SEA Anniversary Event 2019 (November Events Guide)

Ragnarok Mobile SEA Anniversary Event November

Hey Adventurers! Can you believe it? It has already been 1 year since the SEA server of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has launched!

What better way to celebrate the SEA Server’s Anniversary than an event full of prizes and free items?

Here’s a quick guide for the SEA Anniversary event this November and what rewards you can get.



Oct 31 – Nov 7: Daily Quest, “Gem Duke” in Prontera
Oct 31 – Nov 14: Buy Big Cat Celebration Giftbox for 1 Zeny
Oct 31 – Nov 14: Claim rewards in Prontera for Adventure Handbook achivements


Nov 4 – Nov 11: Oracle Dungeon Double Rewards
Nov 11 – Nov 18: Endless Tower Double Rewards

Ragnarok Mobile November Events

Aside from the SEA Anniversary event, check out these two other guides for the November events in Ragnarok Mobile:

  1. Lisa BlackPink x Ragnarok M Event
  2. Jojo’s Adventure – November Event

Event 1: Celebration Blessing

Event Date: 31st Oct. To 7th Nov

During, adventure can go to Prontera Square to look for “Gem Duke”, for the Celebration Blessing quest.


Players can get the following rewards each day after completing the daily Celebration Blessing event:

  1. Adventurers can get Big Cat Celebration Giftbox x 1 and Garm Dust x 20 each day
  2. And adventurers will receive a random buff from Celebration Blessing

Here’s the list of the random buffs you can get each day:

  • Love cures all the wounds, restore 520 Hp every 30 sec
  • Physical and Magic Damage increase 1%
  • Physical and Magic Damage increase 3%

Event 2: Anniversary Gift

Event Date: 31st Oct. To 14th Nov.

During this event period, players can go to Prontera Square to find the NPC “Unskillful Archer”.

This NPC will let you purchase 5 x Big Cat Celebration Giftbox with only 1 Zeny!

Big Cat Celebration Gift box rewards from event in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

This is what the Big Cat Celebration Giftbox contains from last year’s event. Receive one of the following:

  • 2 Lightning Chain
  • 500 Eden Coin
  • 2 Mora Coin
  • 100 Adventure Meatball
  • 1 Valkyrie’s Gift
  • 1 Gold Medal

There is probably a daily limit of 1 purchase per day, but it is not yet officially announced.

Event 3: Big Cat Collection

Event Date: 31st Oct. To 14th Nov.

During this event period, players can talk to Unskillful Archer NPC in Prontera Square.

He will check your Adventure Handbook to give you certain rewards.

1. Collection Appreciation (Midnight Party server will require less on each reward)

If you have collected and activated a certain number of Premium cards (including event Premium), you’ll get the following awards:

  • Activated 18 Premium Cards — Ancient Magic Card Collection
  • Activated 12 Premium Cards — Elite Emil Card Collection
  • Activated 6 Premium Cards — Gorgeous Card Collection

2. Achievement Appreciation (Midnight Party server will require less on each reward)

Based on how many achievements you have unlocked, you will get the following awards from the NPC:

  • At least 250 achievements — Magic Card Collection
  • At least 250 achievement — 10 Pray Card
  • At least 250 achievements — 10 Valkyrie’s Gift

Event 4: Big Cat Celebration Appreciation (Double Rewards)

Finally, there will be double rewards for Oracle Dungeon and Endless tower on the following dates:

  • Oracle Dungeon — November 4 to November 11
  • Endless Tower — November 11 to November 18

Remember, only the first character to finish the Oracle Dungeon or Endless tower will receive the double rewards.


What a great year of grinding, hunting, leveling up and adventuring in the world of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love!

Time really flies fast when you’re having fun.

Good luck and happy grinding!

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