13+ Ways to Increase Your Magic Attack Damage

How to increase magic attack MAtk damage for High Wizard class Meteor Storm on Sting Anolian

Last time we talked about how to increase and maximize your physical attack damage . This time, here’s a guide for all magic users out there!

You’ll spend most of your time leveling and farming monsters in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. A high damage output is essential to be able to instantly kills mobs. Remember, the faster you kill mobs, the more efficient your grinding and Stamina consumption.

This guide will teach you all basic and advanced methods to increase your magical attack (MAtk) damage.

This guide is applicable to magic attack type job classes like the Mages and Wizards.


Here are all the methods on how to increase and maximize your physical attack damage in Ragnarok Mobile:

  • Stat Points
  • Equipment items
  • Enhancement, Enchantment, Upgrading, Refinement
  • Cards
  • Eating Cooked Foods
  • Stat Dishes
  • Guardian Scroll buffs from Mentor
  • Pet’s Passive Skills
  • Aesir Monument Runes
  • Guild Blessings
  • Elements
  • Skill Buffs
  • Unlock & Deposit Headgears/Cards in Adventurer Handbook
  • Level 10 Cook/Taste Mastery (per Recipe)
  • Adventurer Class and Title
  • Cat Cafe Items for PVP/War of Emperium

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The most basic and obvious way to increase your physical attack damage is through your stats.

high wizard stats max INT ragnarok mobile

Every point in INT increases your magic damage. For every 3 points in DEX , your Variable Cast Time (VCT) will be reduced by 0.1 secs. Lowering your cast time will improve your overall DPS (damage per second) since you’ll be able to cast and kill monsters faster.


The second main source of your damage is your equipment. Aim for the highest +MAtk, +MAtk%, and Refined MAtk stats.

Here are some common armors that increase your magic attack damage.

  • Elven Ears
  • Angry Snarl
  • Monocle
  • Orlean’s Glove
  • Eye of Dullahan
  • Robe of Cast

We highly recommend checking out our Wizard Farming Build guide for the complete list of recommended equips.

Enhancement, Enchantment, Upgrading, Refinement

Full Guide: Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting

enhance gears in ragnarok m to increase damage

Enhancing (a.k.a. Strengthening) increases the effects of your equipment. For example, it “enhances” the MAtk of a Staff weapon. Make sure to always max your gear’s enhancements to maximize their damage. It only requires zeny and can be done from your backpack.

Refine gears in Ragnarok m to increase attack damage

Refining gives your items a “plus” like +4. These refines add Refined Atk/MAtk: pure offensive stats and ignore a target’s normal Def/MDef stats, only Refined Def/MDef stats can reduce them. Talk to Hollergrenn in town to refine your items using Oridecon for weapons and Eluniums for armors.

Mora Advanced enchantment

Enchanting an item gives it a random set of bonuses. Obviously you’ll want the MAtk/INT increasing effects. Aim for that rare 4th enchantment too for the highest bonus. Talk to Mora the Cat NPC in Geffen to enchant your gears.

mage coat upgrade equipment to get bonus stats

Upgrading items to higher tiers gives it more powerful stat bonuses and even special effects. You can do this by clicking on the “up” arrow in our item’s detail window. It requires crafting materials and some zeny.


Cards are a great source of magic DPS too. When inlayed to your weapons, they can increase your damage against certain monster races by a certain percentage.

Unlike physical attacks, element and size modifier cards do not affect magic damage. Only race cards are useful for magic users.

Race Modifier Cards

hydra card Hydra Card 15% vs. Demi-Human
flora card Flora Card 15% vs. Fish
goblin card Goblin Card 15% vs. Brute
peco peco egg card Peco-Peco Egg Card 15% vs. Formless
orc lady card Orc Lady Card 5% vs. Insect
green petite card Green Petite Card 20% vs. Dragon

Magic Attack (MAtk) Cards

Agav Card Armor Inlay: M.ATK +5%. When the wearer is a Mage, M.ATK +3%, Max HP +300, Max SP +150
Deposit: M.ATK +1%
Familiar Card Weapon Inlay: INT +1, M.ATK +5
Deposit: INT +1, M.ATK +4.5
Black Witch Card Headgear Inlay: INT +1, M.ATK +10
Deposit: M.ATK +7.5

Eating Cooked Foods

Full Guide: Ultimate Guide to Cooking Gourmet Food

Eating cooked foods gives you great bonus stats for several minutes/hours, such as additional MAtk and reduced cast delays.

The best part is, you can eat multiple foods at a time and their effects will stack. For example, eating six Original Will-Green Kebab which gives +40 Magic Attack each will give you +240 Magic Attack ! You can increase the stack limit by leveling up your Taste level.

Check out the complete list of cooking recipes for reference. Here’s a list of recommended foods that increase your physical damage:

Food Stats Recipe Station

Original Will-Green Kebab
Max HP +600, Max SP +60, MAtk +40, MDef +40, Won’t die when receiving a death blow. 1 HP will be kept. Be invincible in the next 2 seconds. 15 secs CD. Can be triggered up to twice.

Original Will-Juice
Max HP +600, Max SP +60, MAtk +40, Def +40, Pen +2.5%, MPen +2.5%

Prontera Royal Juice
Max HP +500, Max SP +50, MAtk +38, Def +38, Pen +2.25%, MPen +2.25%

Sweet Coriander
Max HP +420, Max SP +42, MAtk +36, Cast Delay -2%

Sky Blade
Max HP +420, Max SP +42, MAtk +36, MDef +36, Won’t die when receiving a death blow. 1 HP will be kept. Be invincible in the next 2 seconds. 15 secs CD. Can be triggered up to once.

Summer Star
Max HP +420, Max SP +42, MAtk +36, Def +36, Pen +2%, MPen +2%

Noble Black Tea
Max HP +360, Max SP +36, MAtk +32, Def +32, Pen +1.75%, MPen +1.75%

Stat Dishes

INT Dishes are different from Cooked Foods. They give you bonus stats and bonus magic damage for 30 minutes. When consuming multiple stat dishes, only the effect duration will stack, not the effects.

DEX Dishes will help a bit in reducing your cast time, but for its price, it’s probably not worth it if you’re just AFK farming.

INT Dish A INT Dish A INT +5
Magic Damage +10%
Food Shop in all towns
int dish b INT Dish B INT +10
Magic Damage +20%
Food Shop in Geffen/Al de Baran
Dex dish A DEX Dish A DEX +5 Food Shop in all towns
dex meal b DEX Dish B DEX +10 Food Shop in Payon/Al de Baran

Guardian Scroll Buff

Full Guide: Guide to Mentorship/Student System

For non-Transcendent characters below Level 85, get a Mentor as soon as you can if you don’t have one already.

Mentors can use the Guardian Scroll buff on their Students which gives a whopping +20 to all Stats !

The guardian scroll Guardian Scroll item can be bought from the Mentor Shop in Prontera and it only costs 2,000 zeny!

Pet’s Passive Skills

Full Guide: How to Catch Pets / Pet Taming Items and Locations

Pets not only fight alongside you in battle, they also give bonus stats through their Pet skills! To check what bonus stats they give, just tap on our Pet and click “Check” and check their skills.

Here are all Pets that increase your magic damage or reduce your cast time:

lunatic Lunatic + Refined Magic Attack
sohee Sohee + Magic Attack
isis Isis Reduce Cast Time %

Aesir Monument Runes

Join a Guild as soon as possible and unlock your Aesir Monument so you can start activating Runes.

Runes give permanent stat increases to your character such as +MAtk, or additional bonus damage to your skills. For example, Wizards have Runes that increase fire skills damage by a certain percentage.

Working on your Rune path is a long-term investment and Guild Donating should be part of your daily routine . Later on at higher levels, you’ll want to focus on collecting Gold Medals and Contributions than equips.

Guild Blessings

Another benefit of joining a Guild ASAP is the Guild Blessing Buffs a.k.a. “Prayers.” At the cost of Zeny or Belief Tokens, you can permanently increase your stats through these buffs. Just talk to the Valkyrie in the first left wing in the Guild Hall.

Combat Blessings gives bonus Attack

For Magic Attack users, you’ll want the green “Wise” blessings.

Guild Blessings cost some Zeny and increases over time. Belief Tokens can help reduce the cost: 1 Belief Token will be consumed instead of Zeny, for each 2,000 Zeny spent on Guild Blessing.

Use the Proper Elements

Full Guide: Guide to Elements

Knowing your target’s element lets you significantly increase your damage by using its weakness. Check out the full chart here: Guide to Elements .

For magic users, make sure to use the correct spells on your targets. For example, you’ll want to use Heaven’s Drive ( Earth ) on Steam Goblins ( Wind ), Lord of Vermillion ( Wind ) on Anolians ( Water ), or Meteor Storm ( Fire ) on Stings ( Earth ).

Skill Buffs

Some skill buffs are also great for maximizing your damage. This is one benefit of being in a party.

Priests can use Blessing to add +20 INT and DEX, or Suffragium to reduce your cast time significantly. Lex Aeterna is also a powerful spell which lets you deal double damage on the target.

For Wizards, you also have your self-buffs: Energy Coat and Amplify Magic Power . Make sure to max them out and put them on auto-skill.

Unlock & Deposit Headgears/Cards in Adventurer Handbook

Unlocking headgears and cards as well as depositing them to your Adventurer Handbook can give you permanent bonus stats.

edited Unlock and deposit headgear gives bonus permanent stats and attack bonus

The best thing about this method is that the bonuses apply to all your characters in your account.

Check out the following lists for reference:

Level 10 Cook/Taste Mastery (per Recipe)

Full Guide: Ultimate Guide to Cooking Gourmet Food

Similar to unlocking and depositing items in your Handbook, reaching Level 10 Cook Mastery and Level 10 Taste Mastery for certain recipes also gives bonus attack stats.

edited Cook and Taste Mastery Lv 10 gives permanent bonus stat and attack bonuses

Here’s a list of all foods that increase Magic Atk (MAtk) at Level 10 Cook/Taste Mastery .

Adventurer Class and Title

Leveling up your Adventurer Class/Rank will give you permanent stat bonuses. Higher Adventurer Classes = higher stat bonuses.

Adventure Handbook bonus stat attributes at higher Adventurer Class Rank

Here are some guides to help you rank up your Adventurer Class:

Completing some quests and achieving certain milestones also lets you unlock Adventurer Titles . It’s those titles like “The Sun” next to player’s names. These titles give a bit of stats, here’s a list on titles that increase Attack and how to unlock them .

Cat Cafe Items for PVP/War of Emperium

Lastly, another method to increase your magic damage against Players is by buying items from the Cat Cafe, a Guild Facility in your Guild Hall. This is great if you’re going for PvP and War of Emperium.

Items in the Cat Cafe can be purchased using Unity Proof , a currency obtained from Guild challenge rewards.

A quick note on PvP: all players are Demi-Human race, so items that have +damage % against Demi-Humans such as Hydra cards are great for PvP.


Hopefully this will help you achieve that one-shot kill on your target monsters for farming.

Which of these methods added the most significant amount of attack for your character? Comment them down below!

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