How to Clear Tokyo-3 Instance in 180 Seconds (EVA Event)

Tokyo-3 Rift Instance eva event ragnarok m eternal love

The Tokyo-3 Dungeon Rift is an instance-based game mode as part of the Evangelion (EVA) event for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

Here’s a guide on how to instantly clear the Tokyo-3 Rift Instance and how to get all the rewards!

How it Works

You and your party will enter a dungeon. The objective is to kill the 3 Bosses in under 180 seconds to get all rewards for the day.

Upon entering, you will transform into EVA Mech suits, so your job classes and level won’t matter.

There are two types of Mech suits: Unit-01 (Violet) and Unit-02 (Red).

All players have 4 skills: Normal Attack, Special Attack, Buff (to opposite color only), and Switch Suit Type (e.g. Violet to Red and vice versa).

Tokyo-3 Instance Rift Skills


How to Defeat the 3 Bosses

Tokyo-3 Rift Instance eva event ragnarok m eternal love Boss

For each boss, only a certain Suit type can deal damage to the boss.

  • First Boss — only RED can deal damage
  • Second Boss — only VIOLET can deal damage
  • Third Boss more than 50% HP — only RED can deal damage
  • Third Boss below 50% HP — only VIOLET can deal damage

So just spam attack (2nd Skill) if it’s your turn, otherwise just spam Buffs (3rd Skill).


Easiest Strategy — “3-2 Strategy”

Tokyo-3 Rift Instance eva event ragnarok m eternal love 3

  1. Form a party of 5 members.
  2. Decide what colors each member will take. The composition should be 3:2 ratio. So, either 2 Red + 3 Violet or 3 Violet + 2 Red, it doesn’t matter.
  3. Upon entering, turn-off auto attack and follow. Switch to your selected color in Step 2.
  4. Stick to your colors. No switching is needed!
  5. Then, just keep spamming 2nd and 3rd skill. Those 2 skills should ALWAYS be on cooldown.

That’s it! If you did everything correctly you should clear it in under 180 seconds.


Alternate Strategy — “Switcher Strategy”

This strategy is more common but difficult to explain to first-timers. Most players use this strategy so it’s worth learning.

The party composition is: 2 Permanent Red, 2 Permanent Violet, and 1 Switcher (starting with Violet).

Perma-Reds and Perma-Violets will take turns attacking and buffing. The Switcher will Buff the whole time, but will Switch Suits for each boss. Here’s a diagram:

Tokyo-3 Instance Rift eva event Switcher Strategy


Important Tips & Notes

Tokyo-3 Rift Instance eva event ragnarok m eternal love 4

  • Turn off Auto Attack and Follow. Auto-Attack will auto-use your 4th Skill (Switch Suit). Switch Suit cooldown is 60 seconds and will mess up your strategy.
  • Move fast! Your timer starts as soon as you enter the dungeon. The timer will keep running during dialog boxes. Close the dialogs fast and move to the next boss ASAP after killing them.
  • You can get all 4 Battle Chest rewards in one run if you finish it in under 180 seconds.
  • You can enter anytime but only all Battle Chest rewards once.
  • Do the Tokyo-3 Instance on your Alts. Alternate characters will get separate rewards, both for 5 NERV Commendation Chests (after first run for the day) and the 4 Battle Chests (depending on time finished).



Kill the 3 Bosses in under 180 seconds (3 minutes) to get all Chest rewards.

In summary, you can get a total of 900 NERV Emblems per character each day from the Battle Chest rewards, a total of 2,700 NERV Emblems if you do it on all 3 alternate characters as well.

NERV Emblems and Battle Chests can be deposited to Shared Storage.

Tokyo-3 Instance Rift Rewards Nerv Battle Chests

Daily Reward for clearing Tokyo-3 Rift:

  • First clear — 5 NERV Commendation Chest

Rewards for clearing Tokyo-3 Rift (one time per character):

  • Clear in 241-300 sec — “NERV Operation Assistant”, 1 NERV Superior Battle Chest
  • Clear in 211-240 sec — “NERV Operation Director”, 2 NERV Superior Battle Chest
  • Clear in 181-210 sec — “NERV Deputy Commander”, 2 NERV Deluxe Battle Chest
  • Clear in 1-180 sec — “NERV Commander”, 5 NERV Deluxe Battle Chest

NERV Chests contain:

  • Open NERV Superior Battle Chest — 50 NERV Emblem
  • Open NERV Deluxe Battle Chest — 100 NERV Emblem, unlock “The Child” title

Rewards for unlocking EVA costume:

  • Unlock 1 Headgear — 1 extra NERV Commendation Chest
  • Unlock 3 Headgear — 2 extra NERV Commendation Chest
  • Unlock 5 Headgear — 3 extra NERV Commendation Chest
  • Unlock 7 Headgear — 4 extra NERV Commendation Chest
  • Unlock 9 Headgear — 5 extra NERV Commendation Chest

NERV Emblem Shop

Open the NERV Emblem shop to redeem avatar, cards, Gold Medals, and more using NERV Emblems:

NERV Emblem Shop 1 EVA event

NERV Emblem Shop 2 EVA event

Some notable items in the NERV Emblem shop are the Gold Medals, cards and the PENPEN Pet.



What strategy and party composition did you follow to complete the Tokyo-3 Rift Instance? Comment them down below!

6 thoughts on “How to Clear Tokyo-3 Instance in 180 Seconds (EVA Event)

  1. in my experience..
    i get total 2700 emblem in 1 account..
    1 char can get 900 emblem..
    so 900 x 3 = 2700 emblem..

    and dont forget to wear a gacha headwear during the quest.. it will increase your emblem.
    mine has 2704 emblem today (2019/1/31)
    CMIIW.. ^^

      1. everyday until Feb 21.

        yup.. 1 account can get 2700 emblem everyday,
        you can do it with your alternate char. The emblem can store in kafra share storage too… ^^

        And remember, Items you can buy with emblem have a limited stock, so it can “SOLD OUT”.. so decide with char you want to buy the item, because not all the item can store in kafra share storage ( for example : Gold Medal)

        CMIIW.. ^^

      2. sorry my mistake..
        it just once per account.. T_T

        the total emblem we can get is :
        1 character 900 emblem
        900 x 3 = 2700 emblem per account..

        you can do it until Feb 21.

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