Pet Labor Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (How to Level Up Fast by Doing Nothing!)

If you’re wondering how the pros level up super fast in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, the secret trick is Pet Labor! Did you know that using this method, you can literally gain millions of EXP while doing nothing!? This guide will teach you how to unlock the Labor Traveling Machine and how to use Pet Labor.


  • At base Lv. 45 and Pet Intimacy Lv. 5, you can use the Labor Traveling Machine to send your pets to a workplace
  • Your pets in labor will give rewards every hour like Base EXP & Job EXP potions
    • They give 100k Base EXP and 10k Job EXP
    • At Level 60, they give 500k Base EXP and 50k Job EXP
    • You can get 10-20 of these potions per day
  • Pets are limited to 2 workplaces at a time. You can increase this limit up to 5 workplaces per pet
  • Pets have skills that improve their efficiency at certain workplaces. Higher efficiency = faster rewards
  • Invest on Pets early and put them to Put Labor ASAP!

Read on for more information!


1. At Lv. 30, talk to Pet NPC in South Prontera

We need to obtain an item called the Labor Traveling Machine to unlock the Pet Labor function.

At Lv. 30, go to Magnus the Pet NPC in South Prontera (near music player) to start the quest. They will teleport you to the Pet Training Grounds to catch your first ever pet, a Poring. Once you catch the Poring, give it a name and hatch the egg.

Finish all their quests and you should get Pet Adventure Guide and Labor Traveling Machine. (Related: Guide to Pet Adventure)

2. Reach Level 45 and Pet Intimacy Lv. 5

To start using Pet Labor you need to be Lv. 45 and your pet should have Intimacy Lv. 5. Use the “Pet” action on your pet every now and then, or feed him with his taming item/cooked foods and your pet should get to Intimacy Lv. 5 in no time.

3. Use the Labor Traveling Machine

Once you’re Lv. 45 with Intimacy Lv. 5, put your beloved pet to egg status by tapping on his icon and clicking Rest (same window as above). Your pet is now ready for work!

Open your Labor Traveling Machine and click the + icon on “Item Shop.”

Select your pet on the left and press “Start”. Now your Pet will start working! Just leave it for a few hours, go grind, do quests or sleep in real life xD

You can check the reward Frequency in the Pet Labor window. At first your pet will give a reward every 55 minutes, but there are ways to reduce this duration which we’ll talk about later. You can unlock other workplaces later too, but for now the Item Shop will do.

4. Wait for a few hours & collect rewards

After a few hours, your pet should be able to harvest a couple of rewards. Click on the Gift icons in Item Shop to open them and voila!

There are many rewards you can get like Emperiums, Lightning Chains and foods.

But what we want are the Base Potions and Job Potions.

When consumed, these Medium EXP Potions will give out 100,000 Base EXP and 10,000 Job EXP respectively. But wait, there’s more!

When you get to base Lv. 60, you will get Large EXP Potions which give times five EXP—a whopping 500,000 Base EXP and 50,000 Job EXP!


Pet Labor Tips

1. Workplace Limit

At first, your Pets can only work up to 2 workplaces. You should always have Pets working in Pet Labor to maximize their potential, so make sure to have at least 3 or more Pets. Check out our guide on how to catch pets successfully: How to Catch a Pet with 100% Success Rate

You can increase this workplace limit by:

  • Accomplished Worker Adventure Skill (requires Adventure Class D)
  • Master Worker Adventure Skill (requires Adventure Class B)
  • Buying the VIP card

In total, you can put pets to 5 workplaces at a time once you unlock other workplaces.

2. Pet Working Efficiency Skills

Pets have passive skills that make them more efficient at certain locations.

For example, Porings are good in Cooking Center because they have a skill Labor: Cooking I which increases their working efficiency in that workplace. Higher working efficiency = faster reward frequency. You can check your Pet’s skills by clicking his icon and pressing “Check.”

Check out this site for more information on which Pets are best for each location.

3. Pet Intimacy and Base Level improves working efficiency

Again, higher working efficiency = more rewards. So make it a habit to always “Pet” and feed your pets with their favorite items to increase their efficiency.


Happy grinding! Well, I don’t think you still need to anymore, thanks to Pet Labor! /heh

27 thoughts on “Pet Labor Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (How to Level Up Fast by Doing Nothing!)

  1. Hello, Nice thread you have here. Do you have a guide to unlock the other establishments for pet labor? or can you create one please? 🙂

    – Cooking Center
    – Pet Association
    – Kafra Co

  2. May I ask how can I change pet in pet labor? For example, I wanna change my Poring to Lunatic in the Item Shop? It won’t change when I click my Poring 🙁

  3. I recalled my pet from MAIN CHARACTER (Base LVL 72) by may ALT CHAR (Base LVL 33). The pet’s Base Level has gone down to my ALT CHAR’s Base Level. Anyone also had this issue, and how to solve this?

    1. That is because your base level is still at 33, your pet’s max level will be your base level at the moment. If you take it back to your main character, your pet level will revert to its original level.

      1. Very True. When my Alt Char Level unlocked the shared storage and return the Leveled Down Pet back to Main Char, its level reached 70+ again. Thanks.

  4. Hi, i just want to ask about frequency. My working pet has Frequency: Earn Reward [57/6] in kafra co. what’s the meaning of that? Thanks!

  5. How to recover the pet labor after long time not login/ claim the item from pet labor? coz the production decrease very significantwith logo “zzz” at the places i put them to work.. i tried :
    1)recall and put back again still the same
    2) recall, store to another alt. char and put again still the same
    3) change the pet still the same
    4) looking the pet labor window while my char auto and claim for few hours still the same..

    Need help please.. Thanks..

  6. My base lvl is 55, my pet is a baby desert wolf lvl 55 and it have intimacy lvl 5, but the labor traveling machine is still locked, What am I doing wrong?

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