item multiple times. Check this guide for a list of taming items per Pet .

The cheaper but slower method is to “Pet” it frequently and to send it to battle alongside you.

2. Level up your Pet’s Base Level

Again, similar to your Pet’s intimacy, its base level also affects the Pet Adventure efficiency. Just send them to battle always, or use those Pet EXP Potions.

3. Use Pets with the highest Map Adaptation

Some Pets are more efficient in certain Pet Adventure areas. Again just follow the Recommended Pet Ability or check the efficiency breakdown to see which Pets are best for the location.

4. Increase your character’s personal efficiency

If you look at the efficiency percentage breakdown again by clicking on the efficiency % icon, you can see the “My Efficiency” section on the bottom.

You can actually increase the efficiency if your character is wearing well-refined and enchanted gears , activated your Aesir Monument Runes (a.k.a. Astrolabe), and have unlocked/deposited cards and headgears on your Adventure Handbook .

Max your Pet’s Pet Adventure Skill

Your pet’s second skill (with the yellow icon) are passive skills that enhances Pet Adventure rewards.

Green Petites for example gives you a chance to receive an additional rare chest. You can potentially get 4 rare chests per run in the Level 78 Glast Heim Adventure using just 1 Green Petite pet!

Reset and max your pet's second skill which enhances Pet Adventure rewards

Make sure to max your pet’s 2nd skill by using Talent Fruits to get maximum efficiency.

Here’s a list of all Pet skills and their effects at Level 10: Pet Skills List

Send a Sohee Pet to increase Card drop rates

The Sohee pet has a passive skill called “Pure” that increases the chance to get a card in Pet Adventure. The card drop rates are increased by 10% at skill level 10, so make sure to aim for Level 10 Pure by using Talent Fruit resets!

Take note that the passive skill of Sohee only works on Pet Adventure and doesn’t affect card drop rates from grinding on monsters.

silver knife of chastity
7x Silver Knife of Chastity
(6 Present + 1 Catch)
Payon Cave 2F-3F

Use Alternate Characters for additional Stamina

If you really want to get rich, you should start investing time and effort on creating two more alternate characters in your account. Level them up to your desired Pet Adventure locations and use them to do the Pet Adventures so you can save up on Stamina.

Having two alts will give you additional 600 Stamina or 10 more Pet Adventures. Your only limitation would be your Adventure Meatballs. But it shouldn’t be a problem if you have maximized your daily Meatball acquisition .

Pet indicator for Adventure Meatball

You also have to make an initial investment on catching more Pets for each alt character and leveling their efficiency. But don’t worry, once you’re all set, these investments will bear fruit later on! You can’t earn millions of passive Zeny income if you’re not willing to spend a huge amount of zeny at first. 😉


Using these techniques, you should be able to earn millions of zeny by almost doing nothing! You only need to check on your characters every 1 hour to claim your Pet Adventure rewards and send your Pets again.

How to earn passive zeny income with Pet Adventures on Ragnarok Mobile

What’s your favorite Pet Adventure location and how much have you earned from it already? Comment down your experiences and tips down below!

6 thoughts on “ 5+ Tips & Tricks to Get More Cards and Loots on Pet Adventure

  1. What if I send 3 Alices, which all of them have maxed out (Lvl 10) “Pure” skill? Does that add 30% chance of getting a card? Does it stack or not? Hmm.

    1. Need information on this, especially there are new pets with similiar skill, Does them stack? Sending 3 Zherthsh (Max) would be 45%?

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  3. does your character level affects pet adventure loots? im farming at payon 60 and 58 and noticed that rare materials from rare chest are harder to obtain now that my alts are level 80+…

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