Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

The Stamina system (a.k.a. Combat time or Fatigue system) is a new feature in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. It can be confusing to understand at first, and this guide will help you clear things out! Here are the most important facts you need to know about the Stamina system in Ragnarok Mobile.


This Stamina system is added to the game to balance out the auto-attack functionality, preventing players from just AFK farming 24/7 and progress to the end game ASAP.

  1. You get 300 Stamina everyday. 1 Stamina = 1 minute, total of 300 mins (5 hours) worth of Stamina per day
  2. Attacking monsters consumes Stamina.
  3. When you consume all your Stamina, EXP and drop rates will be lowered. There are three levels of Stamina:
    • Green (ex. 10/300) — max Stamina not yet consumed, normal exp and drop rates
    • Yellow (ex. 310/300) — a few points beyond max Stamina, lowered exp and drop rates
    • Red (ex. 900/300) — around 2-3x your max Stamina, significantly lowered exp and drop rates
  4. You will get 300 Stamina at 5:00 AM (GMT+7) every day (SEA server)
  5. If you don’t consume your Stamina for the day, it will be carried over to the next day. But you can only hold up to 900 total Stamina, so make sure to consume it before it reaches 900!
  6. Quests still give EXP rewards if you don’t have remaining Stamina
  7. Using Lightning Chain item will speed up your EXP and drop rates by 2x for 60 minutes, but will also consume your Stamina 2x faster. Useful if you don’t have time to play and want to consume your Stamina ASAP.

You can see your current Stamina points by clicking More > Settings in the top-right menu. It’s the yellow bar with the Combat time on it. In the screenshot above, I already consumed 352 out of 852 minutes worth of Stamina for the day. I still have 500 minutes left to whack some monsters!

Using your Stamina efficiently

The most efficient daily routine is to auto-grind during the day while at work or school (don’t forget to use the Monster Resistance bonus exp too!). Only use your precious Stamina for leveling your character or farming for materials .

Then once all your Stamina is consumed, do the other quests (main story quests, message board, etc) since usual tasks in quests such as talking to NPCs, taking photos, or killing 25 monsters don’t require Stamina. However if you don’t have much time to play the game, then it’s totally fine to just consume your Stamina while doing daily quests (main story/message board quests) along with Monster Resistance bonus.

Another important tip: combine your Lightning Chain consumption with stat food items. That way, the 30mins stat boost will be more valuable as it is used along with 2x EXP and drop rates!

How to replenish Stamina

Aside from the 300 Stamina reset per day, you can replenish up to 60 Stamina (60 mins) per day by listening to music. You can buy these Music CDs for 10,000 zeny each at the “Event Items” NPC in Prontera.

You can play the CDs on the Music Player in South Prontera. You can find it just below the portal. You can also just listen to other players’ CDs if they are playing music as well. You can check it by clicking on the music player.

While listening to music, you will gain 1 Stamina per 1 minute of music listened. A system message will notify you about this. So  just let your character sit and enjoy the music for 60 mins while you do other stuff in real life. Just make sure to check every now and then that there’s music still playing.

IMPORTANT TIP: Move to Channel 1 as it has the most players listening to music. The music player will usually have more than 20 tracks in the queue.

You can also check in More > Settings menu how many minutes of music you’ve listened to. As you’ll notice your Stamina capacity will increase every minute.

I just ran out of Stamina! What do I do now?

You still have a few tasks to do even though you run out of Stamina like doing quests, talking to NPCs, exploring other features of the game, taking pictures for your Adventure Handbook, or even just talking to friends and guildmates!

Also take note that you will still get a pretty decent amount of exp and loots even beyond 300. When your Stamina turns red that’s when the rates are significantly low. I usually stop grinding/farming at around 400+.

Happy grinding!

23 thoughts on “ Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

    1. I’m guessing it carries over as stated in the guide – max of 900 stamina can be held at once if you don’t use it from previous days.

    1. You’ve probably hit a soft cap for the monster you are grinding. If your character level is >10+ levels (10 levels higher) than the creature you are grinding, you start to receive less than optimal experience rates. Eventually, with max stamina fatigue, you will receive no experience for both job or base level.

    2. you can no longer gain exp when you used up all your stamina.
      Quests, however, still grant you, as said earlier in this guide.

  1. I keep running out of SP? My skills can’t be used after 5 seconds of fighting.. I even “play dead” to regenerate it, but after 5 more seconds, it dies again. What is going on and how can i fix this?

    1. cook food. Go to protera and head to the food kitchen map. Buy 999 lunatic meat. And use your “cook book” to cook em (whichever cooking apparatus you use, you will either get Rookie Meat Steak, Rookie Meat Kebab, Rookie Broth or Rookie Sashimi.) Doesn’t matter which, just eat all 999. It will tell you that only 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 food can stack (depending on your cook level) go ahead and click continue anways. Now click on your profile pic and you will see “SP Discharge” has gone from zero to a certain number. What this means is that everytime your SP goes below 30% it will automatically replenish until your SP Discharge hits 0. This way you dont need to play dead over and over again.

      Important note:
      When you auto farm, IF you are using meals or any boosters, then make sure to never play dead because playing dead eats up time, and wasted time is essentially wasted time from your meals or boosters.
      BUT if you are not eating anything except for chain lightning, and you’re not pressed for time (ie. you don’t mind going afk for a while until the next day maybe) then go ahead and play dead.. it doesnt really consume anything and it’s free

      On a separate note, do be careful with how long you go afk on auto farm, because you get 300 mins of combat time everyday at 5am gmt +7, so if you end up farming pass 300 mins when you log back in, you won’t be able to benefit from the extra 60 min music stamina….

  2. Mentor has stamina replenishment by idling on the same map with students, but you need to get the bonus from the music box first. Please update. This site is beautiful.

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  4. If I played over the 300 stamina – say I’m 500 /300 . Then I listen to music or tried to get mentor minutes while sleeping at night. Does the music and mentor stamina carry over on the next day? Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. @rafiki nope the music and mentor doesnt cumulate i guess

      and when u listen to music that music stamina will going used before your char stamina

      u should listen to music and use mentor stamina before grinding

  5. What is the sweet spot on episode 6 during yellow combat time? Because before episode 6 you said the sweet spot is around 400+ combat time, how about now?

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