How to Get Cards Efficiently in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

How get cards in Ragnarok M and how to farm cards efficiently Minorous card

This guide will teach you several methods on how to obtain cards and tips & tricks on how to farm them efficiently.

Cards are one of the most essential items in in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. They can give your equips bonus effects such as additional damage to certain targets. You can also deposit these cards to your Adventurer Handbook for permanent stat bonuses to all your characters.

Cards are rare and difficult to obtain, but there are lots of methods on how to get them.


These are all the methods on how to get cards in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love:

  1. Pet Adventure
  2. Farming monsters
  3. Buy from Exchange
  4. Card Gachapon
  5. King Poring

Read this guide for more details and tips on how to get cards efficiently!

Pet Adventure

(Full Guide: Guide to Pet Adventure )

One of the easiest methods to farm for cards is through Pet Adventure, unlocked at Level 30.

It’s really simple—just get a few pets and send them to Pet Adventure. Wait for 60 minutes, claim your rewards and get a small chance to receive a card!

It’s better to use alt characters for Pet Adventures to save up on Stamina. Also, make sure to always collect a lot of Adventure Meatballs! Here’s a guide on how to obtain lots of Adventure Meatballs .

Here are some more tips on farming for cards in Pet Adventure:

1. Set the Pet Adventure target monster to your desired card

On Pet Adventure, click the target monster icon to select a target and increase chances to get a card

When choosing the Pet Adventure area, just tap the monster icon to choose your target monster.

This will increase the chances of getting your desired card as your Pets will only focus on that monster and therefore only get loots from that target.

2. Send Pets with higher level and intimacy for better efficiency

Pet Adventure efficiency ragnarok mobile eternal love

The formula of efficiency for each Pet is (Pet Level % + Intimacy %) * Map Adaptation %. You can check this by clicking the efficiency percent symbol in the top right corner of the Pet Adventure window.

This means, a pet with higher levels and intimacy increases your chances of getting a card and other loots.

3. Send multiple Pets for even more efficiency

Sending multiple Pets will increase your Pet Adventure efficiency even more. But only do this if you have an almost infinite amount of Adventure Meatballs!

4. Send Pets that can obtain multiple rare Chests

Check the recommended Pets in the Pet Adventure and try to aim for Pets that can get 2-3 rare Chests at a time. For example, an Isis can get 2 Chests in Lv 61 Morocc Adventure, while a Lv 7 Green Petite can get 3 Chests in Lv 78 Glast Heim Adventure.

On Pet Adventure, send recommended pets that can obtain multiple chests

Although this doesn’t increase your chances in getting cards, this strategy will help you gain additional passive Zeny income by selling the loots obtained from rare chests.

5. Send a Sohee to increase the chances of getting a card

The Sohee pet has a passive skill called “Pure” that increases the chance to get a card in Pet Adventure. At Skill Level 10, the chances are increased by 10%! So make sure to aim for Level 10 Pure by using Talent Fruit resets.

By the way, the passive skill of Sohee only works on Pet Adventure and doesn’t affect card drop rates from farming monsters.

Farming Cards through AFK Grinding

Aside from Pet Adventures, the other common method is by grinding monsters directly.

Farming Minorous cards in Pyramid 3F

There’s no confirmed numbers yet on what the drop rate of cards are in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Some say it’s 0.01% like in the older RO games, some say it’s lower.

Regardless, the important trick here is to aim for instant, 1-shot kills on the monster you’re farming for—use the correct elements and size modifiers and use race cards, eat 6-stack cooked foods, etc.

For a more in-depth guide on how to maximize your damage for farming, check out these guides:

Everyone’s favorite farming spot for cards seems to be Pyramid 2F-3F for those sweet, sweet Minorous cards. Mino cards give bonus damage to Large monsters and has a really cool Deposit effect which is especially great for MVP hunters. This is why this famous card costs not less than 10 million (~14 million at the time of writing).

Whichever spot you want to farm, I highly recommend switching to a less populated channel so you won’t have lots of competitors.

I also suggest checking your character every few minutes if you have time, because you will eventually fall under those “trains” of other AFK players, which will lower your chances of getting the first hit and therefore lesser card success rates. If you find your character in those AFK trains, just walk around a bit or use Fly Wing to get out of the AFK train.

Does Stamina and Level Gap affect Card drop rate?

This hasn’t really been confirmed yet, however there have been lots of reports that players with Red stamina or with a huge level gap were able to get cards from grinding. The general consensus seems to be that Stamina and Level Gap doesn’t affect card drop rate.

Use Lightning Chain to Get 2x Cards

When farming for cards through grinding, make sure to always activate your Lightning Chains if  you can.

Lightning Chains affect card drops too, meaning you’ll get two copies of the card if it drops!

Farm for Zeny then Buy Cards from Exchange

Instead of farming for the card through Pet Adventure or grinding, you can also just farm for Zeny and save up until you can afford to buy your desired card.

Lots of players recommend to just buying cards directly from the exchange. This is a “slowly but surely” method as opposed to trying out your luck in grinding or Pet Adventures. It’s like asking “would you rather work a 9-5 job everyday or bet at the Lotto and hope to win the jackpot someday?”

The only disadvantage though is that you won’t get the Unlock bonus from the card in the Adventurer Handbook. Also, you won’t get the satisfying feeling of being blessed by RNGesus and obtaining the card from the very low chances in grinding!

Here are some guides that can help you farm more Zeny:

Try the Card Gachapon using BCC

Another alternative method to obtaining cards is by using your real-life “card”—credit cards!

At the cost of 30 BCC you can try the Card slot machine at the bottom of Prontera. Here are the chances per card rarity (card color):

Card Gachapon draw rates chances

Try your luck at King Poring

Finally, the last method for obtaining cards is by converting cards into a new one at King Poring.

This method is not advisable though if you’re planning on obtaining cards for use in your equips or to make a profit, because this method is not profitable.

King Poring craft cards

To craft cards at King Poring, you have to donate three other cards to get one random card. The resulting card’s rarity/value will be based on the rarity of the three donated cards. But in general, you will almost always lose more Zeny than you earn when gambling at King Poring.

This method is only viable if you have lots of disposable Zeny and want to get the Adventure Handbook Unlock bonuses.


Whether you’re farming the cards from Pet Adventure, grinding monsters, or farming Zeny hoping to buy them from the exchange, just be patient!

Obtained Minorous card by farming at Pyramid 2F Morocc

Ragnarok Mobile and Ragnarok games in general are not for players who want instant gratification. It might take weeks or even months for you to finally obtain that sweet Minorous card, but once you do, it’s the best feeling ever! Don’t forget to take a screenshot and brag about it on social media!

What was your card drop story? How long did it take for you to get your first card? Comment your experiences down below!

21 thoughts on “ How to Get Cards Efficiently in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

  1. my level is now 119 i never get mino or skel archer or abysmall card ever, this card drop is fate to certain ppl only and im not the one of them

  2. In the old RO I killed like 6.000 thara frog in order to have 1 fuking card…WITHOUT SUCCESS, later my collage farm it around 200 and he grabbed 2!! He off course give one for me and I loved him so much hahahahah, that’s a true friend ^^

  3. chick yur spiling pliss bepor yu koment. hahaha

    its not your luck,grind first before you hunt card, when you hunt a card. it takes time and patience. if you don’t had luck at all,well….
    grind grind grind hahaha

  4. It takes me 2years before i get my first card in pet adventure and it makes me jump out of my pants after checking my bag. its an abyssal knight card from GH

  5. I dunno why, I think luck stat is important too to get a card, ya know, in my lost account(archer) with high luck stats, I got a lunatic card from grinding for about a hundred kills in my 16 level character, but my current mage account, never get one.

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