Guide to Pet Adventure in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

pet adventure guide ragnarok mobile eternal love

Pets in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love are one of the best investments in the game. We already talked about how to level up fast by doing nothing in our Pet Labor guide , this time let’s talk about how to be rich and earn a lot of zeny by doing nothing! And do you know that there’s an easier way to obtain a Raccoon Leaf other than hunting Smokies?

This guide will teach you how to unlock and use Pet Adventure in Ragnarok M—one of the best passive income generators in the game!

If you already know about the basics of how Pet Adventure works, we recommend checking out our more advanced guide: 5+ Tips & Tricks to Get More Cards and Loots on Pet Adventure

How to Unlock Pet Adventure

(If you already have Pet Adventure Guide in your inventory, you can skip this section!)

magnus agnes pet adventure quest npc in ragnarok mobile eternal love

To unlock and start using Pet Adventure, you need to finish some quests first. At Lv. 30, go to Magnus the Pet NPC in South Prontera (near music player) to start the quest. They will teleport you to the Pet Training Grounds and teach you to catch a Poring.

Once you’ve caught your first pet, you need to do finish the Pet Adventure Quest. You will need the Poring to reach Intimacy Lv. 3. You can increase a pet’s intimacy by feeding him his taming item (Green Apple for Poring, etc.), “petting” him, or going to battle with him.

pet adventure ragnarok mobile eternal love poring

Finish the rest of the quest and you should get an item called the Pet Adventure Guide book! You will need this to start sending your pets to adventures.

ragnarok mobile eternal love pet adventure guide item

How Pet Adventure Works

First, here’s a summary of how Pet Adventure works:

  1. Select an Adventure area, each have different requirements and rewards
  2. Choose Pet(s) to send to the adventure
  3. Start the adventure , consuming Adventure Meatballs and 60 minutes Stamina
  4. Wait for 60 minutes
  5. Receive rewards!

To open the Pet Adventure window just use the Pet Adventure Guide item from your inventory.

pet adventure guide window ui ragnarok mobile eternal love copy

  1. Area List — where you can select the location to send your Pet
  2. Pet selection — this is where you can add which Pets to send
  3. Rare item requirements — click this icon to see requirements to get a “Rare” chest reward (more on this below)
  4. Rewards — you’ll receive some of these rewards; read the “Preview trophy” icon for more details

How to Start a Pet Adventure

To start an Adventure, your Pet first needs to be in egg mode. Click on his icon and select “Rest.”

pet rest check ragnarok mobile eternal love

You should also have at least 60 Stamina available otherwise it will say you have “Insufficient Adventure Duration.” (Related: Guide to Stamina )

Then open the Pet Adventure Guide again and select an area. Now click the + button to add your Pet and click “Let’s Go!”

pet adventure ragnarok mobile eternal love

Pet Adventures will consume a few Adventure Meatballs and 60 minutes Stamina (Combat Time)

After the Adventure timer ends, you’ll see a red icon on your bag indicating that the Adventure has finished and you can now claim rewards. Easy as that!

claim completed pet adventure rewards ragnarok mobile eternal love

Different areas have different rewards like zeny, Base/Job EXP, crafting materials, equips, Pet EXP potions and Colorful Shells used to purchase Pet foods/taming items. But what you want to get are the region chests and cards! More on this in later sections.

You can already start using Pet Adventure with just one Pet, but it is highly recommended that you have multiple pets at a time so you can have pets on Pet Adventure, others on Pet Labor , and another one to fight beside you. Read our guide on how to catch pets with 100% success rate here !

How to Unlock More Areas

To unlock higher level areas, just send your pets to the topmost area (indicated with a blue background).

pet adventure ragnarok mobile eternal love

Unlike normal Adventures, unlocking new regions won’t consume Stamina . Your pets will need to be at least the same level as the area though, so always level up all your pets through combat or Pet EXP potions.

Later you’ll need more than one Pet to unlock new areas, so it’s important to catch at least 3 Pets and level up their base and intimacy levels as soon as you can.

How to Increase a Pet’s Base Level and Intimacy Level

You’ll need to keep leveling up your Pet’s Base and Intimacy Levels to send them to higher level areas and improve their Pet Adventure efficiency. Your Pet’s maximum base level is also equal to your current base level.

increase pet base level and intimacy ragnarok mobile eternal love

To increase a Pet’s base level, hatch him and go to battle alongside him, or use Pet EXP Potions.

To increase a Pet’s Intimacy level, hatch him and 1) go to battle alongside him, 2) “pet” him, or 3) feed him his favorite food (its taming item).

You can see details about these in the Pet details window by clicking the Pet’s icon > Check.

How to Get Rare Loots from Pet Adventure Chests

If you click the grayed out icons on the right, you’ll see the “Recommend Pet Ability” window. These are the requirements to get the “Rare” item in the rewards list. In the example below, the only requirement is to select a Poring for the adventure. As long as you send a Poring to the adventure, you’re guaranteed to get the “Rare” item which is the Prontera Chest.

pet adventure requirement ragnarok mobile eternal love

Here’s a more advanced area. You’ll need 3 Pets of at least level 60 for this adventure.

rare chest item requirement pet adventure ragnarok mobile eternal love

In order to get at least one Payon Chest, you’ll need to send either a Savage Babe pet, or any pet with Intimacy Lv. 5, or a Yoyo pet. And if you meet ALL three requirements by sending a Savage Babe AND an Intimacy Lv. 5 Pet AND a Yoyo, then you’ll get 3 Payon Chests!

It’s very important to match these requirements to maximize the chances of getting rare loots from Chests.

These chests contain expensive valuable items like the Raccoon Leaf in Prontera/Izlude Chests. A Raccoon Leaf costs about a million zeny currently and is one of the rarest most in-demand items in the game. Chests also give Colorful Shells which are used to buy pet taming items from the Pet Shop in South Prontera.

Pet Tribes

In higher level Pet Adventure areas, you’ll see requirements like “Fish Tribes” or “Undead pets.” This is simply the Race and the element of the Pet. Take note that some Pet tribes like Fish are not yet available in the current patch.

To check what your Pet’s tribe and element is, click on its icon in the Pet selection window in Pet Adventure.

how to check pet tribe pet adventure ragnarok mobile

You can check on online databases such as to see what tribes other Pets belong. Remember Tribe is just the Race.

How to Target Specific Monsters

You can also select specific monsters you want to target in the Pet Adventure so that your Pet will focus on getting loots from that monster. You can do this by clicking on the monster icon next to the adventure name.

how to target monsters in pet adventure ragnarok mobile

Pet Adventure Tips & Tricks

Full Guide: 5+ Tips & Tricks to Get More Cards and Loots on Pet Adventure

Raccoon Leaf in Prontera/Izlude Regions

As I mentioned above, Prontera/Izlude regions are great since their chest has a chance to drop Raccoon Leaves and Four-leaf Clovers, both very rare and expensive items in the game.

ragnarok mobile eternal love prontera chest pet adventure

The Raccoon Leaf is one of the rarest most in-demand item in the game. Its price rapidly rose to almost 1 million zeny and probably won’t go down soon as it is required by every player (including you!) to advance from Adventurer Class F to E. Prontera regions are also available at very early levels so you can start farming it right away.

ragnarok mobile eternal love racoon leaf

Valuable Cards

Another important item you can get from Pet Adventure is the Minorous Card in Pyramid 2F which sells at a whopping 9 million zeny (!) at the time of writing.

ragnarok mobile eternal love minorous card in pet adventure

Here are other cards to watch out for in earlier levels:

  • Soldier Skeleton Card — Pyramid 1F
  • Desert Wolf Card — Morocc
  • Menblatt Card — Mjolnir Mountain
  • Thara Frog Card — Underwater Cave
  • Whisper Card — Ghost Ship

Of course the higher the area levels the better the rewards, but at the cost of higher Pet requirements!

Create a 2nd Character

Some players like to create a 2nd character on the same account and use the Pet Adventure on that character to save Stamina on their main. To pass the rewards, the 2nd character must be level 40 (doable in 1-2 days via quests) to use the Shared Storage.


As you’ve learned, sending your pets to Pet Adventure is one surefire way of earning millions of zeny by literally doing nothing! So make sure to invest on taming items, catch a lot Pets as soon as possible, level them up, and get them to work for those sweet sweet rare loots.

47 thoughts on “ Guide to Pet Adventure in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

  1. my only question is, in order to Get Rare Loots from Pet Adventure Chests, some pet requirement is: fish tribe, undead tribe, insect tribe, or demi-human tribe (i only have 2 pet at the moment)
    so which pet is used for those adventure?

    1. Hi, I just updated this guide and added a new “Pet Tribes” section. Some tribes are still unavailable in the current patch, we’ll get more Pets soon!

      Also, note that you don’t need to match all requirements. For every matched requirement you get 1 chest, ex. 1/3 matched reqs = 1 guaranteed Chest, 3/3 matched reqs = 3 Chests.

      1. thanks for the reply, and awesome guide btw
        and yes for the note, but if you have the possibilities of getting 2-3 chest per adventure
        which is quite costly (60 stamina/combat time and 10 adventure meatball per adventure)
        obviously you will try to do/get it, wouldn’t you?
        and not to forget that some item almost very scarcely dropped if farmed outside first 300 combat time (+60 with music box and more if )
        makes your stamina very precious.

        btw, any guide or tips regarding valhalla and endless?

  2. Hi would just like to ask, one of your recommendation is having multiple pets, but acquiring taming items to catch pets can be costly especially for newbies. For beginners, would you recommend having multiple pets of the same kind or would having a variety of pets be a better strategy?

    1. Hi! Having a variety would be the goal for the long run. But like you said, since it’s costly in the beginning, there’s nothing wrong with getting a few Porings and Lunatics only at first.

  3. hi, i created a second character however the pets don’t show up in the pet adventure, in total i have 2 pets from main account, and one pet on second account, how do i get all three to show up so i can go on a 3 pet adventure? thanks

    1. Your pets should all be inside the bag of the character you wish to use on pet adventure . Your characters need to be at least level 40 so you could use kafra shared storage.

  4. Hi just wanted to clarify, for example in Mjol pet adv, this requires a mandragora and an insect race pet to get a rare chest however, this pet adv also requires 3 pets (so 2 requirements and 3 pets). If I put in 3 mandragoras, would that mean I’ll still get 3 rare chests? thank you!

    1. No, you can only get two at most since there’s only two pet ability requirement to meet, no matter how many pets you send that meets those requirement.

  5. One of Sohee’s ability is to higher the chance of getting a card in pet adventure by 10%. If ever i put 3 Sohees in pet adventure, will it increase my chances of getting a card by 30%? I need to know this. Thanks.

    1. If you’re a newbie, it is much better buying pet lure item using Zeny through Exchange NPC,
      But after you’re getting several pets, you can use pet adventure to get the “currency” (colorful shells) for pet lure items.

  6. Hi

    I have a first char, but I use my second as my main char. Although, I couldn’t find a way to get the Adventure Guide on my second char.

    Is it not possible to get the guide on a second char?
    If it is possible, how can I do it?

  7. I already unlock the Pet Adventure Guide, when I am about to dispatch poring it always states “You are not qualified to start the adventure” yet my Poring’s intimacy level is 5. When can I dispatch Poring to this adventure? 🙁

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