FAQs for Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

When you’re just starting out on Ragnarok Mobile, things can get really overwhelming quickly! Luckily, here’s a comprehensive guide we made for all commonly asked questions for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, the best Ragnarok mobile game ever made!

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Why can’t I see my friends / How to change channels?

(Full Guide: How to Change Channels )

In order to meet your friends you need to be in the same Channel. You can see your current Channel in the upper right most corner of the screen.

You can change channels via an NPC in Izlude (teleport, or one south one east from Prontera.) Talk to the NPC and you can type in the channel you want to enter. It will cost 99 zeny but you get the first one for free.

Note: you can’t attack MVP/mini bosses for 2 hours after changing channels.

Can I reset my skills/stats?

(Full Guide: How to Get Stat/Skills Reset )

Yes! You will receive free Stat reset (Eternal Rock) and Skill reset items at the following levels:

  • Level 30 — Stat reset in Level 30 Adventurer’s Backpack
  • Level 40 — Skill reset in Level 40 Adventurer’s Backpack
  • Level 55 — Quest
  • Level 57 — Quest that requires Evil Horns
  • Level 76 — Quest that requires 30 pcs Hand of God

You can also buy Stat/Skill Resets at the NPC for 500,000 zeny. With this in mind, don’t be too strict on your stats/skill builds at first! These free stat/skill resets will give you room to experiment on different builds.

Where can I search for information on monsters/items/drop rates etc?

Check out roguard.net and romwiki.net .

What are Time Rifts?

(Full Guide: How to Instantly Clear Time Rifts )

These are daily quests where you have to kill a set of monsters. You can do 5 Rifts per day. Always finish your 5 Rifts everyday as it gives bonus rewards and zeny. Check out the Rewards list on Rierin’s page.


What are the best leveling spots?

Level 1-10: Prontera South Field
Level 10-20: Prontera West Field / Capital Sewers
Level 20-30: Sunken/Ghost Ship / North Prontera (Wormtails)
Level 30-40: North Prontera (Wormtails) / Byalan Underwater Cave
Level 40-50: Goblin Forest / Mount Mjolnir (Hornets, Menblatt)
Level 50-70: North Prontera (Dustiness, Metaller, Mantis)
Level 70-80+: Orc Dungeon¸Payon Cave

Remember the most important leveling tip: fast kill low exp > slow kill high exp. This usually means grinding on mobs that are around 5 levels below you.

Check out our leveling guides for more info:

What’s the best first class for farming?

Wizard or Hunter. (Related: Wizard Farming Guide )

Check out our Zeny Farming Guide here .

Can I use a Slave priest? How?

Yes. You will need an extra device or run mobile emulators for this.

Once you’ve created a slave priest, you can party it up with your main character and let the slave priest “Follow” your main char. Then put your buffs to the auto-cast slots. Your slave priest will now automatically cast buffs whenever they wear out.


How does Stamina work?

You only have 300 Daily stamina per day and will be consumed every minute you attack monsters. When all your Stamina is consumed, exp and drop rates will be lowered significantly. This is why it’s important to spend your precious Stamina efficiently and plan out your daily tasks.

Check out our Stamina Guide for more info!

Can I still get EXP rewards from quests if I have no Stamina?

Yes. Stamina only affects exp rates and drop rates from killing monsters. Check out our Stamina Guide for more info.

Can I still get loots from quests if I have no Stamina?

Yes, but the drop rate will be very low.


What’s the difference between Red, Blue, and Green quests?

There are three types of quests in the game based on the color of the NPC’s exclamation marks:

  • Blue — Daily quests. Prioritize these first as they give out the highest exp and item rewards. The most important ones are Message Board and Monster Resistance
  • Red — Main Story quests. Prioritize these next as these give great exp and zeny rewards too
  • Green — Side quests. Although they don’t give higher rewards, they are also essential as they unlock certain features and skills. Do these when you’ve finished Blue and Red quests

Should I prioritize doing quests or grind/level/AFK-farming?

Short answer:

  • Early game lv. 1-40+ — prioritize quests, job change to 40 ASAP (doable in 2 days)
  • Mid to late game — grind first, then quests

Long answer: At early levels, prioritize blue and red quests over AFK grinding. Focus on getting levels and job change as fast as possible.

At level 40+ as a 2nd job class, always consume your Stamina first before doing quests. The key is to only use your precious Stamina for leveling your character or farming for your desired materials, not on useless mobs for your message board quests like killing 300 monsters that give bad EXP per HP ratio. Check out our Stamina Guide for more info.


Can I trade items/zeny in the game?

Short answer: NO 🙁 But you can transfer items (not zeny) to other characters in the same account using Shared Storage.

Long answer: You cannot directly trade with other players, even party members or guild members. There’s also no Vending skill. The only way players can buy and sell items from each other is through the Exchange . It’s an auction system where you simply put items you want to sell to the market and it will automatically be sold to anyone who wants to buy it. You can also search for items in the market and buy it. The price is determined by the system based on the supply and demand of the items.

They probably removed the trading system in the mobile game to prevent issues like RMT trading (real money transactions) or hacking. On the bright side, it also removes the inconvenience of walking around Prontera and searching for items through a sea of chat rooms and Vending stalls! Good times.

Can I pass items between my characters?

Yes, when you reach Job 40 your characters in the same account can share items using the shared Kafra Stash/Storage system.

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  1. Hello. Can we share our monster resistance quest with other party members? What I mean is, other party members also have x10 EXP while we’re doing the quest. When our daily ones are up, we change members who haven’t done it. Is this possible?

    1. AFK farming means using an auto attack to farm while you AFK (Away From Keyboard) from your Phone/PC… If you’re playing on Phone..you can see there is an Auto Attack button at the bottom right screen..press it then sign which monster you want to Target and it will kill the Only Target You Sign(✓)

  2. what to do to finish the trial of mind proposed by thomasville if I answered it wrong and then the cat is no longer available?

  3. My adventure handbook says that I can get adventure rank A at adventure level 35. I am at 35 and see no clues on how to advance. Where do I get the rank up quest?

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