Ragnarok M Kumamon Event Guide (January 2020)

Ragnarok M Kumamon Event January 2020

In addition to the January 2020 event “Big Cat Celebration” , Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has partnered with Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture mascot, Kumamon for another crossover event!

Read this article to learn more about the Ragnarok M x Kumamon Event and how to redeem all the rewards!

Kumamon Events Overview

Here’s a quick overview on the events for the Kumamon event in Ragnarok Mobile for the month of January 2020.


Jan 1–16: Love Heart Adventure Quest in Prontera (5-day quest)
Jan 2–9: Battle of Kumamon dungeon quest
Jan 16–23: Find Kumamon in scenic spots
Jan 23–30: Kumamon Divine Quest in Prontera


Jan 1–31: Kumamon’s Present is available (expires after Jan 31)


Jan 6–13: Mission Board Extra Rewards
Jan 13–20: Time Rift Extra Rewards
Jan 20–27: Guild Donation Extra Rewards


Jan 9–31: Kumamon Gachapon

Event 1: Love Heart Adventure — 5-Day Quest

Mission Accepting Date: 1st to 16th January
Mission Finishing Date: 1st to 31st January

Go to Prontera Square to start the Love Heart Adventure 5-day quest. You’ll receive the headgear “Lost Face Makeup” after finishing the quest.

After finishing each quest, you will get Kumamon’s Appreciation, Kumamon’s Gacha Token and Royal Celebration Collection.

Finish day 3 quest to receive an exclusive emote Kumamon Hug and an exclusive Headwear Kumamon Face Makeup .

What is Kumamon’s Appreciation?

Kumamon’s Appreciation is a gift box from pop idol Kumamon.

Open it to receive 20x Kumamon’s Present which can be used to purchase items from the event shop.

You’ll also have a chance to receive one of the following items:

  • Mysterious Box SP x1
  • Mithril x3
  • Gold Medal x1
  • Food Voucher x1
  • Lightning Chain x2
  • Mora Coin x4
  • Oracle Dust x2
  • Oracle Crystal x1
  • Seed of Mastela x1

If you manage to have Kumamon’s good luck, you might also get the limited headwear blueprint I am Kumamon Blueprint x1!

The Kumamon Blueprint gives out the following stats:

  • DMG to Demi-Human +5
  • Atk +40
  • M.Atk +40
  • Deposit Reward: MaxHP + 60
  • Unlock Reward: Atk +3, MaxHP +30

Event 2: Kumamon Adventure

Event Date: 16th to 23rd January

For this event, players can find all the scenic spots in Rune Midgard to look for Kumamon.

You will get Kumamon’s Appreciation, Kumamon Token, and Royal Celebration Medal.

The adventurers who have found all of the Kumamons around scenery spot every day will receive a Kumamon Surprise Emote.

This event is limited to one character under one account. Reset at 05:00 each day

Event 3: Battle of Kumamon (Dungeon/Instance Quest)

Event Date: 2nd to 9th January

Talk to Zipper Bear on Prontera Square to start the Battle of Kumamon.

In this event, you’ll enter a dungeon where you have to defeat all the Zipper Bears to gain 1 point. But be careful because killing a Kumamon will reduce 2 points from your score!

The first time you finish the event, you’ll receive a Kumamon’s Appreciation and 5 Royal Celebration Medal for that day

You’ll also get title rewards based on the score you got from the dungeon:

  • 35 Points or more:
    • Kumamon Core Fans Title
    • I love you Kumamon Title
    • 5 Kumamon Grateful Giftbox
  • 25 to 35 Points:
    • Kumamon Loya Fan Title
    • I love you Kumamon Title
    • 2 Kumamon Grateful Giftbox
  • 15 to 25 Points:
    • Kumamon Fan Title
    • Kumamon Not So Grateful Title
  • 5 to 15 Points:
    • Kumamon Normie Title
    • Kumamon Not So Grateful Title

Each title and title rewards can only be claimed once.

Event 4: Kumamon’s Divine

Event Date: 23rd to 30th January

During the event, go to Prontera Square and find Teddy Bear to participate in the Kumamon’s Divine event.

You’ll get the following rewards:

  • Kumamon’s Appreciation
  • Kumamon Token
  • Kumamon’s Present

Adventurers who have participated in this event will get a Kumamon’s Protection Buff.

Event 5: Kumamon’s Present“

Even ends on January 31, 2020

For this month, you’ll be able to use Kumamon’s Present item to open up the Kumamon’s Present Store and redeem rewards.

Event 6: Kumamon Gachapon

Event Date: 9th 31st January

“Kumamon” Themed Costume is available!

Event 7: Mission Board Extra Rewards

Event Date: 6th to 13th January

The first character who finishes Mission Board quest will receive “Kumamon’s Appreciation”, “Kumamon Token”

Event 8: Time Rift Extra Rewards

Event Date: 13th to 20th January

The first character who finishes Time Rift will receive “Kumamon’s Appreciation”, “Kumamon Token”

Event 9: Guild Donation Extra Rewards

Event Date: 20th to 27th January

The first character who donate in Guild will receive “Kumamon’s Appreciation”, “Kumamon Token”


Hope this guide helped you to redeem all rewards for the Kumamon Event in Ragnarok Mobile.

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Good luck!

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