How to Clear Time Rifts Instantly (Farm Rare Loots by Doing Nothing!)

instantly clear time rifts in ragnarok mobile using purification holy grails

Time Rifts in Ragnarok Mobile are a great method to obtain equipment for your character, or if you simply just want to farm rare loots to earn zeny. Clearing Rifts can make you a lot of fortune—I made my first 1 million zeny by farming Flower Rings in West Prontera Rifts.

You can finish Time Rifts on your own or with a party, but here’s a trick that not all players know: you can instantly clear Time Rifts using an item called Purification Holy Grail! You just need lots of Adventure Meatballs.

This guide will teach you how to farm and become rich in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love by doing nothing!


  1. Collect LOTS of Adventure Meatballs
  2. Choose a Time Rift location
  3. Buy Holy Grails using the meatballs
  4. Use the Holy Grail to instantly clear the Rift!

1. Collect Adventure Meatballs

Full Guide: How to Get Lots of Adventure Meatballs

ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item

The first step is to collect a lot of Adventure Meatballs. Sometimes they’re called Riceballs but they’re the same. Here are some methods on how to collect meatballs/riceballs:

  1. Reach 20 Intimacy with your Assistant — 5 per day (related: Guide to Assistants )
  2. Tap your Pet frequently — 20 max per day, more if Premium user (related: How to Catch a Pet with 100% Success Rate)
  3. Cooking Center Pet Labor (use Poring) — 1 per 30 mins (related: Pet Labor Guide)
  4. Receive as rewards from Pet Adventure — depends on area (related: Pet Adventure Guide )
  5. From the Big Cat Coin Shop — 6 per 1 BCC

2. Choose a Time Rift

Talk to the Rift Monitor NPC in town and choose which Rift you want to farm on.

Rift Monitor NPC in Prontera ragnarok eternal love

You can see what rewards each Rift drops. I recommend whichever has drops with higher Exchange prices (obviously) or whichever gear you want to acquire for your character. Some examples of great Rift rewards are Gloves, INT Earrings, or STR Rings that sell for 500-600k zeny each in the Exchange.

INT earring reward from Sograt Desert Rift ragnarok mobile

3. Buy Purification Holy Grails using Adventure Meatballs

Click the Adventure Meatball item in your inventory and “Use” it. It will open a shop where you can buy stuff for busy or lazy people:

  • Mercenary’s Mission – used to skip Message Board Quests
  • Ancient Tower Golden Ejector – used to skip Endless Tower floors
  • Purification Holy Grails – used to skip Rifts instantly. This is what we want!

You need to buy the specific Holy Grail for the Time Rift location you’ve chosen.

Purification Holy Grails only cost around 8 to 10 Adventure Meatballs each, so you need a total of 40-50 Meatballs per day since we can only do 5 Rifts per day.

ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball shop holy grail

4. Use the Holy Grails to instantly clear Time Rifts

Once you’ve bought Holy Grails and selected a Time Rift from the Rift Monitor NPC in Prontera, it’s time to clear the rifts!

First, teleport/walk to your target rifts. (You can also click the Rift quest in your quest log to automatically walk towards your selected Rift)

Once you’re in the Rift, just click it then select the blue “Instant” button instead of opening the rift.

Instantly clear Time Rifts using Purification Holy Grail Ragnarok eternal love

Wait a few seconds and the Rift will end.

And that’s it, you’ll get instant rewards from the Time Rift without doing anything! Repeat the process until you reach the daily limit of 5 rifts. Hopefully you’ll get lucky and receive lots of rare items!

Bonus Tip: Do it with friends!

Here’s the best part:

You can party up with other people and have one player use the Holy Grail = instant Rifts for everyone in the party!

So the most efficient strategy for clearing Rifts is: all party members take turns in using the Grail, so that each player only consumes 1 Grail and still get 5 Rifts completed.

I recommend doing it with your friends/guildmates only to prevent scammers from leaving right after they leech from your precious Grails.

Instant Time Rift Drop Rate FAQs

Will the drop rate of Time Rift rewards be affected if I clear it with a party?

No. Each member will all have equal chances of getting loots. (It is technically possible that every member will get 1 rare loot)

Will the drop rate of Rift rewards be affected if I use Purification Holy Grails to clear it?


Will my level/party member’s levels affect Rift rewards? Is there a penalty for Rift level gap?


Why am I not getting any rare items after clearing 100,000 Rifts?

You’re just unlucky! It’s all pure luck. Don’t give up and just try and try again!


So that’s how to instantly clear Time Rifts without spending time, effort and in-game resources—an easy way to earn semi-passive zeny income and become filthy rich in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Just remember to keep collecting those Adventure Meatballs to buy Purification Holy Grails. Your pets will be your best friends.

Have fun clearing Rifts and good luck on getting those sweet sweet rare loots!

Happy grinding!

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  3. do have to finished all the rifts before i can open the previously finish rift, coz i’d already done with the other rifts but when im trying to go back and do insta rift, rift already disappear.need help!!

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