[SEA] Valhalla Ruins Maps (Updated Weekly)

Maps for Valhalla Ruins Guild Ruins VR40 VR60 VR80

Here are the updated Valhalla Ruins (a.k.a. VR, Guild Ruins or GR) maps for SEA server for this week. Go here for the Global server version.

Valhalla Ruins (a.k.a. VR, GR or Guild Ruins) is a weekly game mode in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love where your guild enter an exclusive dungeon with MVPs and Mini Bosses.

The maps of these dungeons are tricky and confusing. Portals may lead to empty maps and will be time-consuming if you keep entering the wrong portals.

Luckily, the VR maps are the same across all Guilds in all channels. In this page, we’ll update you with every week’s map layouts so you can take the fastest routes and finish the Valhalla Ruins efficiently.

Valhalla Ruins Level 40 60 80 100 Map (VR40 / VR60/ VR80/ VR100)

Oct 26–Nov 2, 2020 (05:00 AM GMT+7)

Valhalla Ruins Maps Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 25

Credits: SpiriusGaming / all names credited in the image

35 thoughts on “ [SEA] Valhalla Ruins Maps (Updated Weekly)

  1. wanna ask sir..

    if we enter valhalla we need 40 silver medal right?
    everyone who enter valhalla must have 40 silver medal? or just the party leader must have 40 silver medal?


  2. Note to everyone following the guides:
    The paths are always the same for all guilds, but the bosses might be different.

    Thanks for sharing the paths, makes rom life easier.

  3. All guild have different MVPs and Minis. All listed here are for navigation. Better than being stuck on loops am I right? So you dont have the right to get annoyed just because of different bosses. Do you all need to be spoonfed all the time?

  4. For those who are wondering why some boss dont appear in map, this is because the SEA devs messed up using the patch from CN. This is evident as some parts are already updated, but not complete. Ever wondered why the Dolan class is already mentioned in some equipments? What happened here is, the missing MVP in VR are MVPs that are supposedly in next episode, but since they dont exist yet in the current SEA version, they will simply not appear in VR (100)

  5. Hello, for 29 june- July 6 maps, the 60 map is actually the 40 map ( I did this on 3rd July )

    p/s: Really appreciate the weekly updates. Keep up the good work

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