Daily & Weekly Routine Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Blacksmith looking at Message Board quests Daily and Weekly Routine for Ragnarok M eternal love

There’s tons of game content and features in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love! In this guide, we list down all the essential daily/weekly activities and their requirements and rewards so you don’t forget to do important tasks and miss out on rewards and daily item limits.

We also organized them by time required to finish the tasks for your convenience, so you can choose depending on your play schedule.


We divided the daily/weekly activities into five categories:

  • Easy Daily Tasks – tasks that don’t take more than 10 mins each (e.g. instant dailies, claiming free items)
  • AFK Daily Tasks – tasks that take more than 10 mins (e.g. monster resistance, AFK grinding)
  • Weekly Activities – activities that reset weekly (e.g. Endless Tower)
  • Mentors/Students – additional daily tasks for Mentors and Students
  • Other Tasks – other things you can do when you’ve run out of tasks from the first four categories

You can view a compact, summarized version here: Daily & Weekly Routine (Compact Version)

Easy Daily Tasks (1–10 mins each)

These are the easy daily tasks that don’t take too much time. You can finish these tasks in around 10-30 minutes. You also won’t need to spend any Stamina here.

As a general rule, Adventure Meatballs are your best friends—make sure to collect lots of these! (Related: How to Get Lots of Adventure Meatballs )

Get Pet Labor Rewards

Requirements Labor Traveling Machine Pet Labor Labor Traveling Machine (unlocked at Level 45)
Rewards medium base exp potion ragnarok pet labor medium job exp potion ragnarok pet labor EXP Potions
ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item Adventure Meatballs
Eden Coins
  • Open your Labor Traveling Machine and collect the items your Pets worked hard for overnight!
  • Full Guide: Pet Labor Guide

Send Pets to Pet Adventure

Requirements Pet Adventure book ragnarok m eternal love Pet Adventure Book (unlocked at Level 30)
ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item 5 Adventure Meatballs per Pet
60 Stamina per Adventure

raccoon leaf four-leaf clover fabric

Rare loots (Raccoon Leaf, Four-Leaf Clover, Fabric, etc), materials, cards, exp, zeny

  • It’s highly recommended to run Pet Adventures on alternate characters to save Stamina on your main
  • Notable areas:
    • Prontera/Izlude areas for Raccoon Leaf/Four-Leaf Clover
    • Level 60 for easy 3 Chests (Yoyo + Savage Babe + Lv 5 Intimacy on either pet)
    • Level 61 for Minorous Card
  • Full Guide: Pet Adventure Guide

Get free Warm Dish from Food NPC

NPC Food Merchant Food Shop NPC
Food Shop in towns
Requirements None
Rewards warm dish 1 Warm Dish per day
  • Gives HP/SP Discharge, which restores 500 HP when your HP is below 70% and 50 SP when SP is below 40%, every 6 seconds
  • Eating lots of Warm Dish will stack the stored discharge

Instant 10 Message Board Quests

NPC daily message boards quests ragnarok mobile eternal love
Mission Board in towns
Requirements Unlocked at Level 15
mercenarys mission 10 Mercenary’s Mission (3-5 Meatball each)
ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item 30-50 Adventure Meatballs in total
Rewards Base/Job EXP, Zeny, Lightning Chain, Silver Medals, Yggdrassil Leaf, etc…
Description Use Mercenary Missions from the Meatball shop to instantly clear Board Quests (costs 3-5 Meatballs each). If you want to save up on Meatballs, you can do the easy board quests manually (e.g. taking photos, escorting monsters, etc).

Instant 5 Time Rifts

NPC Rift Monitor NPC
Rift Monitor in towns
Requirements ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball shop holy grail 5 Holy Grails (8-10 Meatballs each)
ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item 40-50 Adventure Meatballs in total
Rewards Rare accessories, Base/Job EXP, low-level loots
  • Use Purification Holy Grails to instantly clear the 5 Time Rifts
  • Check the current Exchange prices of the rewards to check which Rift gives the most valuable rewards
  • Full Guide: How to Clear Time Rifts Instantly

Instant Training Grounds

Requirements training ground monster report 1 Training Ground Report (costs 5 Meatballs)
ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item 5 Adventure Meatballs in total
Rewards silver medal 1 Silver Medal
100 Eden Coins
Description Use Training Ground Monster Report from the Meatball Shop to clear Training Grounds instantly. Just use the item in your inventory anywhere and get the rewards.

Buy Rare Ingredients and Chef’s Eagle Eyes in Cooking HQ

NPC Rare Ingredients and Primary Ingredients Shop NPCs in Cooking Center Hall Cuisine Association
Requirements Zeny
Rewards chefs eagle eye used to farm cooking ingredients in ragnarok mobile eternal love Chef’s Eagle Eyes
Rare Ingredients for Cooking
rare ingredients

Finish Daily Cooking Quest

NPC Dwight Cuisine Association Daily Cooking Quest NPC
Requirements Cooking ingredients (depends on quest, use this Recipe list for reference )
Rewards Cooking EXP
Random ingredients/gourmet food
  • Talk to Dwight in the Cooking Hall for the daily cooking quest
  • He will require you to cook a certain recipe. Use a Recipe list for reference

Check Lucky Shop

NPC Lucky Shop NPC
Requirements Several Eden Coins
Rewards Materials/gems
  • Lucky Shop sells a random set of items per day for a few Eden Coins. If you’re “lucky”, he will sell expensive items such as the Orcish Voucher for a few Eden Coins
  • Just check the Exchange prices of the items for sale. The higher Zeny per Eden Coin cost, the better

Check Greedy Shop

NPC greedy shop npc toy factory 1f ragnarok mobile
Requirements Recommended Level: 85+
Few thousand zennies
Lots of Edelweiss (obtain from Toy Factory monsters)
Rewards Biotite, Key of Clock Tower, Rose Quartz, Bell, etc…
(These items can be sold for 100k-900k zeny)
  • Greedy Shop is similar to Lucky Shop which sells a random set of rare items for a very cheap price
  • Full Guide: How to Summon Greedy Shop

Buy Black Wings from the Adventure Meatball Shop

Requirements ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item 60 Adventure Meatballs
Rewards black wing 10 Black Wings
  • One of the most essential late-game items is the Devil Wings
  • It requires 450 Black Wings which you can purchase for 6 Meatballs each, with a daily limit of 10 Black Wings
  • Buying 10 Black Wings daily early on will give you a huge headstart
  • Full Guide: How to Get Black Wings

Donate to Guild and Facilities under construction

NPC guild donation npc
Requirements 100-200k worth of rare material(s)
10-50k per set of normal materials
Rewards gold medal aesir monument runes 1 Gold Medal (rare donation)
guild contribution medal aesir monument 60 Guild Contributions (per set of normal donation)

Buy Peak Shards

NPC Incredible Vending Machine NPC Guild Hall
Requirements 20 Silver Medal / 2 Gold Medal / 20 Nibelungen Shard
Rewards peak shard Up to 3 Peak Shards per day
  • Using Peak Shards, you can extend your Job Level limit from 40 to 70
  • You can buy Peak Shards from the Vending Machine, a Guild Facility you need to unlock. This is another reason why you should join a Guild ASAP
  • A Peak Shard costs either 20 Silver Medals, 2 Gold Medals, or 20 Nibelungen Shard

Claim Assistant awards

NPC assistant ragnarok claim rewards
Assistant tab from menu
Requirements Assistants unlocked at Level 20
Rewards ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item 5 Adventure Meatball
50 Eden Coin
ragnarok mobile eternal love big cat voucher feast ticket 1 Big Cat Voucher Feast (Orange)
big cat voucher i blue 1 Big Cat Voucher (Blue)
10,000 zeny
  • After doing most of the daily quests, you’ll reach 100 Intimacy points with your Assistant
  • Make sure to claim them by tapping on the rewards in the Assistant window
  • Full Guide: Guide to Assistants

Sell or Restock your loots in the Exchange

NPC exchange NPC
Requirements None
Rewards Zeny
Description Don’t forget to restock the items/loots you’re trying to sell on the Exchange!

AFK Daily Tasks (more than 5 mins each)

These are the more time consuming daily tasks that involves consuming Stamina.

Thanks to the Auto Attack feature in the game, you can leave your character on AFK while doing other more important stuff IRL such as working or studying or listening to your teacher in class—just make sure your boss/professor won’t catch you playing! 😀

Listen to Music

NPC Listening to the music player in South Prontera to replenish on Stamina
Music Player in South Prontera Gate
Requirements None
Rewards Additional 60 Stamina
  • Sit next to the Music Box in South Prontera for 60 minutes to get 60 free Stamina
  • You don’t have to buy CDs to play on the music player, just switch to Channel 1 where lots of people will queue their CDs
  • Full Guide: Guide to Stamina

2x Monster Resistance

NPC Monster Resistance NPC
Requirements Unlocked at Level 22
  • 10x EXP rate for a limited amount of EXP (varies per level)
  • 1 Silver Medal per quest
  • Get your two daily Monster Resistance quest to get 10x EXP rate for a limited amount of EXP
  • Unclaimed Monster Resistance quests will carry over to the next day, and you can stack a max of 6 Monster Resistance quests

Claim Meatballs from Pet

Requirements Pet indicator for Adventure Meatball
Spend time with hatched Pet
Rewards ragnarok mobile eternal love adventure meatball item 20 Adventure Meatballs in total
  • After spending some time with your hatched Pet, it will randomly give you 4 Adventure Meatballs for a maximum of 5 times per day (Premium users get double)
  • Just tap on your Pet when the “gift” icon pops up

AFK Grinding (Leveling or Farming)

Requirements None
Rewards EXP, zeny, loots
  • Lastly, when you’ve finished all daily tasks or you have to do something else IRL, you can leave your character on AFK grinding in your favorite farming/leveling spot
  • Leveling Spots Guide (Lv 1-100)

Weekly Activities

These are the two game modes that reset during the weekly reset schedule (Monday).

Endless Tower

NPC How to unlock Endless Tower through Stele with Year in Endless Island
Stele with Year in Endless Island
Requirements Unlocked at Level 52
Rewards Rare loots (Raccoon Leaf, Fabric, Four-Leaf Clover, etc)
Mini/MVP Boss drops
Pet taming items
  • Endless Tower is weekly event and a great way to farm rare loots and Boss drops
  • Full Guide: Endless Tower Guide

Valhalla Ruins

NPC Valhalla Ruins entrance Guild Hall
Valhalla entrance in Guild Hall
Requirements silver medal 40 Silver Medals
Rewards Mini-Boss/MVP Boss drops
Description Valhalla Ruins (a.k.a. Guild Raids) is a weekly event game mode similar to ET where you and guild mates hunt down MVPs and Mini Bosses in a dungeon.

Poring Fight

NPC Poring Fight poring treasure NPC
Poring Treasure NPC in Poring Island (from Sograt Desert, take East portal)
Requirements None
  • After playing first Poring Fight of the week:
    • 15 Guardian Medals (can buy rare items from Guardian Medal shop)
    • Base EXP Potions
    • 10,000 zeny
  • Rewards for winning
    • Poring’s Favor (can buy Meatballs, Gold Medals and more from Poring’s Favor shop)
  • Poring Fight happens every Wednesday at 8:00 PM server time.
  • It’s a mini game where you battle with other Poring players and collect as many Golden Apples as you can
  • Full Guide: Poring Fight Guide


Full Guide: Mentorship/Student System

If you’re a Mentor or a Student, here are some additional daily tasks.

Give Adventure Guide buff to Students / Receive from Mentor

NPC Mentor Shop NPC
Mentor Shop near Prontera bridge
Requirements Adventure Guide item used by Mentors to gives 170 bonus exp to students 2,000 zeny from Mentor Shop
Rewards Students: 170% EXP Rate
Mentors: Mentor Medals
  • Mentor uses the Adventure Guide item on his Students
  • Students get 170% EXP rate for 24 hours, plus the bonus EXP from Adventure Quest rewards
  • Mentors get Mentor Medals as reward

Give Guardian Scroll buff to Students / Receive from Mentor

NPC Mentor Shop NPC
Mentor Shop near Prontera bridge
Requirements guardian scroll 2,000 zeny from Mentor Shop
Rewards +20 stats to Students
  • Mentor uses the Guardian Scroll on Students to give bonus stats buffs for 90 minutes
  • Cannot be casted on Transcendent class students.

[Mentors] Buy from Mentor Shop

NPC Mentor Shop NPC
Mentor Shop near Prontera bridge
Requirements mentor medal Mentor Medals
Rewards Mora Coins / other items from Mentor Shop
  • For Mentors, don’t forget to claim Mentor Medals in the Mentorship window once your Students finish their dailies (a.k.a. Adventure Quests)
  • Mentors can buy items from the Mentor Shop using Mentor Medals as currency
  • Items in the Mentor Shop have a daily limit
  • Mora Coins (used for enchanting gears ) are probably the best to buy. You can buy up to 5 Mora Coins per day

Other Tasks

Finally, when you don’t have tasks left or if you’ve run out of Stamina or don’t want to AFK Grind, here are some other activities you can do:

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