[SEA] Big Cat Celebration Event Guide

Big Cat Celebration Voucher shop event

Starting today, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love celebrates the anniversary of the Big Cat team! In line with this, the Big Cat Celebration Event starts today (January 10) and there’s lots of great rewards in store for us!

Big Cat Celebration Vouchers

Throughout the event, players will receive Big Cat Celebration Vouchers as rewards from clearing quests and from free giveaways.

Big Cat Celebration Voucher item event in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

When used, the Big Cat Celebration shop will pop up where you can buy various items using the Voucher as currency. Take note though that you can only buy a limited amount per item type.

Item Description Limit Cost Total Cost
(Limit x Cost)
Exclusive Premium Card Exclusive Premium Card Big Cat Celebration Voucher event 1 50 Vouchers 50 Vouchers
Fantasy Generator III Fantasy Generator III Appreciation Big Cat Celebration Voucher event 2 40 Vouchers 80 Vouchers
Fantasy Generator I Fantasy Generator I Appreciation Big Cat Celebration Voucher event 2 30 Vouchers 60 Vouchers
Cute Pet Appreciation Cute Pet Appreciation Big Cat Celebration Voucher event 2 20 Vouchers 40 Vouchers
Valkyrie’s Gift Gives 500 Guild Contributions 15 4 Vouchers 60 Vouchers
Mora Coin Used for Enchanting your gears 25 4 Vouchers 100 Vouchers
Gold Medal Used for activating special Runes in your Aesir Monument 15 5 Vouchers 75 Vouchers
Seed of Mastella 3 8 Vouchers 24 Vouchers
Adventurer Coin Used to buy items from the Adventure Shop (use the Adventure Coin to open the shop) 5 3 Vouchers 15 Vouchers
Big Cat Voucher Feast Used for the costume Gacha slot machine (in Prontera Square) 60 1 Vouchers 60 Vouchers
Total: 564 Vouchers

Throughout the event, we can receive a total of 565 Big Cat Celebration Vouchers :

  1. Message Board Quest – 20 Vouchers x 7 Days = 140 Vouchers

  2. Kafra Co (Vahalla) Quests – 5 Vouchers x 5 Days = 25 Vouchers

  3. Free Daily Vouchers Giveaway every 12:00 – 20 Vouchers x 20 days = 400 Vouchers

This means it is possible to purchase ALL items in the Big Cat Celebration Shop.

(Credits to u/Aethernix from r/RagnarokMobile for this!)

Big Cat Celebration Gift Box

Aside from the Big Cat Celebration Vouchers, we’re also given out Big Cat Celebration Gift Boxes as reward from the daily Kafra Co (Vahalla) Quests.

Opening the Giftbox gives you one of the following: 2 Lightning Chain, 500 Eden Coin, 2 Mora Coins, 100 Adventure Meatballs, 1 Valkyrie’s Gift, 1 Gold Medal

Big Cat Celebration Gift box rewards from event in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Additional Rewards for clearing 10 Board quests

January 14-21, 2018 (Adventure Coins)

January 22-29, 2018 (Big Cat Celebration Voucher)

daily message boards quests ragnarok mobile eternal love

Players get 1 Adventure Coin (Jan 14-21) and 20 Big Cat Celebration Voucher (Jan 22-29) after finishing 10 Message Board Quests everyday.

Big Cat Celebration Vouchers are used to buy items from the Celebration store (see above).

Free 20 Big Cat Celebration Voucher everyday

January 10-30, 2018

Players will receive 20 Big Cat Celebration Voucher at 12:00 every day. You can claim it from the Mail.

Big Cat Celebration Vouchers are used to buy items from the Celebration store (see above).

Claim 20 Big Cat Celebration Voucher rewards from Mail

Daily Kafra Co (Vahalla) Quest

January 10-24, 2018

Big Cat Celebration event in Prontera square

During the event, there will be five daily quests from the Kafra NPC “Vahalla” in Prontera Square.

Completing each daily quest will give you 1 Big Cat Celebration Gift Box. After completing the 5th quest over 5 days, you’ll receive another Big Cat Celebration Gift Box and the Love and Courage achievement.

50% Discount from Event Merchant

January 21-28, 2018

During this event, the Event Merchant NPC will sell items at a 50% discount!

Event NPC in Prontera

Event Merchant sells important items such as the Stat and Skill Resets, Mora Coins, Lightning Chain, Talent Fruits, and Music CDs. He’s located in the lower-middle hallway at Prontera town.

High Heavens Blessing Gacha Costume

January 9-24, 2018

High Heavens Blessing Gacha event Ragnarok Mobile

The Archangel series costumes will have 10 times more chances to be drawn for a limited time only.

Rewards for Activating Premium

January 10-31, 2018

During the event period, activating Premium card/s will give you bonus rewards.

  • Activate 1 Premium card — Cute Pet Gift (get 1 random Pet)
  • Activate 2 Premium cards — Fantasy Generator I Appreciation (get 1 random headgear from headgear Gacha Machine)
  • Activate 3 Premium cards — Fantasy Generator III Appreciation (get 1 random card from card Gacha Machine)

You can claim these from the Super Souvenir Shop (Unskillful Hunter NPC) in Prontera Square and buy the rewards for 1 zeny.

Unskillful Hunter NPC Super Souvenir Shop in Prontera square for Big Cat Celebration event

Double rewards for Guild Donation

January 10-17, 2018

guild donation npc

During this period, you’ll get double rewards for Guild Donation ! Rewards such as Guild Contributions (medals) and Gold Badges are used to activate Runes. (Related: Rune System Guide ) This will be the best time to start collecting Contribution medals!

To donate to your Guild, you will need to give loots to the NPC in your Guild Hall. (Related: Guide to Guild Donation ) Take advantage of this and Donate to your guild as much as you can!

Note: You can only have one character who can receive the double rewards under your account so choose wisely!

Free Kafra warp/storage service

January 10-31, 2018

Lastly, during the event Kafra Transportation and Stash Services are free! Unlike you rich bastards, this is great for newcomers where every single zeny still counts. XD

Big Cat Celebration event Kafra services are free ragnarok m eternal love

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  1. Why did the X2 donate rewards transfer from my main to my alt? I thought we get to choose wisely… and I did!

    I need an explanation! :((

    1. Check your alternate characters. I dunno why but it happened to me and I am still at day 2 as of today. Hopefully I can still complete this 5-day quest before event expires.

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