Ragnarok X Leveling Guide: Tips & Tricks How to Level Up Fast

Ragnarok X Next Generation Leveling Guide tips and tricks

Wanna know how to level up fast in Ragnarok X: Next Generation?

In this guide, we will teach you the most efficient methods to level up your character fast, as well as some tips on how to maximize your EXP gain in the game.

Leveling up in Ragnarok X is pretty straightforward, but if you use these tips and tricks, you surely be ahead of other players!

1. Do Main Quests

Once you start playing with a new character, the first thing that you need to do is to complete the Main Quests.

These quests are very easy to complete, but they give a huge amount of EXP.

Just by doing these main quests, you should reach Level 25 already in just a few hours.

These missions will also let you unlock the main storyline of Ragnarok X where you can learn more about the lore of the game.

2. Complete Mission Board Quests Daily

One of the fastest ways to level up and your main source of EXP is from the Mission Board quests.

Each day, you can take 10 quests via the Mission Boards located in every city. These are simple tasks that give you Experience Points, Zeny and Odin’s Blessing as rewards.

Ragnarok X Mission Board daily quests

Some quests even give double the rewards, obviously you should try to prioritize them!

These quests reset every 5 AM server time. Clearing your Mission Boards should be one of the first things you do in your daily routine.

3. Maximize Mission Board EXP Rewards

Here’s a tip on how you can maximize EXP rewards from the Mission Board quests!

The rewards you get from these quests are based on your level—the higher your level, the more EXP you will get.

So, if your character is about to level up, do not take all of the quests in the board at once!

Instead, just take enough quests that will allow you to level up. Once you level up, then take the other quests—this time, the rewards they give will be a bit higher!

4. Do Chamber of Commerce (COC) Missions

Chamber of Commerce or COC Missions are ten weekly missions which also give you EXP rewards. They can be accessed via the Carnival menu.

Similar to Mission Boards, the rewards are based on your level. For example, at level 40 you get 27,500 Base and Job EXP, but at level 41 you get 30,000.

Therefore, to maximize the rewards, we recommend only doing the COC quests at the end of the week (Sunday) so that you will be at your highest level for that week.

On Mondays to Saturdays, focus on doing other methods to level up and gain EXP, so that when you’re ready to take the COC quests, you will receive better rewards!

5. Grind on Monsters efficiently

It’s not a Ragnarok game without the endless monster farming! Like other Ragnarok mobile games, Ragnarok X comes with an auto-battle feature.

The best farming location will base on your character level, job class and the amount of EXP the monster gives.

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Make sure you also know how to counter your target’s elemental weaknesses, so you can kill them much faster. Check out this Elemental Weakness Guide for more info!

Finally, always use Odin’s Blessing as much as possible to earn 5 times more Zeny and EXP.

If you have run out of Odin’s Blessing, you focus first on other activities that give more EXP, such as clearing out daily quests. Without Odin’s Blessing, monster farming doesn’t give out too much EXP and you’re better off doing other tasks instead. So make sure you only AFK grind (without OB) if you don’t have anything else to do for the day!

6. Use your Odin’s Blessing wisely

Once you reach Level 23, you will unlock Odin’s Blessing. Using Odin’s Blessing will increase the rewards you get from grinding: you’ll get five times the EXP, Zeny, item drops.

As you might have guessed, this will give you a massive boost in EXP gains when farming mobs and as we mentioned above, you should only grind on mobs when you have Odin’s Blessing available, as much as possible.

Ragnarok X Odins Blessing buff

To maximize your Odin’s Blessing consumption, make sure you only turn it on when hunting monsters that give you the best amount of Base and Job EXP. Make sure to also turn it off when doing Quests.

Lastly, take note of monster sizes—you consume more Odin’s Blessing points the bigger the monster size:

  • Small monsters consume 1 Odin’s Blessing
  • Medium monsters consume 2 Odin’s Blessing
  • Large monsters consume 3 Odin’s Blessing

This means that, when looking for mobs to target, you should take into account how much OB points they consume—the lower, the better!

The “Recommended Training Points” section can help you with finding the best mobs to farm.

You can get up to 600 Odin’s Blessing per day by staying in Prontera. You can also gain 140 Odin’s Blessing for each Mission Board quest.

7. Take note of Level Gap EXP penalty

In Ragnarok X, you will only get 100% of the monster EXP if it is 3 levels below or above your current level.

Hunting monsters beyond that level gap will give you an EXP penalty and you will get lesser experience points:

  • Monster is -3 or +3 levels from your base level — 100% EXP
  • Monster is -6 or +6 levels from your base level — 80% EXP
  • Monster is -8 or +8 levels from your base level — 60% EXP
  • Monster is -9 or +9 levels from your base level — 40% EXP
  • Monster is -10 or +10 levels from your base level — 20% EXP
  • Monster is -11 or +11 levels from your base level — 10% EXP

Make sure to only hunt monsters that are within the 3 level gap from your base level for maximum leveling efficiency.

8. Always Prioritize JOB EXP

Try to prioritize leveling your “Job Level” first. This means hunting mobs that have a higher Job EXP output than Base EXP.


Focusing on Job Levels will allow you to advance to the next job class much earlier.

You need to grind 50 Job Levels to job change to the 2nd job class, and another 50 for the 3rd job class.

While Base Levels can increase your stat attributes and allow you to equip better gears, advancing to the next job class will give you a new set of powerful skills that will significantly boost your farming potential.

9. Clear all Carnival activities

Finally, try to complete all the daily activities in the Carnival menu. Clearing these quests will give you EXP and Zeny.

Ragnarok X Next Generation Carnival

If you don’t have much time in the day to play, do your best to at least accomplish the Mission Boards, COC quests, and the Daily Instance—a boss fight dungeon that’s accessible once you reach Level 21.

If you want to take a break from hacking and slashing mobs, another easy activity to do is the OX Quiz. Check out this guide for the complete list of answers!

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  1. Daily Instance can also yield between 150,000 to 600,000 base and job exp a day. Also do the OX quiz every day as it gives about 100,000 to 400,000 (depending on your level) base and job exp a day. Make sure to stay for all 12 questions as you get the full exp regardless of whether you answer them correctly or wrongly.

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