Poring Fight Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Poring event use headbutt on other players to get Golden Apple

Poring Island has awakened, and it’s time for some squishy Poring-smashing action!

Today at 8:00 PM GMT+7 (9:00 PM PH time), the Poring Fight event will launch for the first time on SEA server!

This guide will teach you all the basics of the mini-game and what rewards we can expect from the event.

What is Poring Fight?

Poring Fight is a new mini-game in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love where players turn into different types of Poring and battle against each other in an arena. This weekly event happens every Wednesday night (8:00 PM GMT+7).

The objective is simple: get as many Golden Apples as you can !

Get as many Golden Apples as you can in Poring Fight event

You can headbutt into the other Porings and they will drop a Golden Apple, which you have to pick up as soon as possible. At the same time, you must also protect yourself and avoid getting headbutted by other players!

Gift boxes will also appear in the game, and getting them will give you extra skills. Some monsters will also spawn in the arena. Killing them will give you extra skills as well, but you’ll lose some apples if you get hit by them!

If you lose all of your Golden Apples, you will turn into a Ghostring, but you’ll resurrect after collecting two apples.

Turn into a Ghostring if you lose all your Golden Apples

How to go to Poring Island

To go to Poring Island, just go to Sograt Desert (south of Morocc town), then take the east portal.

How to go to Poring Island for Poring Fight event, from Sograt Desert south of Morocc

The Poring Fight NPC will be located in the middle of Poring Island .

Poring Treasure NPC Poring Fight event in Poring Island location

Strategy – How to win Poring Fight easily!

First off, try to avoid battle if possible. If you lose all your apples, you’ll turn into a Ghostring with very slow movespeed.

A good strategy is to just collect Apples and powerup skills from the Chests as much as possible early on so you can snowball later on in the match.

Here are some of the powerups you can get from chests.

Skill Effect
Poring Fight magnet skill loot nearby Golden Apples Loot nearby apples for 5 secs
Increase movespeed +50% for 10 secs
Poring Fight bomb skill Throw a bomb
Poring Fight AoE attack skill Small AoE attack
Poring Fight increased movespeed skill Set a trap that slows enemies

In addition to chests, here are some powerups you can gain by killing monsters in the arena:

  • Deviruchi – teleport/blink a short distance in front of you
  • Angeling – barrier that protects you from 1 attack (lasts 30 secs)
  • Deviling – reduces Apple loss by 1/4 (lasts 10 secs)
  • Myst Case – become invisible (lasts 5 secs)
  • Cookie – dash attack to your front (casting time 1.5 secs)

Poring Fight Rewards

Once the match is over, players will be ranked and receive rewards based on the number of Golden Apples they collected.

Receive Poring Favor as reward for winning Poring Fight and collecting many Golen Apples

Poring’s Favor

Players will receive Poring’s Favor based on how many apples they got during the match.

In addition, the top 3 players will receive bonus Poring’s Favors:

  • Top 1 — 240 Poring’s Favor
  • Top 2 — 120 Poring’s Favor
  • Top 3 — 60 Poring’s Favor

Poring's Favor rewards from Poring Fight and golden apples

You can use this currency to purchase items from the Poring Shop. Here are some of the items you can buy:

Poring Treasure shop to buy Poring Fight rewards

Poring Treasure shop to buy Poring Fight rewards Gold Medals

Looks like we have another method on how to obtain Adventure Meatballs (our favorite item!) and Gold Medals for your Aesir Monument Runes . Sweet!

In addition, all participants will receive 10,000 Zeny, 3 EXP Potions, and 15 Guardian Medals for the first Poring Fight of that week. (Once per account only.)

Guardian Medals

You’ll get 15 Guardian Medals after you play Poring Fight for the first time every week.

Guardian Medal Poring Fight rewards

Using the Guardian Medal item opens up another shop. Here’s what you can buy with them:

Guardian Medal Shop 1

Guardian Medal Shop 3

Guardian Medal Shop 2


Poring Fight is a fun new game mode with lots of promising rewards, great for relaxing when you’re tired of all the grinding and farming.

Are you ready to battle with other Porings and smash them to death, all for that sweet, sweet Golden Apple!?


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  1. Do you get additional Guardian Medals when you play on your alt character? Os is this limited to 15 medals per account per week?

    1. It was already clarified on the Poring’s Favor section:

      “In addition, all participants will receive 10,000 Zeny, 3 EXP Potions, and 15 Guardian Medals for the first Poring Fight of that week. (Once per account only.)”

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