Whitesmith Farming Build

Blacksmith using Hammerfall on Steam Goblin in Goblin Forest

Whitesmiths are one of the best farming classes in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, thanks to their AoE skills and passive skills that let them earn significantly more Zeny and loots from monsters.

This guide will teach you the proper stats, skills, equips and grinding spots for a farming Whitesmith build.


Like Wizards, the Whitesmith’s high damage output, damage-increasing buffs, and their AoE skills Hammerfall & Cart Revolution allows them to one-shot a group of mobs in a spawn area. This allows for insane, efficient Zeny or material farming.

In addition, they also have passive skills that let them receive more Zeny and loots dropped by monsters, compared to other jobs.

You can use this build for your main or alternate Whitesmith character. The main difference is that alts will not be investing on Runes.

Whitesmith vs. High Wizard for farming

There’s been a lot of debate about this frequently asked question: Should I go for Whitesmith or High Wizard as a farming class?

Blacksmith using Hammerfall and Wizard using Heaven's Drive on Steam Goblins farming in Goblin Forest

The short answer is: Whitesmiths are are more expensive to setup, since they are more dependent on gears and runes than High Wizards . That’s why Wizards are better overall as a starting class for beginners.

Whitesmiths are also ideal as an alternate farming character. Most players create an alt Blacksmith and leave them at around level 60+ (when Steam Goblin farming slows down) to use for Pet Adventure , since beyond that point you’ll have to start investing on Runes and expensive gears to be an efficient farmer.

Stats Build

  • 20-30 DEX
  • 99 STR
  • Rest to INT / VIT

Firstly, you’ll need a minimum of 20 DEX to be able to hit monsters. High attack damage is useless if all your attacks miss.

Next, pump your STR to 99 to maximize melee damage.

Finally, put the rest of your stats to INT for increased SP pool and SP regen, as you’ll be using skills a lot.

If your Whitesmith is purely for farming only, you won’t need survivability. Otherwise you can add a bit of VIT for other purposes (PVP, etc)

Skill Build


  • Fund Raising 10
  • Cart Attack 10
  • Enhanced Cart 10
  • Loud Exclamation 10

Fund Raising is an essential skill for farming, letting you earn 20% more Zeny when killing monsters. You should max it as early as you can.

Merchant using Cart Attack skill on Spore

As a Merchant, your main source of damage will be from your Cart skills. Cart Attack is a great single target skill that lets you take down monsters quickly at early levels.

Finally, maximize your damage output even more by pumping skill points to Enhanced Cart and Loud Exclamation .


  • Enchanted Stone Craft 1
  • Hammerfall 5
  • Over Thrust 5
  • Weaponry Research 10
  • Weapon Perfection 10
  • Cart Revolution 3 (if not alt)
  • Skin Tempering 5 / Change Cart 5
  • Skin a Flint 1 (Lv 4 for alts)

Enchanted Stone Craft is the first skill you should get, as it gives you a chance to get Magic Fuel from monster loots. Just 1 point is enough.

Next, max Hammerfall as it will be your first AoE farming skill. Cart Revolution will be your other farming skill during the late game. However, you will need to invest on Cart Revo Runes for it to be efficient. Therefore, for alt WS farmers who don’t want to invest on Runes, just stick with Hammerfall as your main AoE skill and Cart Attack as a single-target skill. With the right equips and buffs (see below), you’ll be able to one-shot a group of mobs using either of these two skills, turning you into an insane zeny farming machine!

Max Over Thrust, Weaponry Research and Weapon Perfection for the additional attack damage. Skin Tempering combos with Doom Axe, giving you +10% Fire damage for every skill point in Skin Tempering. This is useful when farming on monsters weak to Fire, such as Orcs, Stings and Undead monsters. (Related: Guide to Elements )

Finally, the remaining skill points will go to Skin a Flint and/or Change Cart.


  • Cart Boost 1
  • Greed 10
  • Trading Master 1
  • Overthrust Max 5
  • Human’s Heart Light 5
  • Max Skin a Flint or Skin Tempering
  • Max Buying Low and Overcharge

Get Cart Boost first for the movement speed bonus.

Then max Greed —the other farming skill unique to Merchant classes that gives them a chance to get double loots from monsters. Get at least one point on Trading Master too.

Overthrust Max is another skill for maximizing your damage. You’ll want to use this at higher levels only as it costs 5,000 zeny per cast every 3 mins. It adds 50% damage too, which is pretty high when you have high base ATK.

Human’s Heart Light is a great passive skill that reduces damage taken from Demi-Human enemies. You’ll want this maxed when hunting Orcs and Kobolds as they are both of Demi-Human race.

Finally at late game, you can reset your skill points and replace Cart Attack and Enhanced Cart with Buying Low (Discount) and Overprice (Overcharge), two classic Merchant skills that will let you save/earn more zeny.


Blacksmith Steam Goblins Goblin Forest

Gears for Whitsmiths are pretty straightforward, though you have lots of other options too. The most essential pieces are Doom Axe , Ancient Cape and Rosa Bracelet , so prioritize those first.

Obviously you’ll want to enhance, refine, upgrade and enchant them with +Atk or Ignore Def modifiers.

  • Headgear
    • Cat Ear Beret
    • Hockey Mask
    • Spiked Scarf
    • Devil Wings
  • Weapon
    • Buster –> Doom Axe (+10% Fire damage for each level of Skin Tempering)
    • Fullblack Dagger –> Holy Dagger
    • Saint’s Axe (from Gacha)
  • Off Hand: Floral Bracelet –> Rosa Bracelet
  • Armor: Tights
  • Garment: Ancient Cape
  • Shoes: Shoes with Eggyra card (for SP regen)
  • Accessory
    • 2x Luna Brooch (for SP regen)
    • or…
    • STR Ring / Flower Ring

How to Maximize Attack Damage

Full Guide: 15+ Ways To Increase Your Physical Attack Damage

Here are all the methods you can use to maximize your damage and be able to one-shot kill monsters.

Blacksmith Whitesmith maximize damage to one shot kill Anolians and Stings using Cart Revolution skill when farming in Glast Heim Culvert

  • 6x Cooked foods that give Atk and Ignore Def buffs
    • Fantasy Fish Soup – Atk +30, Ignore Def +1.5%
    • Al De Baran Fish Soup – Atk +32, Ignore Def +1.75%
    • Song For You – Atk +36, Ignore Def +2%
    • Prontera Royal Seafood Soup – Atk +38, Ignore Def +2.25%
  • Elemental converters
    • Flame Heart vs. Orc Warrior / Orc Archer / Sting
    • Mystic Frozen vs. High Orc
    • Rough Wind vs. Anolian
  • STR Dish
  • Pets: Baby Desert Wolf (Ignore Def buff) or Savage Babe (Refine Attack buff)
  • Blessing (Priest buffs)
  • Guild Blessing
  • Aesir Monument Runes
  • Item Enhancements/Refine/Enchants
  • Craft/Deposit Headgears in Adventurer Handbook
  • Loot/Craft/Deposit Cards in Adventurer Handbook

Farming Spots

Level 1–30

  • Quests
  • Willows, Rockers
  • Wormtails

Level 30–40

  • Vadon
  • Skeleton

Level 40–50

  • Goblins, Goblin Buckler
  • Steam Goblins (Goblin Forest)

This is where you can start to farm very efficiently. Aim for one-hit Hammerfall on Steam Goblins in Goblin Forest. Then pick a spawn point of 3 Steam Goblins and leave your character on Stay Alert. Steam Goblins also drop Coal which you can craft into Tights to easily sell them in bulk.

You should be able to easily outfarm all other classes, such as Wizards using Heaven’s Drive. Your only competition would be fellow Hammerfall Blacksmiths.

Level 50–70

  • Steam Goblins (Goblin Forest)
  • Dustiness / Metaller / Mantis (North Prontera)
  • Munak / Bongun / Eggyra (Payon Cave)

Alternate Whitesmiths usually end at this point. You can either delete the character and start over, or use them for Pet Adventure. Tip: send a Savage Babe and a Yoyo (Intimacy Lv 5 on at least one of them) to the Lv 60 Pet Adventure to get 3 Chests per run! Lv 61 Pet Adventure is great too, target the Minorous for that sweet Mino Card which costs 9-10 million zeny.

If you want to continue using the alt WS to farm though, you can still do so, as you won’t need heavy Rune investment until around level 70-80+.

Level 70+

  • Orc Warrior, Orc Archer, High Orc (Orc Village)

This is where investing on expensive gears and Cart Revolution Runes is required to farm efficiently.

Similar to Steam Goblins, pick a spot where a bunch of Orcs will spawn and aim for 1- or 2-shotting them with Cart Revo. If you’re still working on your gears and Runes, try using the other methods above for increasing your attack damage (see previous section).

Level 85–90+

  • Sting / Anolian / Injustice (Glast Heim Culvert)
  • Kobolds (Kordt Forest)

Level 90+

  • Cookie / Myst Case / Cruiser / Zipper Bear (Toy Factory 1F)

48 thoughts on “ Whitesmith Farming Build

  1. I have saint armor, garment and rings, which one if them are usefull and which arent?
    You thinl you could maybe compare each saint vs non-saint setup?
    Amazing guide, i was doing horribly at farming with my bs haha

    1. only the rings is useful, use saint shoes also if you have one, but the rest are useless if youre not looking for the exp bonus. tights at III tier gives you 8% patk which definitely better than saint armor, and 15% def ignore from ancient cape couldnt be replaced by saint garment.

      1. Thanks for the reply, i think same as you but just wanted to check when to make the transition. I don’t have the saint shoes and i think the rings are no longer worth since my lack of sp regen is too bad even thou they give very good dmg.

    1. over thrust – weapon perfection (if needed) – loud exclamation – cart attack/revo (depends on where you farm)

      additional skills – cart boost (if you walk around when farming) – adrenaline rush (if you use auto attacks instead of CA/CR)

  2. If you have the saint hammer instead of doom axe…do you still put points in “skin tempering” or do you place it elsewhere? Is the skill build the same for saint hammer?

    1. no you shouldnt increase skin tempering if you dont use doom axe, there will be no atk increase, but if youre looking for the damage reduce then it is certainly a good point, but you wont need it on farming anyway.

  3. I know this is a noob question, but where could I get these equipments you’ve stated? I am currently at lvl 45 but I’m still using advanced eden equipment

    1. Cat Ear Beret – Need to be Rank C to buy the blueprint in Prontera
      Floral Bracelet/Rosa Bracelet – Craft in Izlude
      Tights – Craft in geffen
      Buster /Doom axe – Craft in Prontera
      Ancient Cape – Just buy from Exchange or Hunt Alice
      Shoes – Buy from exchange
      Devil wing – Finish quests in Glas Heim to unlock the recipe
      Accessories – Daily Rift

  4. I still prefer saint axe than doom axe because my doom not give more damage yet,but can you advise me for shoe and ring? I still use saint shoe,saint ring and str ring,i it worth to invest on shoe (not saint) and luna broch? have you idea for combination in accecories?

    1. If you can have base atk of 2k++ better to change saint shoe to rune boots for ace go for slotted luna brooch and have marine sphere card or kaho card cheaper slotted ace

  5. Hey there,

    If i’m going to reset my skills as a WS and want to invest runes in Cart Revo. Do I still need to put points into hammerfall? If not, where do i put the extra 5 points?

    1. You need to use Flame heart, for it to be effective, it says “extra fire damage +10%”, which means your element needs to be fire.

    1. trading master to access exchange anytime makes it convenient to farm since you don’t have to go to exchange to sell loots and buy converters

  6. To upgrade Doom Axe to Tier II needs “Normal Precision Stone”
    This stone requires blacksmith to have “Enchanted Stone Craft Lv.5” to craft it by the character.
    But you recommended only 1 skill point for “Enchanted Stone Craft”
    How do I get the Normal Precision Stone then?
    It is not selling at the exchange.

    1. I bought mines at Exchange. Unless they are all sold out, just wait for a smith to go and craft it lol… Because you don’t wanna try and craft it. You success chance at your lv is very low. May waste more zenny making it than buying it. Id say wait. I just tier 2 my axe yesturday too so uh, i was one of those buyers lol.

  7. Nice guide! Will definitely follow this 😀

    I’m still working on in getting the scale of wealth quest for me to be able to change into blacksmith. 😀

  8. Hi, Can you make a sniper (trapper or any) farming build like this and the wizard one? It’s still one of your recommended farming characters right? Thanks, this is much of a help.

    1. There are many on YouTube. Check them out. Basically, till you hit breakthrough, you farm Petites using a Trapper build. And after you reach job lvl 50, you can either move to an ADL build and farm Ridewords, or you can do a Multifiring build and farm Kobolds or Stings/Anolians.

      1. Dude i am so surprised I read your name here. Your blogs about WordPress coding really helped my ass out a lot of times. Just wanna extend my thanks to you. Keep rockin’!!

  9. Anyone here using Fire Axe for Orcs Farming? What should be the minimum base Atk to 1hit orcs usinn the Fire Axe? Inalready have Doom Axe and can easily 1hit orcs, now I wanted to try using the Fire Axe so I won’t be using fire converters anymore.

    PS. Hammerfall No Runes Build here

  10. Just gonna put this here.
    Crusader Zeny Farming Guide
    (Not recommended for Exp Farming)

    These classes excel in farming Shadow and Undead mobs.

    Just equally distribute to STR and INT

    Holy Cross 10
    Spear Mastery 10
    Auto Guard 10
    Cavalry Combat 5
    Cavalry Mastery 5

    Weapon – Ivory Lance (You need a Spear-type weapon for HC to be effective. Ivory Lance gives a 100% Ignore Def to normal mobs.)
    Offhand – Naga Shield (Useful Late Game, provides MATK bonus)
    Armor – Tights III (Cheap, provides high ATK bonus)
    Garment – Coat of Dragon Scale (Gives +2 STR, Ancient Cape’s ignore DEF is redundant with Ivory Lance)
    Footgear – Runes Shoes (Useful Late Game for Rune Boots)
    Head – Cat Ear Beret (Easily accessible, provides high ATK bonus)
    Face – Any that adds ATK or MATK
    Mouth – Any that adds ATK or MATK
    Back – Any that adds ATK or MATK
    Tail – Piriku P Cha (+2 All Attrib, +20 ATK/MATK)
    Accessory – Flower Ring III (Cheap, provides high ATK bonus)
    Accessory – Flower Ring III (Cheap, provides high ATK bonus)

    Ghost Ship – Skeletons – Steel (You can also 1 hit them with level 1 Magnum Break)
    Payon Cave F1 – Munak, Bongun, Hydra Spot (w/ Magnum Break) – No specific loot, but you can 1 hit them
    Pyramid F1 – Mummy, Soldier Skeleton – No specific loot, but you can 1 hit them
    Pyramid F2 – Archer Skeleton – Archer Skeleton Card
    Orc Dungeon F1 – Orc Zombie, Orc Skeleton – No specific loot, but you can 1 hit them

    You can carry on the build into Paladin and Royal Guard with endgame equipment as follows:
    Spearfish Pike / Ocean Dread
    Naga Shield
    Staunch Armor
    Ancient Cape
    Rune Boots
    Cat Ear Beret
    (The Dragonball energy counter thing from Juno Quest)
    Devil Wing
    Staunch Ring
    Orleans’s Gloves

  11. Is this a good farm? Blacksmith (level 62)
    – After 270 minutes combat time, I get around 200,000-230,000 zeny (without lightning chain)
    -I get around 200,000-230,000 zeny (with lightning chain up until 180 minutes)
    – I one hit hammer fall 3 goblin(axe)

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