Guide to Mentor & Student System in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

How to be a Mentor or Student in Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

The Mentorship & Student system in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love allows you to gain an additional 120 Stamina per day as a Mentor, as well as 170% EXP rate, +20 stats buffs and 4 free Gold Medals as a Student!

This guide will teach you how to be a Mentor and/or a Student and the benefits of each.


Benefits of becoming a Student (Lv 10-84)

  1. Get 170% bonus exp for 24 hours using Adventure Guide
  2. Get +20 Stat Bonuses using Guardian Scroll
  3. Get four Gold Medals for your Runes + other rewards
  4. Get additional Zeny and Base/Job exp for completing daily/weekly quests

Benefits of becoming a Mentor (Lv 85+)

  1. Get 120 additional Stamina (for Premium users)
  2. Get Mentor Medals used to purchase items in the Mentor Shop

Benefits of Being a Student

First off, what are the benefits of getting a Mentor and becoming a Student? A lot! Here’s a list of why you should get a Mentor as soon as possible.

1. Get 170% EXP rate for 24 hours

Mentors can use an item called Adventure Guide on their Students, which gives a whopping 170% EXP rate bonus to the Student for 24 hours!

Adventure Guide item used by Mentors to gives 170 bonus exp to students

The Adventure Guide can be bought for 2,000 zeny on the Mentor Shop NPC (Dammy).

2. Get +20 Stats Bonus

Aside from the Adventure Guide, Mentors can also use Guardian Scrolls on their Students which gives +20 status bonuses for 24 hours. However, this cannot be used on Transcendent job students.

The Guardian Scroll can be bought for 2,000 zeny on the Mentor Shop NPC (Dammy).

3. Get four Gold Medals and other rewards for free

As a Student, you get Growth Rewards once you reach certain levels. You’ll get Eden equips, a Lunatic egg, Eden Coins and Meatballs among others.

The best part is you get one Gold Medal at Level 40, 50, 60 and 70—a total of four Gold Medals absolutely for free! (Related: Guide to Rune System )

mentor student growth reward base level 20 30 40 gold medal

Student growth rewards when reaching Base levels 50 60 70 four Gold Medals in total

Take note that you’ll still get all rewards even when you’re at a higher level already. For example, you can still get Mentored for the first time at Level 84 and you can claim all rewards from lower levels.

4. Get Zeny and Base/Job EXP for completing Daily and Weekly Adventure Quests

Here’s another great way to level up even faster! Students get bonus Zeny and EXP for completing Daily and Weekly quests. It’s similar to the Assistant quests.

Mentor Student Adventure Quests rewards for daily quests

You get the bonus Zeny and EXP by doing the following Adventure Quests:

  • Clear 2, 6, 10 Message Board Quests
  • Clear 2 and 5 Time Rifts
  • Clear Training Ground
  • Accept the Adventure Guide Buff
  • Do Valhalla Ruins
  • Clear floors 20, 40, 50, 60 of the Endless Tower

How to Become a Student

To become a Student, just find a Mentor and let him enroll you as a Student by clicking on your icon (in Friends or Party list) and selecting “Enroll Student.”

Then just confirm the Mentorship request in More > Friends > Mentorship tab (Graduation hat icon).

Accept mentorship request and become a student

Once accepted, you can now check more details on the Mentorship tab, like your Growth Rewards and Adventure Quest list.

How to Graduate as a Student at Lv 85

At Level 85 and 3 days of being Mentored , congratulations! You can now graduate.

Just talk to the NPC Tataji in Prontera, also near the bridge. He’ll ask a few easy questions. After talking to some NPCs in the Adventure Hall, talk to Tataji again to finish your graduation.

Talk to Tataji npc once student reaches level 85 to graduate

You’ll get a Ph.D Hat and 50,000 zeny. In addition, you may now start mentoring Students too!

Student graduation completed at level 85 receive Ph.D hat and 50000 zeny

Benefits of Mentoring

1. Get bonus 120 Stamina/Combat Time

As a Mentor with Premium, you can get 1 Stamina per 3 Stamina points consumed by your students . You can only gain a total of 120 Stamina per day. (Total of 180 bonus Stamina per day including 60 Stamina from music)

To get the bonus Stamina, you only need to be in the same map as the student in combat. You don’t have to be in the same party or near each other, which is great so you don’t leech exp and loots from your students. Also, the more students in combat in the same map, the faster you can get the free 120 Stamina!

Important Note: Get your 60 Stamina from music first before the Stamina from Students. For some reason you can’t get Music Stamina anymore after you get Student Stamina for that day.

2. Mentor Medals

Mentor Medals are a type of currency used to purchase items from Danny, the Mentor Shop NPC in Prontera. He sells the following:

  • Mora Coin — used for enchantments
  • Eden Coins — used to buy Blueprints / Lucky Shop
  • Guild’s Gift — gives 25 Guild Contributions
  • Ph.D Hat — headgear
  • Adventure Guide — gives 170% exp rate to Student for 24 hours
  • Guardian Scroll — gives +20 bonus Stats to non-Trans Student for 24 hours

Adventure Shop in Prontera buy using Mentor Medals

You can obtain Mentor Medals through the following:

  • When Students finish their Adventure Quests (more on this on the Student section below)
  • When Students level up
  • When Students graduate at Level 85

How to Become a Mentor

To become a Mentor, you need to be at least Level 85. Then talk to Terch, the Senior Mentor NPC and complete the short quest. He is located near the bridge in Prontera, next to the Mentor Shop.

Talk to Terch NPC Adventurer Guild Senior Mentor in Prontera at level 85 to start quest to become a Mentor

How to Recruit a Student

Once you’re a Mentor, you can now start enrolling Students in the Mentorship window. Students need to be at Level 10-84. You can mentor a maximum of 3 Students.

Just go to More > Friends > Mentorship tab (Graduation hat icon).

You can also select your friends or partymates and click “Enroll Student.”

Finally, you can also auto-invite a random player by clicking on the “+” icon in the Students list. It will automatically search for an available Student and invite him/her.

Auto invite random student in Mentor window

Obviously, you’ll want to mentor Students who are active in the game so you get lots of Mentor Medals!


As you learned, there are so many benefits on using the Mentorship system. So make sure to get a Mentor as soon as you can at early levels, then get Students to mentor as soon as you reach Level 85.

If you have any questions, comment them down below!

Happy grinding!

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  1. > To get the bonus Stamina, you only need to be in the same map as the student in combat

    You need to be within a certain distance i think. I have tried it before, with the mentor and my mentee separated almost half map apart and the stamina transfer did not work.

  2. if free player buy the premium using zeny on exchange will the free player gain the same benefit as premium user? ex can get 120 stamina from student?

    1. Yes you can still have all the benefits of a premium user who buys using real money, The only thing you can’t have is the credit card

  3. Do you still get the bonus 120 stamina even if the students have already graduated and became mentor too? This student is listed under “Past Students” instead of My Students

  4. Hi, can you please update this guide? I too hit 100% adventure mastery at level 82. The only perk I get now is the 170% 24hr xp. So pretty much the mentor no longer gets medals from me and I take up a student spot until 85. Thanks.

  5. Did the devs did some fix to the Mentor’s 120 Bonus Stamina? I was regaining stams with my dummy student (lvl 85 but not yet graduated) but I noticed my consumed green stamina increasd from 226 to 333? (Max 376)

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