Ultimate Guide to Housing System: How to Unlock, Tips & Tricks

Homeland Housing Hideout System Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6

The housing system called Homeland is a new feature in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that came with the Episode 6.0 patch.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the house system—how to unlock it, what rewards and bonuses you can get, how to increase Home Rating and Home Prestige, plus some tips & tricks to make sure you get all the benefits!

What is “Homeland” Housing System in Ragnarok Mobile?

The housing system (a.k.a. Homeland) is a new feature in Ragnarok Mobile where players can build a home and decorate it with craftable furniture.

Home blueprint housing system Ragnarok Mobile

You can then invite your friends to come over and show off your latest furniture and appliances!

Why you Should Invest in the Housing System

You might be wondering, is it worth it investing time and Zeny on the housing system? The answer is yes!

Here are some benefits why you should start building your home as soon as you can:

1. Permanent Bonus Stats and Buffs

The main reason why you should invest time and Zeny in the housing system is the permanent bonus stats.

Permanent unlock stats bonus for crafting furnitures Housing System Ragnarok Mobile

There are three ways to gain permanent stats from the housing system:

  1. Craft Furniture. You gain unlock rewards in your Adventure Handbook by simply crafting new furniture (like crafting headgear or collecting cards).
  2. Level up your House. You get permanent buffs like increased EXP rates just by leveling up your house (more below).
  3. Unlock Blueprints. By following a certain pattern (blueprint) for your house, you’ll unlock even more bonus stats.

2. Unique Furniture Functionalities

Aside from the bonus stats, some furniture also have very useful unique features.

Here are some examples:

  • Pet House — it lets you store a Pet to gain intimacy (no need to carry it in battle anymore!)
  • Sail with the Wind — buff that gives +5% damage to Water monsters for 5 hrs
  • Adventurer’s Map — allows you to teleport to any map

3. It’s Fun!

Who doesn’t love to play The Sims or Animal Crossing on Ragnarok Mobile?! The new housing system is a great way to unwind from a tiring day of grinding for that card or hunting MVP bosses.

How to Unlock Housing System (New Home’s Hope Quest)

To unlock the housing system, you’ll need to complete a quest. You’ll need to be at least base Level 70.

Talk to Pink Flower NPC in Prontera (after you “Investigate” the area) to start the New Home’s Hope quest.

Housing System Unlock Quest Pink Flower Ragnarok Mobile 2

The Ferrut NPC will appear, talk to her again to begin. After finishing the quest, you’ll receive Furniture Storage Box and Furniture Gallery.

Congratulations, you can now buy a house!

How to Buy a House

To buy a house in Ragnarok Mobile, talk to Ferrut NPC in Prontera bottom-right area and tell him to “Build the Cabin.”

You will need 1,000,000 Zeny to purchase your home. If you have Reward Vouchers, they can reduce the cost by 100,000 Zeny each.

Once you’ve successfully purchased the house, you’ll unlock the following:

  • Blueprint Manual
  • Home Property Certificate
  • Home Prestige

Enter Home Ragnarok Mobile housing system 1

You’re now ready to enter your home and decorate it! Just go to More > Home , then click Enter Home.

How to Buy/Craft Furniture for your House

To obtain furniture for your home, you’ll need to craft them. Just like crafting equipment, a furniture piece requires a blueprint and some materials.

Furniture blueprints and materials are available from the Furniture Shop NPCs Geppetto and Sif at the bottom right area of Prontera. Or you can quick buy them from different windows (see below).

Geppetto Sif Furniture Shop NPC for Housing System Ragnarok Mobile 1

Note that the Furniture materials have a weekly purchase limit:

Material Name Cost Weekly Limit
Plateau Wood 5,000 Zeny 200
Nine World Rough Stone 150,000 Zeny 10

There are several ways to start crafting furniture:

  • By opening the blueprint item in your inventory
  • By furniture selection during Build mode (see below)
  • By “Rapid Crafting” from the Blueprint Manual item

This will open the crafting window where you can also “Quick Buy” the required materials.

How to Decorate your House

Once you’ve prepared some furniture for your house, it’s time to decorate it! Teleport to your house via More > Home > Enter Home.

Talk to your maid Delilah NPC and select “Start Building” each time you want to start customizing your house.

At first, she’ll teach you the basic controls of decorating your house.

Housing System tutorial how to place furniture Ragnarok Mobile

Just drag and drop the furniture items to customize their position and rotation.

You can also buy and craft new furniture pieces during Building mode.

How to Level Up your House

Your house has a level from Lv. 1–10, and a “home rating” which serves as the EXP of your house. Fill up your home rating to increase the level.

Home Rating Level Housing System Ragnarok Mobile

You can check this from the More > Home > Rating Info window.

Leveling up your home is very useful as it gives you huge permanent buffs. Here’s the list of buffs you can get for each house level:

Level Bonuses
Lv 1 HP Recovery speed increased by 5%
Lv 2 SP Recovery speed increased by 5%
Lv 3 Base EXP obtained from battle increased by 5%
Lv 4 Job EXP obtained from battle increased by 5%
Lv 5 EXP gained by pets in your Pet House increased by 10%
Lv 6 Friendship gained by pets in your Pet House increased by 10%
Lv 7 Number of simultaneous Pet Labor slots increased by 1
Lv 8 Bag Slots increased by 20
Lv 9 Drops from field battle +3%. Refining Zeny expense -5%
Lv 10 All stat attributes +3. Enchantment cost reduced by 10%

As you can see, you’ll quickly get your return on investment (ROI) especially at higher levels! So make sure to level up your house as soon as you can. Here’s how.

How to Increase Home Rating

To level up your house, you need to increase your house’s home rating (a.k.a. house EXP).

Crafting and decorating your house with lots of furniture will increase your home rating quickly.

The more furniture you place, the more home ratings you can get. Different furniture pieces have different rating points.

Home Rating furniture housing system Ragnarok Mobile

TIP: The key is to place lots of cheap furniture with high rating points.

Note that the furniture has to be placed in your home to gain EXP. Removing it back will also remove the points it gives.

How to Increase Home Prestige Level

When you talk to Sif Furniture Store NPC, you’ll see a Home Prestige bar at the top of the shop.

Increasing the Home Prestige level allows you to unlock more blueprints for advanced furniture.

Here’s how to increase your Home Prestige level:

How to increase Home Prestige by giving Golden Apples housing system Ragnarok Mobile 1

  1. Craft several furniture to gain Golden Apples.
  2. Talk to Sif and click “Bonus” button in the upper left.
  3. Present the Golden Apples to Sif.

Keep repeating this method until you gain enough Home Prestige to unlock useful furniture such as the Pet Home.

Tips & Tricks for Housing System

Now that you know the basics of the housing system, here are some of our most recommended tips and tricks!

Tip #1 — Craft as many furniture as you can

First, try to craft as many cheap furniture as you can. This will allow you to gain more Idun’s Apple (Golden Apples) to level up your Home Prestige.

Secondly, this lets you quickly level up your Home Level to Lv 10.

Tip #2 — Essential Furniture to craft ASAP

Once you’ve gained enough home prestige, we highly suggest crafting the following essential furniture pieces as soon as you can:

1. Cute Claw’s Nest (Pet House)

The Pet Home is one of the best and most useful furniture you can craft. It allows you to store your pets so that they gain intimacy on their own.

This will save you a lot of time from grinding and allows you to do Pet Fusion as soon as possible. (Related Guide: Pet Fusion Guide [EP5.0] , Pet Fusion Guide [EP6.0] )

In addition, this furniture also gives an unlock bonus of ATK +6. You’ll need Home Prestige Lv. 7 to craft the Pet House furniture.

2. Fireplace Flower Fire

This stove item lets you collect Coal, Fire Crystal and Lava Gem.

It also gives an unlock bonus of Max HP +90 and MATK +4.5.

3. Hayward’s Worktop

The worktop furniture lets you refine and enchant items with a discounted price. Say goodbye to the scammers Hollgrehenn and Mora!

This furniture gives you Max HP +20 and MATK +1 as well. You’ll need Home Prestige Lv. 2 to craft it.

4. Sail with the Wind

Sail with the Wind can give you a 5-hour buff that increases damage to Water element mobs by 5%.

This also gives you an unlock bonus of Max HP +60 and ATK +3. You’ll need Home Prestige Lv. 9 for this furniture.

Tip #3 — Unlock ATK and MATK furniture

Finally, your next long-term goal will be to unlock as many ATK and MATK-based furniture, depending on your main job class.

What is Home Popularity?

Aside from Home Rating and Home Prestige, your home also has a Home Popularity level.

When other players enter your home, your Home Popularity will increase. To visit another player’s home, just click on the player avatar and click “Go to home”.

As far as we know, your house’s popularity level doesn’t give out any bonus stats or rewards and is just an indicator of how “famous” your house is.

However, this might have some use in future patches.

How to Expand House and Unlock 2nd Floor

In the future, you’ll be able to upgrade your house into an expanded version and access the 2nd floor.

This feature is not available for now in the current patch.

The requirements to expand the house are:

  • 1,000,000 Zeny
  • 15x Nine World Rough Stone
  • 200x Plateau Wood

This will cost an estimated total of 3 million Zeny.


We hope this ultimate guide to the Housing System in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has helped you!

If you have any questions or tips, just drop a comment down below!

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