January 2020 Events Guide: Big Cat Studio Royal Celebration

January 2020 Event in Ragnarok Mobile Big Cat Studio Royal Celebration

Hey Adventurers! Here’s a guide on the events in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love for the month of January 2020.

The event is called Big Cat Studio Royal Celebration and features eight different events—lots of rewards and prizes await all players!

Read this article to learn more about the January 2020 events in Ragnarok Mobile and how to redeem all rewards.

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January 2020 Events Overview

Here’s a quick overview on the events for January 2020 in Ragnarok Mobile.


Jan 2–9: 5-Day Quest in Prontera (Diligent Scholar)
Jan 10–12: Claim chest reward in Prontera every day at 8 PM (server time)
Jan 17–19: Claim chest reward in Prontera every day at 8 PM (server time)


Jan 1–6: Talk to Messenger in Prontera to get title and giftbox reward
Jan 1–Feb 8: Celebration Store is available
Jan 16–Feb 1: Talk to Unskillful Hunter in Prontera to claim Unlock rewards
Jan 17–24: Monsters will drop New Years Firecracker and New Years Packets
Feb 8: Royal Celebration Medals expire


Jan 23–30: Golden Age Gacha


Jan 24–31: New Year Celebration Giftbox

Event 1: Celebration Store

Event Time: 2020/01/01 5:00 — 2020/02/08 5:00

During the event, players can access a Celebration Store where you can exchange Royal Celebration Medals for special items.

The Celebration Store progress is shared between all characters under an account.

Royal Celebration Medals will expire on 2020, February 8th, 5:00 AM.

Here are the available items on the Celebration Store:

  • Fantasy Generator Ⅲ Appreciation – 2020
  • Fantasy Generator Ⅰ Appreciation – 2020
  • Cute Pet Appreciation – 2020

Event 2: The first gift of 2020 — Free to Claim

Event Date: 2020-01-01 5:00 – 2020-01-06 5:00

During the event, Adventurers can go to Prontera Square and find NPC “New Year Messenger” to claim a First Gift of 2020 and unlock title 2020.

Event 3:1001 Nights Memories — 5-Day Quest

Event Start: 2020/01/02 5:00 — 2020/01/09 5:00 (Accept Quests)
Event End: 2020/01/16 5:00 (Complete Quests)

During the event, players with Base Level ≥12 can talk to “Diligent Scholar” on the Prontera Square to start the event.

The event has 5 Tasks, after finishing each Task, the player will receive Royal Celebration Collection.

Complete the 5th day to obtain an extra Celebration Collection.

Event 4: Achievement Unlock

Event Time: 2020/01/16 5:00 — 2020/02/01 5:00
Event Content: [On Feb 1st all items will be off store]

During the event, players can find Unskillful Hunter to review your Adventure Manual and give you rewards according to your unlocks.

Here are the rewards you can get:

Headwear Progress

  • Unlock 300 for Eternal Love / 90 for Midnight Party — Fantasy Generator Ⅰ Appreciation – 2020
  • Unlock 200 for Eternal Love / 60 for Midnight Party — Fantasy Generator Ⅲ Appreciation – 2020
  • Unlock 100 for Eternal Love / 30 for Midnight Party — Cute Pet Appreciation

Achievement Progress

  • Unlock 200 for Eternal Love / 150 for Midnight Party — Ancient Magic Card Album
  • Unlock 150 for Eternal Love / 100 for Midnight Party — Hardcover Emil’s Card Album
  • Unlock 100 for Eternal Love / 50 for Midnight Party — Gorgeous Card Album

Event 5: Royal Collection — Global Chest

Event Time: Every 20:00–21:00 on January 10–12 and January 17–19, 2020

Every event day from 20:00—21:00 the Royal Celebration Gift Box will be refreshed in Prontera, players can claim their special gift there.

Can be claimed only once per day

Event 6: “Fantasy Generator Feast”

Event Time: 2020/01/23 5:00 — 2020/01/30 5:00

There will be a new Fantasy Generator Feast gacha called the “Golden Age” which gives 10x the chances of getting a costume.

Players also get a reward after a number of draws. Each draw costs 30 BCC.

  • 1 draw (30 BCC) —「Fantasy Generator Feast」x30
  • 5 draws (150 BCC) — Newest Special Costume Color x1
  • 30 draws (900 BCC) — Newest Headwear x1

Event 7: First Recharge Double rewards

After the client update on January 1, 2020, the double recharge rewards will reset.

Event 8: Celebration Loot

Event Date: 17th to 24th January

During the event, monsters (except mission monster, endless tower, and instance monsters) will drop New Years Firecrackers and New Years Packet. You can get a maximum of 50 for each item.

New Years Packet gives you a random amount of Zeny.

New Years Firecrackers allows you to access the Celebration Store where you can purchase:

  • Gold Medal
  • Valkyrie Gift
  • Meteor Chain

Event 9: New Year Celebration Giftbox

It can be exchanged and traded during 01-24 05:00 – 01-31 05:00; it will be expired after 02-05 05:00.


Aside from the Big Cat Celebration event, there’s also the Kumamon Event going on for this month! Check out our guide to Ragnarok M x Kumamon Event here.

Good luck!

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